Purple & Gold Makeup Look For BROWN Eyes! +FULL FACE!

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Purple & Gold Makeup Look for BROWN Eyes! +FULL FACE!
Purple & Gold Makeup Look for BROWN Eyes! +FULL FACE!
Sexy Purple & Gold Eyes.... (makeup tutorial)
Sexy Purple & Gold Eyes.... (makeup tutorial)
Makeup Tutorial: Purple and Gold
Makeup Tutorial: Purple and Gold
Wearable Fall Smokey Eye   Full Face Makeup Tutorial • Completely Drugstore •
Wearable Fall Smokey Eye Full Face Makeup Tutorial • Completely Drugstore •
Prom 2013 Makeup - Brown and Gold
Prom 2013 Makeup - Brown and Gold
Exotic Gold & Brown Eyes
Exotic Gold & Brown Eyes
Purple & Gold Eyes with an Emerald Accent [HD720] Makeup Tutorial
Purple & Gold Eyes with an Emerald Accent [HD720] Makeup Tutorial
Makeup For Brown Eyes!!
Makeup For Brown Eyes!!

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TypicalScrapbooker: Wow this is so pretty !! Love it !! I have brown eyes and I will have to give this a try !! TFS Miss.Carli !! Hugs, Janie 

Alisha L: This seriously cool! Like a beautiful sunset over the ocean. Liked.

Andreea Cata: i love it:) i want to see you do more tutorials on other people:) you and your sis are beautiful:)

MarlaMC: She looks amazing! Never thought this would really look so unbelievably gorgeous! Great work Carli!

Janet Lumbard: LOVE THIS! <3

lisaanndiaz: Great look but to me y'all don't look a like

NewYork10013: You should do more videos with your sissy : )

Jack Werner: Just did this on my crush cause I told her I knew how to do her makeup and she LOVES it 😊

Anna S.: She looked more beautiful before, in my opinion. She's a gorgeous young woman, I guess I just prefer the natural look.

Nena Niamh: Oh wow your sister is gorgeous! Such a stunner love the makeup too.

Juliane Fernandez: Your sister is so pretty, she looks Like Demi Moore . (That's A compliment) :)

Sim B: Amanda looks a bit like Eliza Doolittle!

julianna w.: make a tutorial for green eyes please<3 love you carli!

Sabrina Liu: Your mum must be super super beautiful to have you two pretty women

Giselle A: You two are just ohhh sooo beautiful!!!! Xoxoxo

Terri Champ: Love your nails, what is it your wearing?

voreio asteri: lovely work :)

Wendy González Hagelsieb: very pretty!!

Issy Pearce: Both have killer smiles! 

Jenelle Deliz: This is very beautiful, even for a modern bride would work.

Juliane Silva: Perfeeeect

Carol Hernandez: you kept on saying my crease or my eyelid instead of herrr:p

Amanda Rossetti: Can you do more makeup tutorials on her?

Nancy Quintero: Lol u keep saying "my" lol

Pauline In Wonderland: Your sister is sooo adorable Carli! :)

Dakota Eaton: please do more looks for brown eyes! i love this

Anqie Garcia: Lol I like how you keep saying "my" when it's your sister :)

Liz Pena: Your sister is absolutely flawless ! 

Brandon Heat: ur sis is like miss world

Maria Scarsella: You guys are both sooo beautiful on the inside and out!!!

Niki Luther: You two are gorgeous! Great video ladies! 

Sheyla Ramírez: OMG. Your sister has the most beautiful big brown eyes i have ever seen! Loved the tutorial!

rifqa arif: WoOw was amazing ♡

Letitia West: I love it!! I didn't even look to see who's video this was I just clicked on it because it says it's a look for brown eyes (: haha u should have her in videos more often! She is soo beautiful! 

Nada Abdelqader: you two are such beauties!!

Isha Nagpal: Lol she keeps saying my eye and my crease! Lol beautiful look overall! 😍

Tania Soto: Killer Smile!! i Was like WOW.

karen cuesta: Loved it Carli!!

Carolina Barros: I'm going to try! so perfect

Ludmilla Rocha: What shade( MUFE) do you used?

daniela Lara: My favorite tutorial, and is for brown eyes, love it!!! And Carly u and u sis are so pretty and humble 💖

lalanow4real: what is your nationality? you are so beautiful !

Florrie Burke: Omg you're both so gorgeous!

Halah Rashed: She is sooo pretty, just like u <3 

lifewithmysupermann: I'm late on this video but omg I loveeeeeeeeeeee it so much #1 video of yours stunning she looks beautiful♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Marti Hagman: Just tried this look... I absolutely LOVE it. Definitely my favorite look right now! I posted a picture of the final result to your twitter and instagram:)

Nadege Medeiros: Do a video on Sammi's face!! :D Please xoxo

ThePrincessChristina: relax

Nicholle Javellana: You guys are both super pretty
Purple & Gold Makeup Look for BROWN Eyes! +FULL FACE! 4.9 out of 5

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Purple & Gold Makeup Look for BROWN Eyes! +FULL FACE!