Purple & Gold Makeup Look For BROWN Eyes! +FULL FACE!

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Purple & Gold Makeup Look for BROWN Eyes! +FULL FACE!
Purple & Gold Makeup Look for BROWN Eyes! +FULL FACE!
Sexy Purple & Gold Eyes.... (makeup tutorial)
Sexy Purple & Gold Eyes.... (makeup tutorial)
Gold & Purple SPARKLY Makeup Look!
Gold & Purple SPARKLY Makeup Look!
purple eyeshadow makeup tutorial for brown eyes
purple eyeshadow makeup tutorial for brown eyes
Gold & Bronze Smokey Eye Tutorial!
Gold & Bronze Smokey Eye Tutorial!
Makeup for Brown Eyes
Makeup for Brown Eyes
Prom Makeup - Brown and Gold
Prom Makeup - Brown and Gold

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Anna nicole: you dont have blue eyes, i seen your old videos, you use blue contact.

haco007: Wow your sister is so beautiful 

People are strange. So i'm I.: her eyes kinda look like shailene woodley's <3

dilay yildirim: Cutee!😊❤️

Ashley Carter: my school colors are purple and gold so I think im gonna wear this to the games :)

Nicole Carrier: Wow she has the most lid space, lucky! 


nino avaliani: you'r sister is so beautiful, but i don't like this makeup :/

Ashley Carmody: Can you please do more tutorials with your sister?! I love your looks but I have brown eyes and I would like to use more colors but colors don't usually look good with brown eyes. So I usually use neutral colors. Can you do some color series with her?! That would be great! Love you! 

KhadiJah Simms: Her eye colored changed when the make-up all came together, that's cool.

Ali Khan: beautiful sisters

Alyssa Banuelos: Where did u get your eye shadow palate and your blush palate ?🙈🙉🙊

HeartedAngel27: Your make up tutorial is really good and helpful! You can transform anyone into a beauty!! Haha ;)

buta sidhu: Your sister is so beutiful 


Amy Butz: Taking all of that off has got to be a pain though...

B@DF@!RY *: cool video,, music suxs

Adys Iswara: i mean... she is already so gorgeous even without makeup! 

KeLsJeSsDaIs Xo: What's the contour brush called?xx

Kayla Colon: i never know what shade i am in foundation and powder. can you help me?

marimardepp: Is everyone good looking in your family?

mette svensson: your sister have the most beautiful smile! 

Ruth Amor: She looks so pretty even without makeup on

Maritza Rodriguez: Oh my god! God bless you and your sister!

Sarah Kane: She's beautiful :)

Nzf Dodi: She's talking about her self Hhhhhh

Alina Borodulia: wonderful make up!!! easy to recreate being not a professional stylist!!!

Marimar Melendez: You should do an everyday look for brown eyes! 

BeautyUnicorns: This makeup look is so pretty!!🌸

Alisha L: This seriously cool! Like a beautiful sunset over the ocean. Liked.

Jennexification: Great video. Your sister looks like a pixie! Two beauty's:) 

Silje Mari: I don't usually like gold and purple combinations, but this is extremely beautiful! I'll have to try it sometime. xx

Andreea Cata: i love it:) i want to see you do more tutorials on other people:) you and your sis are beautiful:)

Janet Lumbard: LOVE THIS! <3

lisaanndiaz: Great look but to me y'all don't look a like

christy bishop: Everything you do is plum GORGEOUS!! Your sister is beautiful just like you Miss Carli!! Xoxo

Cortney Lynn: Can you do a less dramatic version of this look? like an everyday brown eye look?

Corey Williams: Beautiful!! I have bags under my eyes that I loathe, makes me look tired when I'm not, any suggestions on what I could do to camouflage it??

Cynthia Medina: My absolute favorite eyeshadow tutorial for brown eyes !!!! Thank you sooo much!!!! Ur amazing !!!! I will be wearing this on Sunday for my first official date night with my bf . Thanks again!!!!!!! 

Gen C: i love it :)

MarlaMC: She looks amazing! Never thought this would really look so unbelievably gorgeous! Great work Carli!

NewYork10013: You should do more videos with your sissy : )

Issy Pearce: Both have killer smiles! 

Nada Abdelqader: you two are such beauties!!

Tania Soto: Killer Smile!! i Was like WOW.

voreio asteri: lovely work :)

Yun Ni: She is so pretty
Purple & Gold Makeup Look for BROWN Eyes! +FULL FACE! 4.9 out of 5

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Purple & Gold Makeup Look for BROWN Eyes! +FULL FACE!