Fire Wolf F106 4ch Co-axial Rc Helicopter Review

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Fire Wolf F106 4ch Co-axial Rc Helicopter Review
Fire Wolf F106 4ch Co-axial Rc Helicopter Review
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FireWolf F106 Heli
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Fire Wolf F-Series
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Eyyb0ssChina: $16.48 IS A GREAT DEAL :D

alan de souza: Very Cool

Nic Brownlie: I bought an F 101 Fire wolf heli in australia, and it's almost exactly the same specs as the F 106.

BurningApple: I have a heli like this, its quite good exept loss of altitude due to the alternative roll (strafing) system

BurningApple: the aireron control is digital, it would need a swash plate to be proportional

artistgmg: Does this have proportional aileron control or does it have bang-on bang-off aileron like the JXD 340 Drift King?

xhelicopter: Link for the item is in the description.

Lego Bro: Where did you buy your fire wolf f106?

dectseven: hey i was just looking at the f106 online and it seems that there is a F1-Series f106 and a F+Series the one u offer i think is the F+series is there a diference. any info would be amazing thanks :D

xhelicopter: Make sure you get it up to altitude and that your trim tabs are centered. You can adjust the trims to stabilize the rotation of the heli, next Have FUN!

Humble Hobbit: Awesome, great review! - I bought one yesterday, struggeling to stabilize it during hovering, any tips for a beginner? Subscribed

ksm ww: Cool

David Heggood: This is not true. The A function only lets you control the ascend and descend while the heli automatically flies a demostration for you. The B function sets the controller similar to a regular 4 channel remote, while C sets the remote more similar to a 3 channel remote. I know this because I have one and fly it regularly. I would imagine he made this statement because thats the way some other remotes are setup but he is definitely incorrect.

Christian Sansovich: Did you say there was a button on the f106 that makes it go faster and it works?? PLZ respond 2 me cuz i might buy it tonight

xhelicopter: We have the helicopter listed on our website right now for $16.48 before shipping.

morrgan haack: is it really 20 bucks??

xhelicopter: The F106 is classified as an beginner helicopter.

Muqri Mackenzie: i bought this last year :)

rcflight school: yes you can if you get them high enough they wil flip

Bernd: Hey X-heli why do you take 70$ for shipping to europe ?:(
Fire Wolf F106 4ch Co-axial Rc Helicopter Review 5 out of 5

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Fire Wolf F106 4ch Co-axial Rc Helicopter Review