Fire Wolf F106 4ch Co-axial Rc Helicopter Review

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Fire Wolf F106 4ch Co-axial Rc Helicopter Review
Fire Wolf F106 4ch Co-axial Rc Helicopter Review - F1-Series F106 Micro Helicopter Test Flight 01 - F1-Series F106 Micro Helicopter Test Flight 01
Art-Tech Red Wolf 4CH Coaxial RC Helicopter @ RC-Fever
Art-Tech Red Wolf 4CH Coaxial RC Helicopter @ RC-Fever
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firewolf rc helicopter demo
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BurningApple: the aireron control is digital, it would need a swash plate to be proportional

xhelicopter: We have the helicopter listed on our website right now for $16.48 before shipping.

RCllamadude: @MJHN1998 no. only 6ch helis can do that.

xhelicopter: The F106 is classified as an beginner helicopter.

alan de souza: Very Cool

artistgmg: Does this have proportional aileron control or does it have bang-on bang-off aileron like the JXD 340 Drift King?

Jonathan Lin: What does the function switch key do? and can you fly two of these helis together with their corresponding remotes?

nerdyrcdriver: For anyone who is curious, this is almost the exact same thing as the drift king 340. The only differences are the controller style (dk is like the 107 controller but a 4ch) and the drift king has the ability to turn off all of the lights. There is also a button that is supposed to make it go faster. It does work, but I havent quite figured out if you need to hold it or not because I have only flown in small spaces.

dectseven: hey i was just looking at the f106 online and it seems that there is a F1-Series f106 and a F+Series the one u offer i think is the F+series is there a diference. any info would be amazing thanks :D

Patrick Flynn: this one will not fly upside down

xhelicopter: Make sure you get it up to altitude and that your trim tabs are centered. You can adjust the trims to stabilize the rotation of the heli, next Have FUN!

Bernd: Hey X-heli why do you take 70$ for shipping to europe ?:(

David Heggood: This is not true. The A function only lets you control the ascend and descend while the heli automatically flies a demostration for you. The B function sets the controller similar to a regular 4 channel remote, while C sets the remote more similar to a 3 channel remote. I know this because I have one and fly it regularly. I would imagine he made this statement because thats the way some other remotes are setup but he is definitely incorrect.

BurningApple: I have a heli like this, its quite good exept loss of altitude due to the alternative roll (strafing) system

foxmxhd99: that suck 4 u man :(

Andrew Chisholm: now if they made it a 2.4 and got ride or thr ir controler....

xhelicopter: @Jonnay0808 The Drift King is a little harder to fly since it's a 4 channel. but if you practice you should have no issues flying it.

Jonathan Lin: Should I pick the Drift King or the f106??

ksm ww: Cool

AllAboutRC3: Now if you guys just make all your videos like this everyone will watch!!:)

morrgan haack: is it really 20 bucks??

Humble Hobbit: Awesome, great review! - I bought one yesterday, struggeling to stabilize it during hovering, any tips for a beginner? Subscribed

MauriJHN: cool.

xhelicopter: @Jonnay0808 Function key switch? I don't believe this helicopter has something like that. There's 3 settings on the helicopter remote, if you have one on A and the other on B then you can fly 2 of them at once.

nerdyrcdriver: The airmax is not a coaxial heli (one set of blades) and it is only 3ch so it cant go side to side.

Jonathan Lin: Where can I get spare parts for this helicopter?

MauriJHN: hey can 4ch fixed pitch helicopters fly upside down???

MauriJHN: @VidsOfTheBest so 4ch helis can actually fly upside down.

Nicolas Uribe: first

Lego Bro: Where did you buy your fire wolf f106?

Cristoff Ligon: What is the difference between this heli and the Airmax from Double Horse. Do you have any opinions as to which one of the helis are better? Thanks a lot!

Hofftography: Bought 2 of these today, will give them a spin later and see how they fly.

xhelicopter: At the moment we don't carry parts for this model but there are other online retailer that does.

Christian Sansovich: Did you say there was a button on the f106 that makes it go faster and it works?? PLZ respond 2 me cuz i might buy it tonight

Muqri Mackenzie: i bought this last year :)

xhelicopter: Link for the item is in the description.

rcflight school: @MJHN1998 no only 6ch ccpm helicopter can fly upside down and a 4ch can do loops if you get them high enough i can do it on a honey bee fp v2 but its hard

rcflight school: yes you can if you get them high enough they wil flip

Nic Brownlie: I bought an F 101 Fire wolf heli in australia, and it's almost exactly the same specs as the F 106.

CrystaliiCode: So which one is better? S107 or F106? I've owned a F101A and now have a F106. Btw, does someone know where i can buy pieces to it?

MrRobman100: Would this be a good beginner heli? The price is great
Fire Wolf F106 4ch Co-axial Rc Helicopter Review 4.8 out of 5

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Fire Wolf F106 4ch Co-axial Rc Helicopter Review