Final Mods By Pwned - TDU 2 Xbox 360

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Final Mods By Pwned - TDU 2 Xbox 360
Final Mods By Pwned - TDU 2 Xbox 360
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Carl Sunglao: i downloaded the dlc2 in my tdu2 updater but when imgoing to the u.s cars were ford gt but i only saw the original cars but no dlc and tryed to go in the used car dealer but none of them is not showing up, and after that my tdu2 won't open even if i click it 2 or more times pls help

AntiUTTPClan2000: Supreme & Chewie - Snaggletooth

Panagiotis Dapanos: music?

TheGunitdu67: 1er commentaire pwned

Whami321: I guess u couldn't find any music even worse than that

Alex Felix: name of the song?plz

Bojan Bozic: bikes ? how do i have can i get them i have cracked version pls heelp!!

TheFierHD: you put the download of the game? you are the boss in hex editions ;)

TheFierHD: in this gamesave the MODDED enzo don´t run rapid and the photos of the yacht don´thave moded ? what is the problem IIIIPWNEDIIII?

saad eddhaher: bitch girl

Djakarta Flower: guys I`.m sorry I didnt catch up. The DLC, is it free or I must buy it? I just download unofficial patch for TDU 2, will it be impact with Theh DLC? Help guys! I`m dying just wanna try to ride every TDU 2 cars and bikes!

Nelson izi: comment installer ?

1DayVd: I have no words lol... can you make a tutorial on how to mod the colors of the car to change with certain views like that ive searched youtube and google but cant find a tutorial

TheFierHD: and re-copy all the files one by one revised and updated again according to this same console and the photos are not altered and modded enzo enzo or not Ultrafast not pass up the one which is the problem friend?

TheFierHD: yea reash and resing with Horizon but the photos and the modded enzo dont have or dont have speed

TheBeDub: tu sais pas ou je peux trouver le patch final pour le dlc2 avec les motos et la f40? ce serais trop !

BLAKENtuto: comment on active le naked mod ?

badboi2k111: how do i change colour bugatti veyron super sport in hxd

NICO GENES: for dowload??:(

TheFierHD: link for download?

PremiumGaming360: Can u do a tut on how 2 get the modded clothes and or can u help me get them. Gt: MFF isTHEbest

Nelson izi: Et c une sauvegarde?

Andrew Black William: what is this song?

PWNED: in description ;)

PWNED: justement j'explique que cette save est avant le dlc moto car il patch l'héxa, avec la mienne on peut encore travailler dessus en toute liberté, ensuite la bristol est remplacer par la Ferrari f430 donc une lancia sans le dlc motos, il faut appuyer sur x en accélérant mais a ce que je sais elle est modélisé en tant que ferrari dans le dlc moto

ALi ihsan demirel: I will get mercedes benz sl can i get it with this?

PWNED: have you insert all folders ?? reash and resign all files ??

TheFierHD: when change the lenguage disappear the car or no?(with other cars and other mods disappear)

TheFierHD: YOU ARE THE BOSS MEN ThanksS ;))))

TheFierHD: sorry for the english but i use i am spanish
Final Mods By Pwned - TDU 2 Xbox 360 4.1 out of 5

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ocrhinolinings: I would definatley do the flares as well. The bumpers will look good either way. If you do choose to do the bumpers, take them off of the truck to have them shot. This will ensure that the area behind the rear bumper specifically will be coated.
hamad alfalasi: Hey testie love your Educational videos, can you make shadowblade ? :D
Dave OG Miles: is it qwite light to hold ?
PESSOLET2: Evan rachel wod y marelyn manson ;) wauuuuuuuu ye# Xd
Jidarat Leamklang: ชอบพี่ีแนนวาดอายไลเนอร์มากเลย สวยมาก
masquesuficiente: ja ja ja....el golf 16v el primero pasaba los 210, asi q no te cuento lo q puede cojer el serie 5 gti de 210cv.......
Bloodsport1: Thanks alot bro for the vid. My Wolf Pred's same arm is very very loose. So if it falls off I know what to do now.

Final Mods By Pwned - TDU 2 Xbox 360