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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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teammalibu: Close on the Vertical IC problem, but since I repair TV's for a living. Here's my diagnosis. Check All the Deflection yokes on the CRTs. More than likely you have bad joints on the connector. Resolder them, NOTE you have to remove the yolks to see the back side of the connectors which requires realignment of the tube. Good luck with that issue, unless u have a pattern generator and understand linerarity alignment.
Santiago Segura: it would be grate if you stop jerking your mouse arround :)
Aoshi.S2: And some ppl think brazilian bbq is good that is looking so much better
Mike Prangs: Great review ! Love the non stick stoneware product!!!! Heee. I guess the usual caution is recommended;Buyer beware! But then for $8.00 what do you expect?? From other reviews seems like can be used successfully for other things.Have fun and enjoy!
TheBlackIdentity: If it's expensive for you then just go for a samsung 830 ssd!
AllisLust: I can understand that they do this because of the new attractions being made in the Camp Minnie-Mickey area, but slowly we seem to lose more and more character photo ops in the natural park areas. We have the Character spot at Epcot, Monsters Inc meet-n-greets at Hollywood Studios, Pete's Sideshow etc.. We also have The princess hall coming soon and such. Characters out in the open will be a rare sight eventually if this goes on.
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