Xcortech X3200 Chronograph Review

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Xcortech X3200 Chronograph Review
Xcortech X3200 Chronograph Review
XCORTECH  X3200 Chrono Test and Evaluation
XCORTECH X3200 Chrono Test and Evaluation
XCORTECH X3500 Chronograph Review
XCORTECH X3500 Chronograph Review
PeopleAirsoft.com - In-Depth Airsoft Chronograph Review
PeopleAirsoft.com - In-Depth Airsoft Chronograph Review

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Excell Airsoft Reviews: I don't know the exact fps this chrono can go up too I've never had anything over 500fps shot through it.

colin martin: crap that's a shame... will it show the fps then? If it has not the resettable data input for weight and caliber then it cannot calculate the jouls of energy required to propell a set weight to the speed redgistered.. but surley it will still read the speed of a lead pellet breaking the optical beams just like the plastic ones, I can calculate the jouls and kinetic energy if i can get a speed reading in fps or mps up to 350mps or 999 fps..

Excell Airsoft Reviews: Unfortunately it doesn't do 0.177 & 0.22

colin martin: on the caliber can you choose 0.177 and 0.22 cal? UFC pro do a rechargable version in a nicer case but they don't seem to be in europe..

UrbanLegendsAirsoft: Great review, gave me everything I needed to know. Made me want to buy it. Thanks!

Excell Airsoft Reviews: @ttrdytduy I'm not sure, i'm pretty sure you can

Excell Airsoft Reviews: @liquidice129 Yes that is metal :)

liquidice129: Is the inside of the tube(not the funnel part but the actual inside the box part)metal as well?

mikebanawa: Luke I like your video. Mine is coming in. I like your dining table man.

mr0awsome0: @LukeExcell, what guns? --- Also, if its possible, and if you know how to, could you do a video of how to rewire a battery from the for grip to the stock etc? If not its fine, just throwing it out there lol. also i might see you at your airsoft place soon, me and some friends are thinking of going. but ill only have my mp5 and a sling lol, The rest im getting for christmas.

Excell Airsoft Reviews: @mr0awsome0 Couple of gun reviews coming out within the next month.

mr0awsome0: What video are you thinking of doing next? Love the vids!

Excell Airsoft Reviews: @SouthernAirsoft I looked at the madbull and guarder chrono they also had good right ups, but most people i asked had one of these.

SouthernAirsoft: Very nice, did you look into any other Chronographs? If so what did you look at, we are currently debating whether to purchase one.
Xcortech X3200 Chronograph Review 5 out of 5

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Kimberly Colas: This bag looks great, as all Battlefoam products. Have a bunch of them, couldn't recommend them more! Love 'em! Thanks for reviewing this.
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Xcortech X3200 Chronograph Review