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Nike Kobe 8 System Black/Street Grey/Vivid Sulfur - Review + On Feet
Nike Kobe 8 System Black/Street Grey/Vivid Sulfur - Review + On Feet

"Sulfur" Kobe 8 System Unboxing
Kobe 8 real vs fake
Kobe 8 real vs fake
Real vs Fake Kobe 8
Real vs Fake Kobe 8
Can You Play Ball In Replicas? KOBE 8 Performance Review
Can You Play Ball In Replicas? KOBE 8 Performance Review
Kobe 8 Elite Series Black & Gold CLOSE UP HD    rapstyleshoes
Kobe 8 Elite Series Black & Gold CLOSE UP HD rapstyleshoes
Kobe 8 BHM Replica 3M Review Jazzyvp.com
Kobe 8 BHM Replica 3M Review Jazzyvp.com

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Dexter McAwesomeness: Magkano po ang selling mo?

David Pearose: In my experience the authentic Kobe's rubber on the bottom are not that durable. 

T0astyWaffles: anyone buy these? is he legit?

david fernandez: TAHO!!! HEHEHE

Marlon Tang How: Do you have size 7 or 7.5

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Jeffs Kicks: yes

fezzard: are the kobe logo on the tongue printed on or the glued on logo where the logo is same material as mesh?

David Vallecillo: shockingly similar to the US version.

KJONH23: what size are these? they look huge

Jeffs Kicks: I give the replicas a 9/10 due to the fact its affordable, feels comfy and performs just like any other basketball shoes. ligit kobe 8s run for 140 u.s dollars and 220 U.S here in the philippines. double the price in reality is just made in china like any other original shoe which really cost 10 dollars to make, nike just turns around and sells them for so much more. a shoe will always be a shoe. its really how you use them, and how you stand out in the crowd. and how you make shots as well.

Josef Macasaet: No Payment option with BDO?

LJ Menor: Also the ones you have in this video are not XDR though it says it has it, it truly doesnt have it, only the original GC versions do. Also to tell if it does or doesnt check if the soles peaked or not. Also i never knew that they would sell these for like 8000 pesos damn thats expensive

DoggBuster: Nice review bro, ive always wanted to see performance reviews on reps, as some of the reps now are almost as good as the authentics, airmax 2012, the lebron 9 elite volts are almost exactly the same as my authentic lebron elites...keep up the good work, ill be watching!

J JAMES: can you get these Kobe 8 in a size 13?

Jeffs Kicks: I cant sell shoes outside the philippines, i can only send shoes within my country, customs does not allow these shoes being sold anywhere else sir. I wish I could but i cant largest size is 12

Jamez24ward: bro the two white lines on the back are suppose to be the kobo logo, they just go straight up and down....Epic fail

Chiekotz P: Cant believe we live in the same city, how accessible is that!!!!!! WIll buy from you soon bro. I dont see myself spending 8k for rubber shoes. 8k for tires yes but for shoes no.

Mycco Arenas: FAKE IS FAKE nuff said.

youtub3magic: does the back have 3m

LJ Menor: Mate the first released versions of the kobe 8's had only the 2 lines, they have started to use the full logo on the newest ones. Even check it out yourself.

Joh Mai: *yawn

fezzard: so im guessing the authentic 8s are better than the reps... but if given a rating for the authentics what would you give it out of 10? and what would you give the reps out of 10?

Fareed Mindalano: Seriously dude.. Folks from XDR needs to manufacture Sizes up to 14.. US------ BIG DUDES are tired of spending 8 thousand pesos every 6 months para lang magkaroon ng BIG sizes na basketball shoes... TAE...

Khen Evidente: Sir meron po bang 6.5

Robby Asperin: There is no fake nike they are also original the materials is also original. The one who makes or sells the replica is a smuggler or something like that but the materials is originally made the structure and craftmanship is the only problem or reason that's why replicas are easily spotted

Brian Orce: sir magkano po b at san kayo sa pinas at my iba p bang kulay ang 8

Mac Baldemoro: Nakakatawa yung mga nagtatanong kung filipino daw ba siya. :/

Jeffs Kicks: I have one where its printed, and the other version is mesh stitched material. this shoe has so many versions which lacks a few things in the original versions aside from that not bad at all for its price.

jcarrillo574: So where did you get the sulfur colorways? Kicksfort?

Sam Castillo: why would the foam be class C if thats how the real Kobe 8 is really for indoors

Corpsegrinder54: do all the kobe 8 replicas come with the XDR OUTSOLE ?

Emmanuel Torres: hahahah foreals

Patrick Patrickk: palagay naman facebook mo pre.

jerry brucs: Bro meron ka bang KObe 8 yezzy thanks.

Jeffs Kicks: yes. they supply me shoes here in the philippines

paul arana: kuya may size 7 poeh baah? ung kobe 7, ?

Denzell Jones: Can you ball in these

ebraim minteh: are they good 4 play basketball??

J JAMES: how much are the shoes? I emailed you and you never responded back. I live in the US but can't find the real ones anywhere. no replica site offers 13, but you can get?

Tommy Hutchinson: are u filipino

Matt Zarsadias: what's the point of buying fake performance shoes. mabuhay doe

Jeffs Kicks: true to size, I use them a lot outdoors, I have the ligit kobe 8s but only use them indoors. These grip pretty good.

David Lim: hi can we meet up in robinsons manila?i'll order kobe8 sulfur size 8.5

yuwi gabriel: nice Review.. idol Kita

boboy escoto: bro the original one that US released last feb was having 2 straight lines only as what you are pointing.that with kobe logo at the back of the shoes are china version.that was kobe 8 system GC. china version XDR.but the original ones are those with 2 lines only.that is only according to my research of the kicks.anyway i had it 2 days after the release in the US.and bro i gaurantee you it was very nice compare to those kicks i had before.anyway the original one is kobe VIII system that is US.

Kristan Franco: One obvious characteristics of the replicas are the shorter tongue. Hope they fix it.

Bryan Duro: di po ba pwede na meet ups

rejielyn Amoges: do you have this colorway sir??size 9.5..or 10

Bren Ramos: sir san po kayo nakalocate?

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