So Cal Quality Medical Delivery, Inc. - Medical Marijuana Strain Showcase

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So Cal Quality Medical Delivery. Inc. - Medical Marijuana Strain Showcase
So Cal Quality Medical Delivery. Inc. - Medical Marijuana Strain Showcase
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TheCartel: I want some of that evil berry !

SehZ Merkulation: dude .. look in the setting's it goes up to 1080p , 720p is Hd , it just happends to start you off in 360.

David Banner: Evil Berry OG Looks Legit

PuffMajor: the music makes me feel like i should be masturbating... i finished on the chem OG

mappyls: Song name pls?

Ky Cowboy: more talkin and smokin less pictures, yall need to show the pictures while your loading the bowl.

imJustBlazed: wish i could smoke ughghghgh

whocareforealakilla: Def Quality Meds!

Bret L: I'd say Evil Berry OG looks the best!

dogma478: Skeet Skeet!!!

Jason Palmer: this REALLY IS like porn DAMNIT!!!!

REPLAY4FUN: Why are gone for so long?!

guitardemon177: Bliss

ilovekushh420: I watched whole video no problom

NoShittyMusicAllowed: This video is amazing. The bud, the camera work, the editing.

CHEMDZ: That is NOT abusive's OG No way I was gifted the abusives og from abusive himself and i can guarantee you that is not his cut

Bret1Maverick: Do you use Vegas, Finalcut, or somthing I dont know about? And do you do all the editing? I know your a photographer, but IDK if you edit every one of these videos or not. If you do then you know your crap.

dogma478: Cream!!!

PrinceCurtis312: Love these kind of videos; true nug porn. I've learned a lot from your channel.

TheFrazierjon92: Who dislikes west flowers!!??

kidcudi831: u mean ur bong bowl ahh

74747Kyle: 1080p full screen *drools* <3

Gregory Michels: man got some kush and im freaked

Oats Fisher: thats a gooood thing : D

Freedom Silver Stacker: First comment =) awesome looking buds!

Jesus ofSuburbia: well this Is a delivery service.. u can have it delivered like pizza.. haha u can buy a medicated pizza in northern Cali

MixtapeProductions1: Beautiful shots Gil... just beatiful, makes want to pack a bowl so bad

yellowgroove: get some sweet tooth, nice strain ! love the nugs, love the effect .....

Anthony11807: I like their phone number lol

Weedmaps TV: I shoot and edit lot of what is seen here on the channel these days. Thanks for the props. Peace - Gil

Bret1Maverick: What program do you use? Im about to buy a mac, so i can get back on finalcut. I was going to get vegas9, but I dont want to have to upgrade everything, on a PC. Last time i had vegas it was 7, and i had it on xp. Keped freezing.

tdjorda1: pass the marijuana my way

Chris Locx: Can someone tell me which camera he use's?

Weedmaps TV: We mainly use Sony and Canon optics here on the channel. Peace - Gil

Weedmaps TV: I use Final Cut. Sorry for not mentioning that in my initial response! Peace - Gil

Jose Chavez: Bam

Weedmaps TV: It's in HD today... Takes a while for youtube to process the vids to HD quality... Peace - Gil

CantWeedThis: i feel like im watching a fashion model victoria secrets show for female weed plants showing off their sparkly sequined bosoms XD

Rick132500: Oh god

inyo92: i got shot in the face in august of 2011...and i was wondering about medical marijuana...i mean i smke illegaly now. but can i be legal?

jm smith: so much emotion... i just might cry... :'(

IPiMpiNI: im typing with one hand

Isaac Lebel: I never thought I would say this growing up, but, damn those are real sexy plants.

veltape: im so freaking jealous that you people in California can just walk into stores and buy bud like this.

Jason Chesworth: You guys love your OGs hey ;)

aviationsquadmusic: Abusive and gc look awful straight up

GnarBar: In cali you can find fire bud to match the dispensaries and its never over 10$ a gram. unless you want the crap that puts your pickle in the dirt.

Butteredtoastv3: who the freak bleeps out freak on youtube?

Bret1Maverick: Abusive OG is the crap. I had a cut of abusive, but it wasnt pure abusive. Some dumbass thought sour D would be a nice thing to cross it with. After a month of having this cut, and was allready flowering it out, the guy goes. Its not just abusive. its "Abusive Sour OG". That about pissed me off. No kolah action at all. Nodes were still spaced apart far, in week 5. I think this dude didnt do any selection at all. Probabluy just found a male, and thought he was a breeder now, cause he has pollen.

liza strain: HELLO, ( ) We got some GOOD MEDICAL marijuana/weeds and their SEEDS for SALE such as Sour Diesel, GrandDaddy Purple, OG Kush, Sour Og Kush, Green Crack, Jack Dream, AK-47, Purple Kush, Bubba Kush, Bubblegum Kush, Blueberry,Purple-Skunk, Master Kush, Purple Haze, Banana Kush, pineapple express, Orange kush, Night Queen, Big Bud, Cheese, BlueDream, White Russia, White Widow etc. etc... CONTACT BY EMAIL ( ) with your order.
So Cal Quality Medical Delivery, Inc. - Medical Marijuana Strain Showcase 4.7 out of 5

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So Cal Quality Medical Delivery, Inc. - Medical Marijuana Strain Showcase