Embossing With Cricut Blade Turned Backwards

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Embossing with Cricut Blade Turned Backwards
Embossing with Cricut Blade Turned Backwards
Episode 34 - Embossing with your Cricut
Episode 34 - Embossing with your Cricut
Embossing with the Cricut Explore
Embossing with the Cricut Explore
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Embossing with your Cricut Expression
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Cricut Explore Blade and Blade Housing Changes and Comparison

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Tina Wilkerson: That is so cool!

scrappy Queen: so don't throw out old dull blades eh

scrappy Queen: can i do this with expressions 2?? OMG

CreativmitHerz: Thhank you -- this sounds great! I will try it soon!

Kassie Fairbanks: You can also fold up a piece of aluminum foil and you don't need the mat underneath! It makes crisp thin pieces! This is amazing! I used her advice and positioned it between the rollers on my cricut mini. I am so glad I kept my old blade.

gobeagirl: This is great! I haven't uswd my poor Cricut in a couple years and I even uswd to teach a class when we had a scrapobooking store. I make cards now. However your idea has my mind thinking of all the things I could do with this. You could emboss and then use the shadow feature to cut it out. I am so excited to pull out my E and play. Thanks for sharing. Hugs Lisa G

surrereys: omg, I'm freaking out really bad. i wish no about you video before, i just paid 200.00 in new embossing magine, and i own 2 cricut , anyway i love you video and you idea. thank you

shisho12: OMG. Awesome!!!

MC H: Just came across this and I love the idea! I can just picture embossing one sheet and using it as a background on the cut out one. Think it may look quite cool! (if it works) :) x

MultiScrappydo: That is soooo cool! Can't wait to try it also!

Tammy Schmitt: Joy you have saved my life!!!! Ok maybe not that drastic but I have been frantically looking for a firework embossing folder and decided to see if any brilliant crafters figured out how to emboss with the expression. Whola! There you were! The metal embossing is genius! A little alcohol ink and its a work of art!!! Thank You Thank You Thank You !!!

Amy Lynn: i actually have a mat for my hot glue gun, so when it drips it doesn't stick. worked great!

Tabitha Carroll: What else could you use as a mat to emboss on? Do you think a firm mouse pad might work? Are you just looking for something that will give when you emboss? Looking for ideas since I don't have a Spellbinders mat.

Martha D: Has anyone tried this with the Pazzles Inspiration?

Bandmad19: wow- always wanted cricut to do an embossing tool and now they don't need to- can't wait to try it out! thanks

Lulumommy1000: I am thrilled, too. Saved my old blade to use as the embossing tool.

Vivian Contreras: i am new to this and i was going to go out and buy the special tool, yesssss i am so thrilled.

usasstar: wow thats so cool. how do girls think of all these ideas ? Thanks I cant wait to try this :)

Constance Woods: I guess l'll be saving my old citing blades.

Debi Blanco: This is so cool! What a great tip:)
Embossing with Cricut Blade Turned Backwards 5 out of 5

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Embossing with Cricut Blade Turned Backwards