Summer Glow Makeup : Natural Makeup Lovers :)

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Summer Bronze Glow Makeup
Summer Bronze Glow Makeup
Natural Shimmery Summer Glow Makeup Tutorial
Natural Shimmery Summer Glow Makeup Tutorial
Summer Glow Makeup
Summer Glow Makeup
Natural Summer Glow Makeup Tutorial!
Natural Summer Glow Makeup Tutorial!
Summer Glow/Glowing/Dewy Makeup and Hijab Styles
Summer Glow/Glowing/Dewy Makeup and Hijab Styles

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Raven Solomon: downtown music on the beat

lollypopstastegood: can I know the name of the foundation you used please?

LIFEBEAUTYNMORE "official page": Perfection ! Very natural and concealer that matches yesssss
Check my channel out

Jacklyn: You have the most beautiful eyes/face before putting anything on!

Debbie Jo: Very timeless look. I absolutely love it 💞💞💞

Quiana Jones: excellent job

Vida Hei ♛ Hair Tutorials: Hey dear..i make HAIR videos on my channel so if u or anyone like to do hair in different ways just checkout my channel :) love ur video btw :)

Tatiana M: Nice make up, I really like it, but I don't think it can be called natural since there is fake lashes )

Chris Edwards: Beautiful...however, when i go downtown i "betta" hear music on the beat.... ughhh now i can't that silly song out of my head...

HoustonTx HottGyrl: GOOD JOB CHIC!

Kya Cooper: Best shades I have seen for dark skin by far

Miranda Alexis: Yassss!! Gawwgess!! lol

Jamaican Honey: i love it you look good

Patricia Brathwaite: You are the most beautiful woman in th the world to me

Felicia Hughes: Beautiful!!

chanis nixon: Another hit girl. So I see its all about the brushes as well makeup. Keep the tutorials coming.....True FaN  "Adriene of Ga."

Liat Oren: what dup do u know for the stila shadow? mac or mug? i love your hand with the word "dream" on it...

mzkecia23: I always come back to this video, I've watched it numerous times because I love the look... It's simple and beautiful, not too much but just enough... Adrianna you're an inspiration hun you're so pretty with or without makeup and I love your personality and sense of humor. Thanks a ton for your great videos...

Samantha Moses: Very nice! Going to try this! Very simple and natural look for the spring/summer! 

SincerelyNdomupei: You make it look so easy! Thanks for this look. I'll be giving it a try!!
Summer Glow Makeup : Natural Makeup Lovers :) 5 out of 5

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Semen Osadchiy: фу...(((( айфоном снимал....((((
Boxing The Fighter: the best good
Boonari: This move should win a "World Stupidity Award"
kitsaplady: Yes we do :-) $799.95 on Amazon :-)

Summer Glow Makeup : Natural Makeup Lovers :)