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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Lui Høyer Hansen: Awesome job! Can you plz make a list of the colors you are using? Regards Lui
EtherealExposition: 45:20 :D
ph1lo: I managed to get myself the rising red Mudman (for $180) which is sick and I new I'd love it cause I had a regular 9300 Mudman, but I'm dying to add a frogman to my collection. A matte coloured one preferably! Anyways, enjoy you watch, sure was expensive. 
runebooke: music is horrible 
dbwaggoner: Coooooool!!!!!! Man. How's that?
Angel Lopez: Damn bro I love you're videos once I subscribed I laughed my ass off 
seiryu24717: I feel silly for asking but i really do want to get this game. The only thing im confused is. can you drop and then jump a marble? or is dropping a marble (even if its next to another marble) still considered one action? cause i figure if i do that then my opponent will simply take the marble. sorry if thats confusing thanks for the help and great vid!

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