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Rolf Klevgaard: if this reviewer never experienced that the runs of theese fifa players didnt go where he wanted them to go, or if they were too many of them or too few he really has to be under averege intrested in football
Suhani Qaisara Abu Hanipah: April belongs to Casey and Donnie belongs to me because in my dream he said like this'' Qaisara you're just so cute'' then he hug me. I blushed but glad I hug back and then I kiss him on the cheek he said '' so awesome'' he race around the earth and he said '' I LOVE BEING A TURTLE'' I was happy that was the end of the dream
chichirivoluzionaria: hahahah mi sono morta dalle risate sei troppo forte!!!
lieflingthemovie: @wernerkrause Hi, die trailers word ook by Ster Kinekor gewys, en Ster Kinekor verys dat alles wat hulle uitsaai of in engels is of engelse sub-titels het.
classicfilm: A very good adaptation of the I Am Legend novel.
Γιώργος Μανδαλάκης: Εμενα η κλοντιν και η χαουλιν
Fares Waleed: Thank you very much! It worked.

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