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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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doradovitali: Bedankt, Ja, dat dacht en denk ik ook. Overigens hoop ik dat ze qua productie lekker bij "televisie" wegblijven. Dit werkt toch uitstekend zo? Blijven ze onafhankelijk. Geen opgefokte haast. Etc. (En voor de poen hoeven ze het daar ook echt niet te proberen.)
MrTtrn001: You can get rid of the music on your web page. It really sucks. Its more of a distraction than anything.
Dax Corsiar: Battlefield 4 really screwed up the controls for me. I was always so use to the Select Button as Spot, R2 as Knife, and R3 to prone. Now each time I try to Spot someone on BF4.... my fingers always goes to the select button because it was muscle memory in BF3. :/
phazeonepro: Lol I felt like I was watching a porno, nice rossi
crystaltears2002: @KroniKKidZ28 If you mean the "speed peel" the animations that were used here were most likely from or based on the ones in sonic cd, the skill is also seen in sonic chaos (and posiably tripple trouble but i forget) but not quite as cool looking as the sonic cd version lol.
HVACENGINEER Moran: Very nice, The only problem is, as a servicer, By the time we're through with parts, (no standard mark up) , shipping, & install.. it's not cost effective.
Yousef Taner: my PC runs this at like 200fps lol pc master race

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