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John Oakley: can you do this with an elm327?
saeed saei: tanks 
John Rolavs: Thank you once again for sharing a great set of builds :) As a thank you for all the great tips you've shared, i'll share a few tips on how I mod this weapon, which is my favorite, so I've played quite a bit with it. As you pointed out, heavy caliber causes split chamber to have quite a bit of spread on the shells which increases the size of the gas cloud. because of this I use a fire rate mod instead of firestorm to pump the shells out faster which greatly increases the dps on this weapon on choke points such as cryopods, and doorways. the faster you get the shells out, the faster you can have multiple dots chewing away. For T4S in the void I always make sure everyone is running corrosive projection, which makes corrosive damage unnecessary for taking down the heavy gunners. This allows me to use 2 event mods to make viral damage (true scaling damage). For the second element I use pure electricity (1 event mod and one normal). This is strong against machinery, which viral is weak against, and does aoe damage and stun against all targets (except the stun doesn't work on corrupted vor) when it proc's. In addition I think it has no minuses because your 4 stack of corrosive projections takes down all alloy armor changing the appropriate units to flesh? If I'm wrong on that last point please fill me in if you read this. Anyway, thanks again for all the help and advice and holler at me sometime in game if you need a forth for some high lvl content. It would be a pleasure to play with a player of your caliber. The name's SilentScoundrel. Cheers bro!
Adam Link: I have the same mustang but a v8 and the exhaust pipes are coming out the sides and it roars like a lion
audrey: why can't you pee in the bushes, that's the true essence of camping
Dave Lilliah: Where you gonna be tomorrow? Im headed over to the intrepid in the afternoon. Hope u like NY

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