NBA 2K12: My Player (SG) - The Draft

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Cameron Covin: I went 17th to the Knicks

Davis Byrd: i went 9th to the bobcats.....JUST LIKE QJB!!!

HectorDKings: You can get drafted by them, I got drafted by them playing a SF and SG, you have to play well but answer with B or Y to your interviews.

aFlamingTaco: Just request a trade.

Joseph Klein: i am a small forward and i took paul piercs starting spot

Walrus: I would go with a SG so you can be a deadly combo w/ rondo.. probably the best way to get on the celtics is to get drafted to whatever team takes you then play really well then ask for a trade to boston only

Amonsin: hey, im just wondering how to get drafted TO the celtics? what position should i play to get a high chance of getting there? I play well, they are interested in me, but i never do get drafted. Plz tell me what to do, position? and uh...i dont play center. thank u

MrPotterron: To get at least 2mil i think u got to get picked in top 10cuz i went pick 8 to pistons and i got bout 2.20

Angel Blue: @AwesomeGuyOwen what position ?

Owen fitzpatrick meyers: I got drafted to the heat and took over Mario Chalmers. BOOM

Jacob Fish: I got drafted with mavs, i told everyone to screw off too. Now we won a second championship

Uliuliu: i got drafted sixth to washington. Anyone better?

Rptimao Videos: I would like a football game by 2K :D

Jamal Ukhuegbe: @jman58890 whats ur position?

Jamal Ukhuegbe: @XxAC130Time1xX sameee

drummerboy24cl: @VVaIrus If nba 2k11 is better, ill grab that then, no sense in buying a 50$ game when i can just spend 20$, thx!

Walrus: @drummerboy24cl 2k11 is better but if you have the extra cash get it

drummerboy24cl: thx for the my player stuff, im lookin into grabbing this game and i just might, what do u think of the game, is it worth 50$

TacticalSven: Nice dude, you're lucky. I got freaking drafted into Bucks, Brandon Jennings not doing crap dude.

XxAC130Time1xX: @michael22834 I was drafted 6th to Washington
NBA 2K12: My Player (SG) - The Draft 5 out of 5

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NBA 2K12: My Player (SG) - The Draft