How To Replace An Oven Element In A Neff Fan Oven

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How to replace an oven element in a Neff fan oven
How to replace an oven element in a Neff fan oven
How to replace Bosch. Neff Siemens fan oven element.
How to replace Bosch. Neff Siemens fan oven element.
How to Replace a Fan Oven Element
How to Replace a Fan Oven Element
Beko oven not heating up. How to replace a Beko fan oven element.
Beko oven not heating up. How to replace a Beko fan oven element.
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how to replace Belling fan oven element.

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Stuart Broughton: Hi Matt, I would appreciate an answer before I start to drill out the screws!

Stuart Broughton: What do you do if the back plate screws will not move?

greg young: i have mixed up the wires that go on to the element. what will happen if they are the wrong way around.

sonicstep: A very lucid and informative upload Mat. Thank you very much for sharing!

Ashley Wallis: Mate you didn't even catch the stickers -- Can't bowl and can't catch ! 
Anyway thanks for your help !'

Jimbo Barstool: Wow, Christmas lunch has just been saved! Thanks!!
Of all the weeks to blow the bloody oven element, and of course I can't find the 13 year old manual. This video makes it look much easier than I was expecting. Merry Christmas to eSpares! 

Michael Bury: Thanks Matt for a dead easy video showing how to replace the heating element 10/10#

Just got to go & order the part now.

One thing which is really annoying though, the light in the oven lasts a very short period of time, guess must have replaced 3 or 4 times over 6 years...rubbish really. Any ideas?


Jo Kelly: Very helpful Thankyou spares

martin wright: Will be trying it this weekend, hope it's that easy

Tony Richards:  
Sites and videos like this, are the downfall of this country. By putting videos like this on the internet, you are destroying businesses. anyone reading this, bear in mind, you will pay a lot more for your elements than what a dealer will, and you will not get a warranty with your repair. So it could cost you more in the end. Plus, just because your oven is not heating, is not always due to your element. Just some free advice to hopefully save you money.

Karen Anne: My Neff range oven element doesn't come out from the front, It seems it will have to come out from the back but no video to follow for accessing from the back? Any suggestions?

CeeDee 1: Why is my neff oven u1721n2 element different to everything you see on youtube. It's an upside down u shape, and 1 retaining screw is behind the fan !!! and of course the fan won't budge unlike the video where it just comes off with a gentle pull, 2 hours to do a 15 minute job. Neff service dept wouldn't give advice on how to get the 1 screw out on H&S advice !!!! I'm high voltage qualified and worked on boilers and 1MW generators, they just want you to use one of their parts fitter, or as they call them, engineers ;)

Geoffrey Woollard: Followed these instructions to the letter and, bingo, success. Thank you!

Jeff Hill: Very informative. I wish people would stop moaning about electrical legislation, and insulation tests etc etc. either watch the vid and heed the advice, or pay someone else to do it for you. I know what I'm going to do. Thank you e spares.

CateBake: So is this kind of electrical work still OK under the new laws governing what needs to be performed by professionals? I thought kitchens were high-risk and therefore had to be certified?

eSpares: You're welcome and well done.

luke040655: Thank you i fix my oven

Barry Webb: Useful video but all 3 screws holding my element in place are rusted over a won't come out. What would you suggest to remove the rusted screws? Greatful for any advice.

eSpares: Why thank you!

admartinezjr: Thanks so much! Your video helped my wife and I fixed our oven door. It had snapped off the hinge. Nice work.
How to replace an oven element in a Neff fan oven 5 out of 5

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GualalaRobotics: Here is a really good link that explains some of the science of how it works and why you want to move your lights: .
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David Hillard: dude this is awesome. thank ks for sharing!
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How to replace an oven element in a Neff fan oven