Escape Cabin Filter

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2013. 2014. 2015 Ford Escape Cabin Air Filter Replacement.  Kuga too!
2013. 2014. 2015 Ford Escape Cabin Air Filter Replacement. Kuga too!
Escape cabin filter
Escape cabin filter
Cabin air filter replacement - Ford Escape
Cabin air filter replacement - Ford Escape
Cabin air filter replacement- Ford Escape
Cabin air filter replacement- Ford Escape
How To Install Replace Cabin Air Filter Ford Escape 01-07
How To Install Replace Cabin Air Filter Ford Escape 01-07

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Dmitriy Balashov: freak you, show the car overall at start, so i can understand its mine MY or not!

James Hobson: Thanks for mentioning the part number.. the dozens others I've tried either don't mention it or say it's the same as the engine air filter!

Skidz4500: A large percentage of Escapes/Mariners/Tributes were not sold with cabin air filters. They are technically optional, and probably as a cost-saving maneuver (even as small as it is) they were only included with high-trim models or opted-for by select dealers.

kewrock: My 07 XLT fleet car had no filter either. My dash is always dirty.

Jim Resseguie: I followed the directions for removing the filter on my 2006 Escape Hybrid and like you I found there was no filter in the air box. Since I am the original and only owner I contacted my dealer and went in to the parts department. I was informed that the air box was used on several models and not all models had a filter. For the 2006 Escape Hybrid there is no cabin air filter. The only interior air filter is the one located in the rear compartment and is a filter for the cooling air to the hybrid battery (which I had just changed). I was told not to install a filter since it did not have one. There is a possibility it could be detrimental in air circulation for the AC. So I cleaned everything and put it back as it was.   

Adrian Segura: Thanks for the good video, I just change mine on a 2003 Escape, it didn't had one, I put one because I know my father in law when he bought never bother to check. Like I said it didn't had one but I just put one, I was worried I had put it the wrong way because in the manual it showed that the black trim was downward, glad I put it like you put it in the video.

Jerry Geodisk: These filters not only keep the dust out of your cabin, they also keep dirt, leaves, twigs, etc. off the evaporator core greatly extending the life of the a/c system.

Josephina Aultman: I have an 05 when we took it apart we found that someone took something out with metal cutters that had been next to the filer box, anyone know what the heck it could be that was taken out???

Melanie Drengberg: Wouldn't it be a good idea to clean the filter area and cover before inserting a new filter? It looks like the filter on that car would be filthy on the first run.

Teresa Curtis: Where is cabin filter located at in a Chevrolet HHR 2007?

moviegeek65: It's a dealer installed option, I didn't get one either. You don't need a filter unless you have allergies.

dynomax666: they likely tell you they change them when they really don't also. cabin air filters are just something apparently new that people all think they should run out and change here lately for some reason...

rb62470: Found out today that my 2008 Ford Escape came without a cabin air filter too. I wonder if Ford puts them in any vehicles or just lies about it and says they do. They probably don't even do it when you bring it in for service and tell them to. So not only is doing it yourself cheaper - it's the only way to know it got done. I could also go into a big long thing about all the cheap crap on my new Explorer (like the two visor lights that literally fell apart), but suffice it to say Ford sucks.

HexagramMan: because the amount of dust you will encounter on the road is astronomically greater than in your basement. Not only that but the dust you get on the road is made by tires wearing down and break dust (hazardous). not to mention that dust is getting coated in all the fluids that get leaked out of cars, all of which is toxic and none of which you would want to breath. spent the 8 bucks on a real filter.

Jason Hughes: Thanks for making this so easy. My 06 Escape didn't have a filter either. Great video.

roogermoore1: thanks.

mrusa4440: The reason this won't work well is because the filter has a gasket around the edges to provide a seal and keep dust and dirt from getting into the air ducts.

alaster134: I'm loving your videos. I feel brand new, again! -Drew's '04 Escape

David Dias: this guy has some serious finesse!

lajkej64: Why not get a pleated media filter for your house and cut to fit?

Rex TexasAggie: Thanks for your work on here...saves me lots of money during a time we need lots of money! Thank YOU!
Escape cabin filter 5 out of 5

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Escape cabin filter