How To Change Spark Plugs On V6 3.0 Ford Escape Or Simlar Ford Such As Taurus, Ranger, Etc

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How to Change Spark Plugs on V6 3.0 Ford Escape or Simlar Ford such as Taurus. Ranger. etc
How to Change Spark Plugs on V6 3.0 Ford Escape or Simlar Ford such as Taurus. Ranger. etc
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2004 Ford Escape 3.0l V6 Coil. Sparkplug and PCV Change
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Electro: What a pain in the ass! I hate modern vehicles, whose brilliant idea was it to put the spark plugs under all that crap?

Armesis P: This engine is so unreliable and merely turns fuel into noise, typical ford crap

Edward Riou: Thanks for this video. Hopefully I can follow and save money doing it myself. Thanks again.

lost7spirit: thank you this was very help and i feel more confident now

David Xu: Great video, very clear explanation on removing intake manifold. 

Brian Platino: Its crap like this that makes people neglect their engines. I would use something heavier than paper towels to cover them. I have also found Iridiums to be a waste of money, standard NGK's have performed better for me. Good video, clear explanations.

Toolie35: I just done this job and I managed to lift the manifold up and over the right with out removing the coolant lines. Might have been unique to my model year but worth trying b4 removing the lines. Less to mess with.

mkkmb5: Thanks for the video. I think with your video pretty simply to do. I'm going to subscribe, thanks again.

Markinpuff: I have read on some escapes the wiring harness is incorrect for cylinders 1,2,3 3 is on 1 and 1 on 3. This happen to me on my 2002 escape, installed wrong at the factory... I'm not much of a mechanic, but with time I think I could do it..

N6EAJ: Great video thanks. My wife's 2003 V6 Ford Escape only had a few small differences. Here is what the 2003 needed for this job. Spark plugs = Motorcraft SP-433 platinum spark plugs. Upper intake oval rubber gaskets = Ford YL8Z-9H486-AA (was a package of six). Replacing the oval gaskets also fixed a shuttering/stuttering problems the Escape had when the motor was not warm.

Jaime Ponce de Leon: I thought this was going to be a quick job... till i saw the engine. Its going to be a pain in the ass, but this video make the disassemble pretty straightforward. Really appreciate people like you who film and explain the process.

Organicle Man: Thank you so much for this!

pontiachotshot: My tribute with the v6 has 64K miles on it...when should i do the spark plugs ? and what type should i put in ?

mrfirewolf: my question is... why design a engine that to replace the back 3 spark plugs you have to remove the intake manifold... just pure stupidity... i say take the ford engineers throw then in a slave camp and make then work on these pieces of crap every day all day... guarantee designs would change drastically

Tammie Dessa: Why do all cars these days use plastic crap! I have a friend that owns a BMW it too has this plastic crap all over it guess to cut their costs and stick it to the buyers 

moviegeek65: Might as well change the PCV valve while you have the intake manifold off, Ford recommends spark plug and PCV change at 100,000 miles.

Nevil D: great video thanks for the help it's a better way of doing the job.

Daniel198549: Thanx bro for helping us

Cornelieus Fields: You dont know what you are talking about. I am replacing the plugs in my 2002 ford escape right now. Far as michigan again you dont know what you are talking about. Any half ass mechanic will tell you even ford on a v6 you have to take off the intake. You need to take your comment off this site because you are giving people wrong information. If anyone is doing this job on a v6 contact me. I can walk you through it. There are some line and hoses you so not have to remove.

Frank289100: A few years back we were putting a cam an heads on a friends small block Ford. We decided to buy a few different plugs from NGK, AC platinum, Champions and Motorcrafts. We did a crank test with the lights off in his garage with the plug removed and grounded to the body. It was amazing the find out the only plug with bright strong blue spark was a cheap Motorcraft plug. All the rest were dim blue sparks. Now I realize why all the Chevy guys in there race cars used Motorcraft and Autolite plugs.

hrifes: No kidding. I think I'm just going to change the front three myself and take it in to a dealer for the rest.

Reuben James: does anyone know the numbers for the cylinders?

EmofacePS3: god damn im glad i got the 2.5l I4 now cuz all the spark plugs on it are right on top and easy to get to

natas kupas: I've been struggling with replacing ignition coils for the past 3 days i got the front 3 in i jst need the back 3...can anyone tell me the order they are like whichone is #1 or #2 #3 #4 #5 # 6

MrCd7: you said there were coolant hoses that needed to be removed, did you loose any fluid/ did you have to bleed the cooling system afterward?

Cornelieus Fields: You are full of it. This is a v6 . You can not pull the coil over out with out removing the intake. You dont have to disconnect all the stuff he is talking about . But he did i right . But he didnt put in where you have to tighten the bolts down in order.

Nick Perkins: Great video. Just changed the plugs on my girlfriend's Escape in 75 minutes. Thanks!

jasonhinckley: Just went to a shop and they quoted me 485$ to do this

TheKurtser: It is only the spark plugs and wires I changed on my 2001 Ford Taurus. And it is possible to change them without removing the cover. A mechanic at a garage said I could do this and I did. Mechanics are required to remove the intake by law. It may not be as possible on some other cars.

DuratecDOHC: I will just say, Fords only take well to Autolite. Motorcraft plugs are Autolite plugs.

kelvonik: Thanks to this video I saved $209 that the mechanic was gonna charge me to change the spark plugs on my 06 Tribute. Thanks man

KRAMRENKA: This is retarded.. All this work to change spark plugs! And here i thought the GM V6's were a pain in the ass having to un-do the front motor mount.

TheKurtser: I just changed mine without removing the intake manifold. Tight squeeze but it is doable.

TheKurtser: It's not really that hard. you just need to reach back there a little awkwardly a swivel socket wrench helps. Most garages at least in my state of Michigan are not allowed to change them this way because it is considered poor ergodynamics by OSHA.

Nolo Rivera: Very clear video!!! Thank you for it man :)

Shahrukh Khawaja: Hi. What kind of plugs are originally in the Ford escape 08. irridium or platinum ?

Lynn Hancock: This was very helpful! Before seeing your video I thought it would take me a whole day to do this, and I was ready to wimp out and take it to a repair shop. But after watching your video it only took about an hour and a half -- and it still runs! Thank you very much!

jdmrec0: I'm about to do this this weekend.

Lei Guo: How did you do that? I m just working on this and it sucks to remove the intake

moviegeek65: Use Autolite or Motorcraft platinum, they cost $2.99 each. Iridium is a waste of money. Gap them at .054(manual says .052-.056).

Matt Barber: The ones in the back are 1-2-3 THe front plugs are 4-5-6 They fire 1-4-2-5-3-6

Prestial Fulmore: Where does the vaccum hose go that was on the bracket. Does it connect to anything.....

Nando A: I may be doing the same thing is weather permits.

Erick Cruz: thats why imports are way easier to work on =)

Raymon Hamzidkhan: Lots of steps but mostly it can be done by yourself. I appreciate you for showing us the way!!

Frank289100: I totally agree.

Cornelieus Fields: Intake doe not have to be taken out of the truck but tighted back. I am replacing the plugs again in one..

wafrederick: Replace the lower intake gaskets at the same time,a well known problem with them.Install the autolites or motorcrafts in the Fords only

hrdcorebeast: OEM plugs always work best.

Miguel Doughlin: how much should it cost in labor to change plugs?
How to Change Spark Plugs on V6 3.0 Ford Escape or Simlar Ford such as Taurus, Ranger, etc 4.7 out of 5

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How to Change Spark Plugs on V6 3.0 Ford Escape or Simlar Ford such as Taurus, Ranger, etc