Minecraft: CLONES & TELEPORTING! (Sync Mod Review)

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Pjetsen!: I tried dying in the latest version and died for real, no respawn into my shell. I think the Creative handling is messed up or it only works if you use a bed on one of the booths.

Lucas Matter: You can place down a treadmill and then right click on it with a spawn egg (pig or wolf) to automatically have the pig or wolf running on it without having to use leads.

Invictus Industrys: the treadmills produce 10rf a tick you can use cable like conduits its not mandatory to use the treadmills its also so much faster to use the conduits

Firestar 2525: It isn't cellular level, it's blockular level ;)

logan emery: i made 7 whole clones

Colin Eakin (Player of Minecraft): BTW Wolves Generate more power

AlienPet13 Gaming: Pigawatts... Awesome! xD

Tyler Haulk: how do you activate the shell storage

Squeaky Stabber: if yes thx

Squeaky Stabber: AntVenom if you now the mod creator for sync mod can you plz tell him to update to 1.7.2 plz plz plz.

Sean Tophat (The connergonner5 network): that really helped I got the mod and I was like so confused

Craftmaster_tms: 9:10 that antvenom clone didn't have a santa hat

JefaryStudeo: Круто хотя я не американец но ваш язык понимаю :-)!!!

Pavel TV: у тебя плащ ка у меняяяяяяяяяяяяяяя

The Geek: WOLFS make it go faster.

Michael Aldridge: LOLOL



mateo guillen: is this based off of that thing corridor digital did, or is this one of those ideas that bounces around social media?

Nicole Allen: hay guys I might make a video pack :D
Minecraft: CLONES & TELEPORTING! (Sync Mod Review) 5 out of 5

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Minecraft: CLONES & TELEPORTING! (Sync Mod Review)