Minecraft: CLONES & TELEPORTING! (Sync Mod Review)

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Alex King: looks like avatar sistem

Zage law: you have a nice voice.

Blake Stone: Is this compatible with multiplayer?

Pjetsen!: I tried dying in the latest version and died for real, no respawn into my shell. I think the Creative handling is messed up or it only works if you use a bed on one of the booths.

Lucas Matter: You can place down a treadmill and then right click on it with a spawn egg (pig or wolf) to automatically have the pig or wolf running on it without having to use leads.

Invictus Industrys: the treadmills produce 10rf a tick you can use cable like conduits its not mandatory to use the treadmills its also so much faster to use the conduits

Firestar 2525: It isn't cellular level, it's blockular level ;)

logan emery: i made 7 whole clones

Colin Eakin: BTW Wolves Generate more power

AlienPet13 Gaming: Pigawatts... Awesome! xD

Tyler Haulk: how do you activate the shell storage

YZGamer68: if yes thx

YZGamer68: AntVenom if you now the mod creator for sync mod can you plz tell him to update to 1.7.2 plz plz plz.

Sean Tophat: that really helped I got the mod and I was like so confused

Craftmaster_tms: 9:10 that antvenom clone didn't have a santa hat

Blackfaer: у тебя плащ ка у меняяяяяяяяяяяяяяя

The Geek: WOLFS make it go faster.

Michael Aldridge: LOLOL


Minecraft: CLONES & TELEPORTING! (Sync Mod Review) 5 out of 5

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Alex King: looks like avatar sistem
Bobby Washington: I notice it does sound different with the plug in but I don't understand how this can help when you listen to the music in your car or anywhere besides the plugin is going to have a different sound. it almost sounds like your out of space with the plugin. what is the real purpose of the plugin?
rob h: Realistically, you are dumb. The coaxials are speakers done properly; the components are like that and cost more only for the crossover. The reason the company does not sell the coaxial with the crossover is for marketing and cost purposes, as they can charge more for the same speaker set as a component due to the public misunderstanding audio functionality. There is no other application for separate tweeters in anything relating to music, e.g., TVs, converts, home audio systems, etc. In all of the latter systems, the mid/high are coupled; some have sub/mid/tweeter combo; and, some have mid/high together with an additional sub. But, the mid + high are always together ... except in car audio. The only reason for this is because the misguided public has, in general, come to believe that separate high and mid works better. This is the same reason why so many people believe the Chinese-made Kickers are better than JL ... except if you can afford JL, then of course you would buy it.
iBallastickTITAN 12: Stupid
Clint Ventriglia-Hill: I absolutely loved this game, thanks for posting the video its pure nostalgia to hear the music again!
Rimas -: I highly recommend you to take IELTS instead of TOEFL.IELTS is much easier
ManateeAdvocate: Lucky Seth.

Minecraft: CLONES & TELEPORTING! (Sync Mod Review)