Benchmade 162 Sibert, Bushcraft Knife

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Benchmade 162 Bushcraft Sibert Test and Review by Equip 2 Endure
Benchmade 162 Bushcraft Sibert Test and Review by Equip 2 Endure
Benchmade 162 Sibert. Bushcraft Knife
Benchmade 162 Sibert. Bushcraft Knife
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Benchmade Bushcrafter 162
Benchmade Bushcrafter 162
Ontario SK5 vs Benchmade Bushcrafter and the winner is!
Ontario SK5 vs Benchmade Bushcrafter and the winner is!

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bonz86: Well I guess u dont like it. I on the other hand think its one of the best knives out there for the money. I do agree im not crazy bout the case but at least it has a fire rod holder. But so far I carry it everywgere with me. I have smaller to average hands and I love the way it feels n handles. But each to theyre own

EMGTRAINING101: Very good review and excellent observations! Thanks for sharing!

Lon Oster: I've never heard of CPM SV 35.... heard of 30. Its a fused steel & its been around quite awhile, but not so much commercially. Chris Reeve has been using that steel on his custom knifes for a long time. The only bad thing I've heard was be careful in cold weather. I have 2 knives with CPM SV 30 & i think they are great, but the steel is very expensive. I paid $110 for a pocket knife. What i dont like about this knife youre showing is the grind

Mrsnoopy465: awesome knife man, Good video

Jerry Delmonico: I sure understand the "wanting to like" this knife. I was in the same boat. I have gotten to like the handle. It feels as though you are choking up, using primarily thumb and first 2 fingers, not the entire hand. I appreciate the indent for the thumb knuckle. The sheath is useless. I use the sheath from the Ontario SK 5. I love the edge retention of the S30V. When it does need sharpening, I do it at home, where time does not matter. No need to do it in the field. It does not dull in a matter of hours. Great review.

JDog Night: Once again Great review... I researched YouTube after buying the Bushcrafter and found your review to be 100% consistent with what I received in this Benchmade knife. After having it in my hand there is definitely an oddness as you perfectly described, professional honest review!

Zach B: Seems like a fail of a knife, too bad really.

TheMultiGunMan: ★★★★★

HDoctane: You are spot on I got my hands on this knife today immediately felt like if I choked up to carve or do a fine task I felt like it would be easy to cut yourself, also immediately noticed the leather dangler attachment was missing and I thought the grind looked like a Scandi sabre grind combo and the grip felt like it could give you major hit spots and the sheath snaps and rivets were junk for 75 dollars more you can get a beautiful and bullet proof blindhorse knife just my two cents!!!

GunznGear: Cool!

robert k: Nice rattlesnake country......................

robshog: Hi vann just picked one up sat at the gun show before I saw this review have to tell you I do like this knife a lot but agree the sheath could be better anyone make it in kydex?

GunznGear: I'm sure that some folks will like it. I'm just not one of them.

Eric Losh: i ordered mine for 135 shipped, it was marked 170 but had a discount code, ill get a local guy to make me a good sheath

GunznGear: LOL good for you!

paulie 4x: What's up, GunznGear, well, what's your opinion on the knife now ?,I really like mine, the only problem I see with guys like us, is, we have many knives, and we have preferences especially how the knives feel, so what I did is I used it a lot, and I got used to the feel of it, over all the knife is a good quality, and even my sheath is fine, but like I said, I do have knives that feel better in hand if I compare, but I'm still going to back up what I said, my knife I like.

GunznGear: Glad to hear that you like your Benchmade. I'll never buy another Benchmade fixed blade knife on the internet. I'll need to see them in person from now on.

AUTOTAC91: I was going to by this but now not so sure

pb4emjr: Will do.

GunznGear: Not bad! That price is about $30.00 cheaper than what I paid. If you don't mind, please follow up on your impressions after using it some. Thanks

GunznGear: Blind Horse Knives makes great quality knives. Benchmade makes many quality knives as well, but sometimes they drop the ball on some purpose specific designs. Thanks

tJOOPjOO: You did a good review...i hope it will prevent more disappointment.

GunznGear: Actually the Woodlore design handle is much more straight. I would like this knife a whole lot more if the handle was shaped like a Woodlore.

ebomey: Me too!

spoonman73: Just got the knife and agree with all of your points. But for some reason I still like it. I love how thick it is, how sharp the edge is and it feels good in the hand other than that forward palm swell. To me it is more of a stout utility blade than a bushcrafter. But still appreciate your candid review. Peace.

wranglerstar: Thanks for the review. I have a Spyderco Bushcraft that I like. I won't be buying the BM. The sheath looks awful.

ebomey: If you want to see a jungle just look in Bill's pants!

GunznGear: I wouldn't say rip off, I would say it misses the mark as a bushcrafter. Actually, I did say that in the vid. LOL This knife is however a good seller for Benchmade, so there are lots of folks who do like it. Thanks

Brady2Welker1: great review! I hope Benchmade sees this!

pstaehlin: GREAT review! Thank you. You said it all, my friend when you said Bark River!! I own a few Barkies myself and LOVE them! It's too bad to see Benchmade fail so badly at a bushcraft knive. I'm sorry you paid money for that knife.

TheYankeeMarshal: Why are you in the woods again? Does you wife not let you stay in the house? Is it a gas issue?

GunznGear: I don't mind spending my money on quality gear, but this knife is a bit of a disappointment

GunznGear: Hopefully you will be one of the many folks, that I'm sure, likes this knife a lot.

paulie 4x: Dang GunneR, I too got a first run 162're, least I know you have good taste he he he, and my new Barkie is the same as yours the Bravo 1.5, but I went with the CMP 3V. I like your video's too., but I do like my Benchmade.

Lellobeetle: Bet some people at Benchmade would appreciate this review

GunznGear: Knives, like many other things, are subjective. I know many folks will like this knife, and that's great! It was never my intention to suggest that this was a bad knife, or that folks shouldn't buy it. I bought this knife without handling it first, so I was disappointed when I received it. I've tried, but I still do not like the way this knife feels in my hand. Thanks for your comment

Rayxl1: Thank you for a helpful review. I certainly wouldn't go for that knife. These days I don't think you have to spend alot to get a really good knife. My main survival knife is the smith and wesson search and rescue. I modifed it as shown in my videos and now its perfect. For an edc workhorse I've never found anything better than the kershaw antelope hunter II.

paulie 4x: my spell check drives me crazy, even though its a short drive he he he I typed GunsnGear not GunneR, the only difference between you and me is you dip, and I chomp on a cigar he he he, what's your dip ?

GunznGear: Gas is one thing that I don't have an issue with... it's abundant, and free flowing... LOL

GunznGear: Thanks Jason

GunznGear: I haven't really used it very much, but I hope to give it a redeeming opportunity soon.

flailchest78: Thanks for the review, you just saved me $170 plus shipping. I saw a shotshow video of this knife and was pretty excited about it. I think i'll hold off on this knife for a while and see if they make any improvements in the future.

Khullaa Saand: I don't know about you but I really love the unique seagreen color of handle with brown color sheath combination. Sort of feels like peaceful and royal when you see this knife. I don't know why but my mind is so liking this knife. How is the knife nowadays.

cjmalone54: damn, I orderd 2 last night. Should of watched this review first.

GunznGear: Opinions are subjective, of course. I would say it's more of a disappointment.

GunznGear: I either chew Beechnut, or dip Red Seal.

Cliff Speaks: Hey where in Mississippi did you live?

GunznGear: We both thank you!!

Nate Harper: Yeah, benchmade never seems to hit the fixed blade outdoors knife on the head. Older models had QC issues for heat treats, so blades would break, etc. And now you point out some fairly obvious faults that other $200 knives just don't have. Such a bummer. You mention that the price is high, well, yeah, but I think you're mostly paying for the steel and the benchmade logo.

2JEWS1PENNY: Damn... With all the dings against this knife why whorls you buy it? I really wanted to look at this knife to get it but jezz...
Benchmade 162 Sibert, Bushcraft Knife 4.6 out of 5

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Benchmade 162 Sibert, Bushcraft Knife