Benchmade 162 Sibert, Bushcraft Knife

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paulie 4x: Say, Heah Gunz, long time no hear, Yeah, I've been thinking about your video on this knife (Benchmade Bushcrafter #162), Yeah, when I first got my by the way, I have a 1st Production Run, probably the first run. Anyhow, Yeah, the handle seemed a little different, It felt a little boxy, But after I rounded the corners a very little bit with some sandpaper, It feels alot better, it never felt too bad, but just a little boxy, Now after I smooth down the edges and I mean just a little, Man it feels great, and it's really one of my Fav's, Maybe that's what you should look at with yours, In my case it improved it 100% I also got the Frog from Battle Horse, now it's a complete Dangler (just the Frog and it matches), Nice to see you again, Y'all have a nice day, , ,

Martin bushcraft: Thank you for sharing this important information about the knife .
I almost buyed  a 162 Benchmade for bushcraft  but your review tells me not to buy one.
I like the looks but there are to many down points for bushcraft use in my opinion.

Big Brown: Good review? There was no use of the blade to confirm the claims. We need empirical evidence especially if the knife is gonna be blasted with opinions.

I did appreciate the coverage on the sheath.

Thank you.

Tim Brooks: I love mine! It made fire, shelter, and traps. Held up well. Guess it depends on what a person likes. 

Mr E (channel): The knife dont have nothing I really like, the only outstanding thing in the s30v steel, the rest make me roll eyes, im looking for s30v in a scandi blade fir bushcraft.

Cliff Seruntine: Good to see an honest review like this.  Too many people think if they pay a lot of money for a knife, they have a good knife.  Too many so-called bushcrafters are into buying the latest-coolest gear like teenagers are into buying the latest-coolest cell phones.  I inherited my grandfathers Kabar marine knife from WWII and used it for nearly 2 decades in the Alaskan wilderness til I lost it one day.  Replaced it years ago with a Cold Steel Trail Master in O1 steel I bought on clearance for $118, and a couple years back I added a small  Kabar BK16 for $80.  Both knives are comfortable and affordable and do the job and require only a modicum of care, and between them both cost only about what the Benchmade Bushcrafter does.  And that's all one needs.

Magyver Dood: the red is probly for shock resistents

Sunbear415: Dude, you look like Coach Sparano!!!!

Whiskey River (Doc): 200 DOLLARS??????? There are custom knives made to order out there for only a few dollars more! At one time, Benchmade made some damn good stuff, and I have owned some of their great folders as well. I see nothing wrong with bashing a product, as long as I use honesty in my opinions. There is way too much garbage out there being marketed to suck the cash out of a consumer; and the consumers deserve the right, and every chance they can get, to hear honest product reviews. The age of unsurpassed quality in American products has been long gone; and it takes time and patience these days to find the good stuff. It's out there, and with reviews like this, you will surely help folks avoid the junk, and find the good stuff. Thanks for the effort……… Some suggestions: Battle Horse Knives; L.T. Wright Custom Knives; Off The Map Custom Knives; Enzo Knives; Bark River Knives; Old Hickory butcher knives; and the ever available and affordable Mora's. And if you have tons of money, Adventure Sworn Knives.

GunznGear: Thanks for the kind words. Opinions are subjective by nature, and it seems that lots of folks like the Benchmade. To each their own! BTW I love Barkies and own a good number of them! Thanks again

pstaehlin: GREAT review! Thank you. You said it all, my friend when you said Bark River!! I own a few Barkies myself and LOVE them! It's too bad to see Benchmade fail so badly at a bushcraft knive. I'm sorry you paid money for that knife.

GunznGear: I wouldn't say rip off, I would say it misses the mark as a bushcrafter. Actually, I did say that in the vid. LOL This knife is however a good seller for Benchmade, so there are lots of folks who do like it. Thanks

GunznGear: This Wildlife Management Area is a sanctuary for the canebrake rattlesnake. I've only seen one of them, but I have seen dozens of cottonmouths. Thanks

GunznGear: I love the handle on the Spyderco Bushcraft! It is one of my favorites. Thanks for stopping by!

robert k: Nice rattlesnake country......................

Wranglerstar: Thanks for the review. I have a Spyderco Bushcraft that I like. I won't be buying the BM. The sheath looks awful.

GunznGear: I think this knife sells fairly well, so Benchmade probably doesn't care very much about what a regular guy/customer says about it

Brady2Welker1: great review! I hope Benchmade sees this!

thebigone022: If I use a reverse grip on it, it isn't the most comfortable because of the rear quillon but I've always had sweaty hands so the security it adds is a bonus for me more so than the negative it creates otherwise. To each his own though. Knifecenter has them for $140 I think and Blade HQ has them for $132. Just a heads up though in case anyone else is wondering. Thanks for the video.

GunznGear: I haven't really used it very much, but I hope to give it a redeeming opportunity soon.
Benchmade 162 Sibert, Bushcraft Knife 5 out of 5

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Benchmade 162 Sibert, Bushcraft Knife