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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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TheAntim4tter: These things are annoying, not funny. I checked this video out to see if i could have some laughs...no such luck
DrCokainTV: Das klackern ist nicht bei allen Switches da, bei der G710+ sind bsp. MX Brown Switches die haben kein Feedback Ton
bleski: Awesome glitch man. hey I found out another glitch while doing this. I did everything you did but then I flew to cerulean city and went to the area near bill's place where all the trainers are. I fought the hiker that is near the tree you can cut to get to that item and then I flew to saffron city and went by the same area where dragonite is but I found a gengar instead.       
seamusphysics: nicely done! lovely sound from that snare too!
Eddie Rice: GAMEWAVE looks like a cool software
74nickk: its called the toothache plant
GhostFace0578: Nikon D5100!!!

Serra de meia esquadria DW 713 - Ferramenta de Trabalho - Programa Marcenaria Moderna 042