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CommanderKrieger™: Schaut einfach mal vorbei - Da seht ihr den Aparillo :D http://bit.ly/KriegersAlien
TheGamingCircle: Hey, can you fit an action figure in there? Thanks!!
Damarah Danni: If u want a tour guide around jamaica my name is cereta my number is 18764364238
Magnacharger07: Hey wait up man how am I supposed to get home?
Julie Eastham: How to replace fan belt on mercedes208d. I seem to have have 5" of slack left
Omar Rasheed Khan: Can You Please Send me the link Also
81greenlantern: Good Review man! i got this big fella today and i must say with all the reviews about how they are dissin this figure, i think he is Really Awesome! he looks so cool this Optimus Prime, and his truck mode is sweet! 

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