How To Remove Old Sargent Door Knob

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How to Remove Old Sargent Door Knob
How to Remove Old Sargent Door Knob
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LOST FOUND: just remove the interior side knob. often there is a pin going through the lock into the latch, remove pin, then remove latch and the rest of the lock will fall

Ray Doucet: Thanks. That helped me change my lock!


David “Gofast325” Walsh: Thank you for this video! After an hour of beating and prying I watched the video 5 seconds it was off.

Jason Perry: Thank you so much. I had just seen that wire and wondered if that was the key to removing the handle.

MagpieTear: Perfect, just what I needed to figure out!

Mahek Mehta: Thanks a lot man.. this helped a lot!

bongojim420: Ta da' indeed. Thanks...even if I don't encounter one of these.
Looks easier than using a angle grinder :)

James Gray: Excellent video... Thanks so much!!!

Stuart Hildreth: EXTREME CLOSEUP!

Scott Wolpert: Thank you!  Home has 1960s era locksets.  I never would have figured this one out.  A nail can be put in the holes in the plates to give a grip for loosening or tightening. Note for reinstall, will need to push in the wire again.

sphintz: Thank you so much for posting this! After spending hours trying in vain, poking around all the holes and crevices, it never occurred to me to depress the wires as you clearly demonstrated. Your video was direct and to the point. Great job.

IAmGlenn DodongRabbit: Mine was a different situation. I was locked outside the bathroom and the knob was a no-key knob (whatever that's called. It doesn't have a keyhole. So I guess it shouldn't be locked from the outside.)
No matter what I do, I couldn't find a latch, or a screw, or whatever, and all the youtube tutorials couldn't help me. So I took a 10lbs dumbbell and smashed the knob with it, and it fell right off. Haha 

Millie Richardson: WOW! Thank you so very much!  I was going crazy poking everything into that stupid little hole!  I was able to screw off the plate, but cannot find the wire. When I turn, it's blank on both sides!!  Argh.

david spalding: Hi... After two hours of trying to figure out how to take the knob off, I watched your video and was able to get it off.  I don't think my lock was sargent, there were no markings... really old door knob set.... but it did screw off.    thanks again.

Alnathan Moore: thank you very much for this video! I'd never come across a " Sargent" door knob before and wondered what in the heck to do thanks again!

Papa Gleb: What if you turn the knob before unscrewing that collar and align the holes then use a screw driver to depress that wire?

Luis Montecino: FINALLY! Thanks to this video I found that the doorknobs in my house use THIS system, and not the typical "push in the pin and slide the knob off" type.

Couldn't have done it without you.

Donald Augustine: You should remove them with a spanner wrench so you don't deface the finish

Aaron Abend: Thanks!
How to Remove Old Sargent Door Knob 5 out of 5

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How to Remove Old Sargent Door Knob