How To String & Tune A Guitar : Restringing A Floyd Rose Tremolo II Guitar

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baringer4: thanks mr cobain!

Jon Diagram: crap I was stuck on this guitar for ages thanks bro

LotusEater14: How so?

Rhukza: He looks like Cobain.

Andreas Karlsson: is it so simple :D!!

Curtis Meece: some say this man is jesus. jesus cured a blind man, i think he can handle astygmatism

Radoslaw Dlugowski: @ShadyStories Ah! I got a RG170DX just to avoid having to deal with a Floyd Rose. Sadly, though, now I wanted a piezo on my bridge and I can only find it in a Floyd Rose bridge. I did not purchase it YET so im not really an authority on tuning them but it sounds like you should wind the fine tune down, turn the rough tuners up, and THEN finetune it when they arent tightened all the way but somewhat in the middle. Again, this is only from observing Floyd Roses and im sure someone can answer beter

ShadyStories: Can you guys please help me? I just got an Ibanez RG350DX and I think it uses the Tremolo system as well. When I tune my guitar and it goes out of tune, I tighten the screws on the place where I strum right? What happens if they're tightened all the way and the guitar untunes itself? Do I start this process over again or what? Help please ~ Thanks

pit_thrasher: whered you get that Charvel?

Thomas Rönnberg: What if I wanna tune the guitar a step down? Should I screw on those to keep the whammy vertical?

Luiz Pires: @rama6maiden you'll burn in hell!!!

alex villacis: this video its good , jesus teaches how to doit! thanks jesus

Zanith50: actully you should avoid using the fine turners as much as you can best to unlock and tune up that way for any tuneing that isnt small

1godlessmonkey: Holy crap!!!!!! It's JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!

messalion: @soullessSiIence 1st - restringing the guitar with floyd is very easy it only takes time - 2nd - why dont us try to use guitars with a better floyd than your cheap one and then ask yourself about detuning it - better try the floys of an ibanez and then ill take your opinion (no offence) :)) happy searching :D

Esteban Aguayo: Why did I buy a guitar with floyd?? Restringing is worst than hell. The floyd didn't even work because it detunes the freaking guitar.

HellsHighwayTrooper: i wanna grow a beard like u

dreamforfreedom: Great vid brah...just got me a floyd...its badass!

freddy911304: Just a question! Will installing gotoh locking tuners help a guitar with a licensed Floyd rose from getting out of tune? Cus the locking nut isn't doing any justice!

Airnickgr: man you are idiot no need to remove the lock at the top of the guitar you can put the string down of that so easy!!just loosen it a bit!Sorry for my bad english
How to String & Tune a Guitar : Restringing a Floyd Rose Tremolo II Guitar 5 out of 5

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How to String & Tune a Guitar : Restringing a Floyd Rose Tremolo II Guitar