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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Ohlala Forfiat: หน้าคุ้นๆ
scdevon: I have one of these and I like it, but I'd much rather spend a few extra calories carrying a real axe that can get the job done in a few strikes rather than wasting lots of calories around the campsite whacking away at stuff with these chopping knives. These are really poor performers for their weight. They need a much less convex grind to perform at all. 
Assisten SMO: is it GOOD? in my country still only 2 Gb available, i am thinking to buy it...but there;\'s no slot for sim card... i gotta seek hot spot for wifi if i want to do internet :'(...
CoinOpTV: ohhh snaps we're getting dupes now and the same ones -- can't trade to you!
Kong Kong: ทามไม่ได้อ่ะ 31/08/57 
Martin Rocks: How do you put the equipment on? Or does it just go on automatically
jpacknox: Resolution is a little fuzzy, but this is by far the fastest method to solve the puzzle. Thank you!

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