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Gheorghe Oanta: este manuala sau automata?
Walter H White: How the hell could 11 people not like this video? 
adam drake: Cool vids man,what part of VT are you in? I live in Granitville and will be doing a swap in my 2001 TJ.I have the motor just waiting on the other parts.
IMRAN ALI: i request you to please give me emulator
DrLightWind: In reality that motor is 5 Kw or 6.7 hp with 6 batttery pack at 72 volts. With those real speed is 38 - 40 mph. It takes 8 battery pack or 96V to get 50 mph with a 13" bigger wheels for the record. Also it requires a higher capacity speed controller. You're lucky if you get 30 mph range with those batteries with 1 charge.
stalkek: I love Tarkovsky - for me the greatest artist in film, and one of the great artists through time, but to an extent I do agree about Sacrifice being uneven. I don't think it has the flow of comparatively even Nostalghia, though of course there is plenty of Tarkovsky genius and beauty to the film. Tarkovsky's films aren't above criticism - for instance he wasn't happy with Solaris - that there is an awkwardness to the movement of plot to the film, & that marks The Sacrifice to a degree also.
hawkeyeUK1: When I used this ink setup I found it worked for a few months and then the pipes begin to split and ink went everywhere. I would sooner stick to the cheap compatible cartridges from eBay or Amazon. Not a good think when the pipes split because it makes so much mess. I set it up exactly as you did too but after a while the pipes to split believe me.

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