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Jesus Chavez: Zadar: Cow from hell? I must watch that.(^O^)
Ahmed7ejazi: Real nice
Christian Walker: This is why there are newbs because of driftor he says the target finder is good you should use it and dual band 
G Man: This is the "766 Sleeper" Dodge Cummins truck that was just featured in Diesel Power Magazine right? Im 99.9% sure that it is. That truck kick ass! ATS all the way!
saad khan: ra one is euprb movie
eltitanseiya: @Isusko97 see hay que intentar hacer que aya mas gameplay ya que no todos tenemos capital para comprarlo :(
ManiacallyYours: The $566 Dillon price is press only. Outfitted with case feeder and die set, you are looking at $850 direct from Dillon. At Midway, the Hornady AP press with case feeder and die set is $820. Not really a huge difference unless you consider the $$ value of 500 bullets (less $15 shipping and handling for that deal). The Hornady press is over $100 cheaper than Dillon, but the matching case feeder is over $100 more.

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