Super Sky Surfer BlitzRCWorks | Build Review | Sailplane & Glider

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Super Sky Surfer BlitzRCWorks   Flight Review   Sailplane & Glider
Super Sky Surfer BlitzRCWorks Flight Review Sailplane & Glider
Super Sky Surfer BlitzRCWorks   Build Review   Sailplane & Glider
Super Sky Surfer BlitzRCWorks Build Review Sailplane & Glider
Super Sky Surfer BlitzRCWorks   Flight Footage   Sailplane & Glider
Super Sky Surfer BlitzRCWorks Flight Footage Sailplane & Glider
BlitzRCWorks Super Sky Surfer RC Sailplane Glider (1-19-14)
BlitzRCWorks Super Sky Surfer RC Sailplane Glider (1-19-14)
Blitz RC Works Super Sky Surfer
Blitz RC Works Super Sky Surfer

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Samuel Hayden: I know this was kind of a long video, but I wish you had gone on to do the wings. What do you think about putting a Zip tie around the center of the wing tube to show where the center is and keep it from being pushed into one wing more than the other?

Philippe Giboulot: Hi Pete,

Great video.

Can you ask your marketing dpt about exporting straight from China to Europe, or have a European hub like another known chinese company ?
Nowadays importing from the US has become a major issue (headache, time delay, and import duty). Price becomes double (transportation plus taxes) ...

Kusang Tobdhen: Am i gona get the locking things after the instalment of proppeler? If I order a new proppeler ?

TmarTn mart: I do rubber bond jets but I love rc that's where I'm heading is that a good trainer?

Alejandro Gutierrez Longa: Hi there, just one question before buying it! with stock motor and esc can handle a 4s 3500mah battery?

mentuemhet: You lost me at EPO. EPP is a stronger material. Use that instead. 

Paul Rude: can i high start it? or pull it with a tow plane?   i  really want this, looks really nice!

.: that plane is more than 4x the size of my plane

Fernando Castro: Pete. the gyro bs2x 2 axis comes with the instructions, thanks.

Steve Fassler: My RTF Super Sky Surfer was advertised as 95% assembled, yet I had to add all of the control horns, decals, and glue the fuse together. After crashing it a few times, I decided to do a land take off (as opposed to hand launching). The plane nosed into the ground everytime. And The CG was correct. After looking at the way the motor was mounted, I determined that there was too much down thrust, so I split the fuse and that is when I noticed there was no glue holding it together.

Trevor Heath: do you have a build video for the Easy Trainer 1280? I can't seem to find one here.

timw1959: Should the flaps be used for take off?

timw1959: My Hawk Sky is on it's last leg as I used it to learn so it has taken a beating,tops of trees,clipping a branch,nose down landings and

timw1959: I have ordered the RTF Super Sky Surfer and am waiting now for UPS to get moving.Does the plane do rolls,Loops,inverted,ect.??And what should I buy as extra equipment like the prop,battery,ect.?

RIDERZcouk: Continued from below Other than that I love this plane, it flies fantastic, the supply to the UK from BH was great BUT ! please don't gloss over what the plane needs, be honest about it instead and you'll get loads more respect from buyers FYI mine runs on a 5000mah 3S right up in the nose, everything is standard and she balances perfectly As one of the first owners/pilots of one of these I'd highly recommend it

RIDERZcouk: @ BH Seriously ? mark the centre of the spar,come on fella, you know it's just going to get pushed inside when you put the second wing half on, wooden dowling down inside the tubes to stop it work great and are light and cheap and easy to find The cut out for the flap servos is wrong as they reversed them like you do with aileron cutouts and then went and mechanically reverses the servo internally, that's not easy to find a replacement for and will need a new servo recess cutting out

RIDERZcouk: @ thejackmanone Ardupilot Mega 2.5 (APM 2.5) or RVOSD with waypoints unlocked (if your outside of the USA/Canada

thejackmanone: opps i relized that the wookong is for multi rotors any thing out there like it for this style aircraft i like the OSD, waypoint auto pilot, stability, as well as the return to home feature. yes i am getting the s800 in the near future.

thejackmanone: i would also like to put in a naza or wookong-m with gps

thejackmanone: pete i just ordered this plan in the arf platform from you guys and would like to bind it to the controller (the one with the color touch screen) that i got with the matrix from you guys. do you sell recievers with or without the satilights for this controller. i am planning on using the gopro3 with fatshark attitude w/headtracker on her. i would like to see long rang flights in the future as well so what do you suggest for the biggest battery that will work with this configuration? thanks
Super Sky Surfer BlitzRCWorks | Build Review | Sailplane & Glider 5 out of 5

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geezermeezer: I so want one so badly. Lol. Gonna order it later.
Destiny Dreams: I watched this when i was 6 lol
Kevin Rogers: you know doing the math that is not that bad. you should let the engine run for 10 min a week just to keep things oiled up, but my question is, are these engines even broken in? usally takes 500 miles to get everything broken in and fuel mileage goes up usally.
darkowl blue: 1:45 stick it in da hole
ALEX M D I: Thanks
MrDunkanIdaho: капец, купил знакомому такой нож, рублей за 450, в магазине не рассматривал, мол, зачем? всё-равно приду домой и переточу. пришёл домой, подготовил точилку, достал нож, просто забавы ради провёл по запястью - как бритвой волосы срезал. да, ладно, думаю, быть такого не может, взял в другую руку, провёл по правому запястью - та же картина. даже морду лица бреет на заводской заточке, не ожидал.
Komalpreet Kaur: thx for the help but I will give some advise:plz go slower because we need time to read what you said.. :Dthx anyway HELPED ME ALOT!

Super Sky Surfer BlitzRCWorks | Build Review | Sailplane & Glider