Super Sky Surfer BlitzRCWorks | Build Review | Sailplane & Glider

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Super Sky Surfer BlitzRCWorks Build Review Sailplane & Glider
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Super Sky Surfer BlitzRCWorks Flight Review Sailplane & Glider
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Mini Sky Surfer V2 BlitzRCWorks Flight Review Sailplane & Glider
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Super Sky Surfer
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Paul Rude: can i high start it? or pull it with a tow plane? i really want this, looks really nice!

Philippe Giboulot: Hi Pete, Great video. Can you ask your marketing dpt about exporting straight from China to Europe, or have a European hub like another known chinese company ? Nowadays importing from the US has become a major issue (headache, time delay, and import duty). Price becomes double (transportation plus taxes) ...

mentuemhet: You lost me at EPO. EPP is a stronger material. Use that instead. 

dylan ellis: I do rubber bond jets but I love rc that's where I'm heading is that a good trainer?

Alejandro Gutierrez Longa: Hi there, just one question before buying it! with stock motor and esc can handle a 4s 3500mah battery?

Kusang Tobdhen: Am i gona get the locking things after the instalment of proppeler? If I order a new proppeler ?

Steve Fassler: My RTF Super Sky Surfer was advertised as 95% assembled, yet I had to add all of the control horns, decals, and glue the fuse together. After crashing it a few times, I decided to do a land take off (as opposed to hand launching). The plane nosed into the ground everytime. And The CG was correct. After looking at the way the motor was mounted, I determined that there was too much down thrust, so I split the fuse and that is when I noticed there was no glue holding it together.

RIDERZcouk: @ BH Seriously ? mark the centre of the spar,come on fella, you know it's just going to get pushed inside when you put the second wing half on, wooden dowling down inside the tubes to stop it work great and are light and cheap and easy to find The cut out for the flap servos is wrong as they reversed them like you do with aileron cutouts and then went and mechanically reverses the servo internally, that's not easy to find a replacement for and will need a new servo recess cutting out

Brenda Cunningham: How about a small glo engine ??????? Not into electric!!

Valkyry5: Oh, and Pete, the 3600 battery IS TOO LIGHT! That should NOT stay. It WILL be too tail heavy. We on proved that sir. Some folks used the "4000mah 3s" on up to 5000mah 4s. And change the ESC to a 60 amp with a switchable 3 or 4s. Or a separate UBEC.

Fernando Castro: Pete. the gyro bs2x 2 axis comes with the instructions, thanks.

martin rc: very nice plane my setup motor 3548 790kv prop apc 4 blades 10x6, 4s nano-tech 5000a(30min-40min run time) esc projet 60a

ram48heyburn: hehe i noticed that also, mine fly's just fine with motor angled, i took control rod tubes clear out of it,and installed new tubes and #2-56 thread gold-n-rods with golden clevis on each end works great, i also put in a 50 amp esc with 4amp built in bec due the fact that the stock esc really isn't enough for 6 17g guy crashed his SSS when the small control rod for elevator came loos from the servo horn.

timw1959: My Hawk Sky is on it's last leg as I used it to learn so it has taken a beating,tops of trees,clipping a branch,nose down landings and

timw1959: I have ordered the RTF Super Sky Surfer and am waiting now for UPS to get moving.Does the plane do rolls,Loops,inverted,ect.??And what should I buy as extra equipment like the prop,battery,ect.?

thejackmanone: i would also like to put in a naza or wookong-m with gps

thejackmanone: pete i just ordered this plan in the arf platform from you guys and would like to bind it to the controller (the one with the color touch screen) that i got with the matrix from you guys. do you sell recievers with or without the satilights for this controller. i am planning on using the gopro3 with fatshark attitude w/headtracker on her. i would like to see long rang flights in the future as well so what do you suggest for the biggest battery that will work with this configuration? thanks

Valkyry5: Dracuss2000, do you have any video? If you do can you go to under Super Sky Surfer and share what you have done? We would LOVE to have you... we need you buddy!

Jeremy Parsons: hope you learned how to use the flaps. it really help to land

Francisco Carabaza: Good Video, Pete. Thank you!

freakingedd: great video!

Colin Velt: that plane is more than 4x the size of my plane

hunterkick1: Hey Pete! How do I bind the transmitter to the receiver if I have the new MC6 that came with the super sky surfer. It has a built-in transmitter antenna and I have not seen a bind button on it.

RIDERZcouk: Continued from below Other than that I love this plane, it flies fantastic, the supply to the UK from BH was great BUT ! please don't gloss over what the plane needs, be honest about it instead and you'll get loads more respect from buyers FYI mine runs on a 5000mah 3S right up in the nose, everything is standard and she balances perfectly As one of the first owners/pilots of one of these I'd highly recommend it

KGFlyer55: For fpv

gkseifert: Pete, Locktite attacks many plastics. Can't be sure if that will apply to those horns, but I gave up using Locktite altogether in modelling to avoid any avoidable crashes. Canopy glue (RC-56) is wonderful for holding nuts in place. It sticks very well and also will not run through the threads and glue the barrel to the horn like CA can.

Atom RC: I just recieved my SSS and have noticed one huge problem that many on RCGroups have noticed. The Spar tubes in the wings were not pushed all the way into the wing before gluing, both wing tubes were sticking out 1/4" preventing the wings from going together smoothly. The average builder would not want to take the time to correct this to get it to fly. Other than that it is going together great! Changing the prop and an ESC that can handle 4s!

Cled Williams: I am going to be ordering this plane today for you , But I am going to order it in kit form becuase I understand its a bit underpowered , the servos jam in one direction . I really would like to buy a RTF kit and would pay for an upgraded kit with a 60a ESC and 4s 4000mah and metal gear servos and a higher power motor . Since I am new to Electric Flight I would like to buy my plane and gear from one source . This is going to be for my FPV platform . Thanks pete for posting .

geneticallyinferior1: LOVE these long videos!

Trevor Heath: do you have a build video for the Easy Trainer 1280? I can't seem to find one here.

Dragoslav Miljević: Ummm, last? Haha ^^

RIDERZcouk: @ thejackmanone Ardupilot Mega 2.5 (APM 2.5) or RVOSD with waypoints unlocked (if your outside of the USA/Canada

victor reyezs: |,,|

SuperAirsoft09: will you guys be selling banana hobby posters?

joey alviz: hey pete, im just planning to buy my first plane, i check all the range of gliders that is available in my area (UAE) which i found to be FMS easy trainer 1280, can you do a review on this glider or kindly send me a copy of the manual coz i cannot find in the net (lazy searching) email

9westwood9: the sss on the wall motor is straight LOL

jwems: Vibration and fuel would destroy the foam engine mount area, too hard to mod it for fuel tank and still maintain a solid COG as fuel is expended.

timw1959: Should the flaps be used for take off?

Vrael1022: £86... not bad... about £100 by the end of it but still very nice. I'd like to see an episode where you fix broken EPO Foam... ie. A wing...?

Roger Tyson: Ok you want to hear it here it goes, all i want is a helicopter that works I have a double horse 9100 9104 and 9116, and after a few hard landings and by that i mean small bounce no real damage, the control boards go nuts and you get no tail rotor control. It happened to all three. Seems to me the gyros are to fragile. I want new ones, I want to fly not wait a month to finally get parts that might not work. Thank you

KGFlyer55: Hey Pete, another great build video, luv em. Just a couple of things, could you do close ups on the smaller items you work on. Second could you show some close up shots of the Super Sky Surfer's interior for those of us considering it for

thejackmanone: opps i relized that the wookong is for multi rotors any thing out there like it for this style aircraft i like the OSD, waypoint auto pilot, stability, as well as the return to home feature. yes i am getting the s800 in the near future.

Soldier53flyer: I love this airplane but 4 more screws will not kill them! but it is not a deal killer for me I will go out and buy 4 more screws!? :-( it looks like a great FPV plane!
Super Sky Surfer BlitzRCWorks | Build Review | Sailplane & Glider 4.7 out of 5

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Super Sky Surfer BlitzRCWorks | Build Review | Sailplane & Glider