Condor Bushcraft Parang - New 2013 Model

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coolsly64: Apon more use of my bushcraft parang it is quite tip heavy and can be abit cumbersome and unwieldy for long cutting tasks think of it like a heavy hatchet but I do recommend the condor duku parang I own the large one with the 15.5 inch blade it feels light in the hand and can be used all day and not make you tired I mainly use my bushcraft parang for battoning and some light heavy duty chopping tasks and try to let the blades weight do the brunt of the work

TexMex: not going to lie man your form is incorect. Now Im not hatin cuz i don't have much experience either. but seeing these parangs in action, by those who originally made them is truly inspiring.

Northern BushCrafting: the grind on the condor is tapered too thin I even bent my edge on my first outing but I took a file and convexed the edge a little and omg what a diffrence. Personally I wouldn't recommend any Gerber products ever I've seen that parang break.

Sem Dijkstra: you have truely no idea what you are talking about, the condor is so much better at everything

coolsly64: ya if youtake the condor bushcraft parang and the v the edge alittle and get it nice and sharp you won't believe the difference it doesn't come very sharp from the factory because they put machete edges on there knives alot of times to keep costs down

ogarzabello: Where can I buy the last parang in the video, the one from Borneo?

Barry Jordan: Once we were riding 4-wheelers, and a 12 inch tree had fallen, blocking the trail. We could have either turned back and went another way, or try and chop it in half with (all i had taken with me that day), my BG parang. We did not know how it would do on such a big job, but In about 3 or 4 mintutes, it was in half, and moveable. Everyone there was suprised, including me.
Having said that, there's a lot to be said about chopping wood, including if the wood is loose, or solid, which affects how well anything will chop. This tree was solid (wasn't moving around, or flexing) and the BG parang did fine. If it had been a limb that would "give"under chopping, it would not have done as well. Then there are other ways, like chopping at a slant, to counter act the "give". Chopping properly makes all the difference in the world.
Yes, if i would had my axe with me, I would have used that, and never knew what the BG parang was capable of. We just use it mostly for clearing low hanging limbs on the trail. I'm happy with mine, but then again, I do not try and kill it every time I use it.

TheZeno4444: Maybe Condor listened to your analysis and designed the Eco-Parang. On my scale my Eco-Parang shows a weight of 15.9 oz. (my Condor Bushcraft Parang weighs 1.63 lbs.). I measure the blade to be 11.5 inches (9.5 inches sharpened), and a thickness of approx. 3mm.

sweetcostarica: yp erit said: "Měl by jste víc pracovat rukama a také hlavou. Takto se přece s mačetou neseká. 
Pozdrav z České republiky. Ať se daří."
In English is: *"You should work more hands and head. This way you do with a machete mowing. 
Greetings from Czech Republic. All the best."*

sweetcostarica anwsers yp erit: Díky za komentář. Mají velký den.
Which is in English: Thanks for the comment. Have a great day.

yp erit: Měl by jste víc pracovat rukama a také hlavou. Takto se přece s mačetou neseká. 
Pozdrav z České republiky. Ať se daří.

skovbo65: before you trust the Gerber parang to mutch you shoud se this Bear Grylls Parang Test and Awesome Fail !!

Ah Na: Hi,
To be honest you need to improve your technique using those things,
you will will be more impress once you know or master it..
regards from Malaysia

Mihai Milan: I think with Condor it's more about quality control ( as it is with the Bear Grylls Parang as we know). I have the Condor Bushlore (came razor sharp with no need to reprofile) and the Bushcraft Parang (came hair splitting sharp, sharper than the knife). I've handled a friend's Bear Grylls Parang and found it to be very poorly made (for a parang not a regular machete). Maybe it's also up to each person's personal experience as well. Out of all my knives the Bushlore and the Parang are my main blades when going out for longer trips. They're strong, durable (not made of mystery steel like the bear grylls parang) and cheap so it's not heartbreaking if I lose them or if something happens (but I really doubt anything will). Weight is an issue though because I usually hike about 20 miles, but I like the motto: If its too heavy, get stronger.

Dan Morera: Hey I was looking to your channel name, do you happen to be located at Costa Rica?   Where did you find those machetes here?

Rawdog550: Those Condors need to be sharpened a bit befor using them and then they are GREAT

James Hart: I'm glad you said the BG Parang is only for light to medium use. The blad is thin, but way to hard, not enough flex for a good "Machete" As for getting the blade profile fixed. I have a guy who does that for me, for less then ten dollars a blade. I have three Condor knives and I've had them all reprofiled to a flat grind, much easier to keep sharp. I even had my BG Parang, yes I have one, reprofiled giving it a much more durable edge. But the BG Parang, I wont use on anything bigger around then say 3 inches. The Confor on the other hand is built to chop your way through a jungle. But in the end, use the right tool for the job. A small folding saw or small axe is much better on larger pieces of wood.

TOYOTER0: Great review and comparison... the music is a bit loud to hear you @3:15.

sweetcostarica: To skjoyner,
That's fine I love to hang Excalibur-ish swords on the basement walls of my home in Ohio. But now I am in Alaska and I only endorse gear that works for camping, hiking, and survival. The Condor failed my tests and my needs because it's has a badly wide edge grind and it's just too heavy IMO.

sweetcostarica: They used to say that about Japanese knives. Now Japan makes some of the best mass produced knives in the world. Today, with technology & the International Community no longer can we say: "I buy only American" or "El Salvadore (or Malaysia) produces excellent Parangs.". American flags & Levis are made in China. VWs are made in the USA & Mexico. Japanese cars are made in Ohio. And on and on. In fact China & Taiwan are now making some great knives. We should now look at quality & not nationality.

sweetcostarica: The grind on the edge may be off (a possible lemon). The is what Joe Flowers thought & said he would send me another but has not yet. The interesting part is that Cliff Stamp had similar problems with his heavier Village Parang. In any case the grind is too wide on mine. Today I used the Cold Steel Jungle Machete (23.40 oz) and it's thinner grind just ate up wood. I was surprised at it's power. So I do believe that if you have a thinner edge than my Condor Bushcraft Parang it would work well.
Condor Bushcraft Parang - New 2013 Model 5 out of 5

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Condor Bushcraft Parang - New 2013 Model