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Jacob Russell: More streamlined - yes Better?? - No Different - Yes I think it's foolish to compare the two. They serve different purposes. I prefer TOI's epic scale, depth, freedom, and fantastic on-line scenario editor. It doesn't use cards at all compared to Mem 44, just as little boosters in the background for artillery, paratroopers, or special abilities (engineers for mines or tank traps etc..) , in any case they are different games entirely.
Coleman Adamson: These guys are trying REALLY HARD to make this car look bad by making the most stupid decisions possible.
Jasmine Tipene: Marcel!!!
BlackAirRevolution: Die Karre fährt nicht lange, wenn ich schon das 94 auf dem Kennzeichen sehe
MaxPlaysFIFA: lads, plz drop a like if you enjoy the vid
Jose Cruz-Rojas: Ah, CES, one of my favorite times of year. There's always someone coming out with something that simply wows you whether or not it'll actually see the light of day. Fortunately, this one will. Lenovo shows once again why the Think line is the line to beat for a professional powerhouse. I'm sure the graphics aren't workstation class(thought I wouldn't be shocked to find out they weren't), it's still the kind of tank I could throw down with for several years in so many different computing situations it makes my head spin. And they kept the pointer! (*Fun fact: for a short while there back in the early oughts, when I was blogging my heart out every single day I thought my dream job might be some kind of professional nerd and/or tech blogger. I still love just watching this stuff.*)
tmcaree: Wow, buy a tripod or some new arms!

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