Review, Ruger Blackhawk Elite / Umarex Surge .177 Cal Air Rifles

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Saradiel Payne: RUGER BLACK HAWK .177 or Hatsan 1000S .177 which is better ???

derick4402629: Excellent review! I just picked one up and can't wait to try it out. Thanks for the great advice.

Omar Corral: I have no clue what is wrong with mine, or what I did to make it malfunction. but every time I try to shoot it, I hear the piston or whatever mechanism it is do it's thing, then I hear air escape out of somewhere. absolutely zero air comes out of the barrel. any info on what might be the problem will be much appreciated. I noticed the seal that you spoke of is level with the breech and not protruding out at all. any help would be awesome. i am starting to think it's just a big piece of junk I wasted my money on, and it belongs in the trash. much thanks

htjw44: Great review, informative. Thank you!

Fine Design: What I want to know is what is the most accurate pellet in this gun from someone who tested many types of pellets. I don't care about the velocity of the pellets.

Terence Smith: Picked one up for 45 bucks, totally erratic even after tightenig allen screws, box of beeman with a 22 in the tin.Should perform better built well , but the trigger is dicey, will have to have a look.

John Scott: Great vid. The Blackhawk Elite does take some tweaking to get it shooting good. It shoots like crap out of the box. Once you work the bugs out of it, it is actually a very impressive shooter. I to also ended up replacing the breech seal and using locktite on all the screws. Once I saw the potential of the rifle I upgraded to better high profile scope mounts and a better scope. If you pick one up and are just a little handy this rifle is a diamond in the rough. Mine likes pellets on the heavier end at 9.8 Grains and I suspect that others Elites will also like a heavy pellet. I consider this rifle to be a great buy at $ 100.00 I have had mine 2 years with no problems and we will see how it does over the long haul.

choochoo3985: Thanks. Used mine yesterday for the first time. You answered all my questions. Ted

splatteredmoon: One of the best reviews I've seen, just bought one tonight looking for a scope another one I have and saw it on the self and had to buy it. I guess I'll buy alloys from now on.

Bryan Morgan: I love this rifle thanks sir for the video on it

ivan hita: This is the only decent review for this gun ! Hats off my friend!

poposisa: Sir, I bought this and my brother fired it without cleaning the barrel, also it was a very loud blast with destroyer pellets .177. Is that normal? maybe it was the wall? Because he shot at the wall... not even 20 feet away.

John Franklin: enjoyed your reviews on all pellet guns. like the older guys more information less fancy talk. Keep up the good work.

John Franklin: my ruger black Hawk elite screws kept coming lose no matter how much thread tight I used. So I went with larger screw. HAVE NOT CAME LOSE YET OVER A 1000 PELLETS FIRED. got a new scope good luck replace the screws.

Ricardo Quezada: Nice video..!! I notice mines has blue thread locker on the out side screws and it didn't have yellow lable in the seal, the whole gun was in plastic bag sealed.. I don't want to chance it yet by taking bolts out.. The box manufacturing date is 2015 so I'm hoping they fixed all the issues.. Either way I have blue thread locker just in case and I'm still in the process of breaking it in.. So far it like gamo red fire.. And I'll be trying cross man premier soon.. Any suggestions??

Bryan Love: Very nice video! I just bought the Elite from Wallmart. What would be your opinion on the cleaning kit?

Bruce: What gun should i get? For 100$ a gun pellet rifle that i can kill birds/dove/squirrels?

Drewford302: Thx so much for replying! I have 1 more question and I promise I am done. Which is better as for accuracy?

Drewford302: Why do you say this is better than the big cat 1250?

Drewford302: Great video! Should I get this rifle or the gamo big cat? Plz help!
Review, Ruger Blackhawk Elite / Umarex Surge .177 Cal Air Rifles 5 out of 5

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Review, Ruger Blackhawk Elite / Umarex Surge .177 Cal Air Rifles