Review, Ruger Blackhawk Elite / Umarex Surge .177 Cal Air Rifles

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hey you: flipup scope covers
size 13 or 15 ????

Bryan Morgan: I love this rifle thanks sir for the video on it

ivan hita: This is the only decent review for this gun ! Hats off my friend!

poposisa: Sir, I bought this and my brother fired it without cleaning the barrel, also it was a very loud blast with destroyer pellets .177. Is that normal? maybe it was the wall? Because he shot at the wall... not even 20 feet away.

John Franklin: enjoyed your reviews on all pellet guns. like the older guys more information less fancy talk. Keep up the good work.

John Franklin: my ruger black Hawk elite screws kept coming lose no matter how much thread tight I used. So I went with larger screw. HAVE NOT CAME LOSE YET OVER A 1000 PELLETS FIRED. got a new scope good luck replace the screws.

Ricardo Quezada: Nice video..!! I notice mines has blue thread locker on the out side screws and it didn't have yellow lable in the seal, the whole gun was in plastic bag sealed.. I don't want to chance it yet by taking bolts out.. The box manufacturing date is 2015 so I'm hoping they fixed all the issues.. Either way I have blue thread locker just in case and I'm still in the process of breaking it in.. So far it like gamo red fire.. And I'll be trying cross man premier soon.. Any suggestions??

Bryan Love: Very nice video! I just bought the Elite from Wallmart. What would be your opinion on the cleaning kit?

Bruce TheGamer: What gun should i get? For 100$ a gun pellet rifle that i can kill birds/dove/squirrels?

Drew Neighbors: Thx so much for replying! I have 1 more question and I promise I am done. Which is better as for accuracy?

Drew Neighbors: Why do you say this is better than the big cat 1250?

Drew Neighbors: Great video! Should I get this rifle or the gamo big cat? Plz help!

Stephen Hickman: absolutely a great video, informative, too the point, no dead air time. i have this same air rifle and experienced similar symptoms, going to perform your tune up tips, thank you!

Garrett: Good review, in terms of tech info, but some of the opinions and commentary are grossly exaggerated for effect. Locktite on the screws takes 15 minutes, max. No need to clean the bore. No need for a new breach seal (10 fps improvement is minuscule). You'll shoot 200+ pellets the first day you get it and the rifle will settle down to a good-looking, powerful and accurate unit for under $100. What more could you ask for at that price point?

Bill Baehr: The scope that came with mine would not hold zero. I bought a UTG 4x32 TS Full Size Mil-dot Scope with Airgun/.22 Rings, and that rifle scope combo worked great. I got the rifle refurbished from Cabelas for $59.00. Lot's of fun and good shooting..

Wirednutt 69: Very helpful and informative.
Thanks for the vid.

Jason Thompson: I have a question for you? The pin that holds the handle to the barrel and the piston fell out of my rifle and I have no clue how to get it back in there do you have any suggestions?

Gary Garcia: Just bought this unarex surge for $55 at plus free shipping...

Michael Sweeney: Currently (May 2015) Walmart is clearancing the out at $57.00 and change, online. I bought one.

Newtire: I finally am able to leave a comment using Google. Was using IE with no problems. Google has caused me much grief. Have not much good to say about it. They won't answer questions so what can I say.
Review, Ruger Blackhawk Elite / Umarex Surge .177 Cal Air Rifles 5 out of 5

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Review, Ruger Blackhawk Elite / Umarex Surge .177 Cal Air Rifles