Review, Ruger Blackhawk Elite / Umarex Surge .177 Cal Air Rifles

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Get the Best from Your Ruger Air Hawk
Get the Best from Your Ruger Air Hawk
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MaxPack Modded SMP w/ Kricken! 005: PETS!

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Matt L. (Wirednutt69): Very helpful and informative.
Thanks for the vid.

Jason Thompson: I have a question for you? The pin that holds the handle to the barrel and the piston fell out of my rifle and I have no clue how to get it back in there do you have any suggestions?

Gary Garcia: Just bought this unarex surge for $55 at plus free shipping...

Michael Sweeney: Currently (May 2015) Walmart is clearancing the out at $57.00 and change, online. I bought one.

Newtire: I finally am able to leave a comment using Google. Was using IE with no problems. Google has caused me much grief. Have not much good to say about it. They won't answer questions so what can I say.

Adan M: Great review!  I just bought the rifle myself via a decent discount for $73 and assumed, correctly, that it had some issues.  Hence, my looksy into utube.  Since I've bought the thing I was thinking I can partially back out the bolts with issues and drop a few drops of cyanoacrylate/super glue as a thread locker, replace the breach gasket and call it "repaired" from the factory short cuts?  Again thanks for this very extensive review. 

emiliano echeverria: hi im in  the market to buy my first air rifle, looking to hunt rabbits, squirrels small game. oh and target shooting. what is the best rifle you can recommend under 200 dlls? i would like power and accuracy a .22 i guess.

MrDAHHK717: only reason i subscribed, you are an amazing person and make amazing vids!!!

Zae Rodriguez: I use H&N Sport BARACUDA POWER, 10.65gr copper coated pellets (power and distance is what i go for)
i would like to make 600ft shots (200yds) 
1: can the pellets go that far and remain accurate enough
2: can it maintain at least a 3in grouping and that distance?
3: using the stock scope it came with, is there a trick to using no mil dots?
4:using the 9.6r as a example, if the 9.6gr reads 888fps on the chrono will it actually travel that far and accurately? but in this case can we use the 10.65gr. maybe a video will help.

Gerardo Barberi: Which is better between the hatsan strike edge vs Ruger Blackhawk Elite?? Some one telling me please

ImTechFreak: Can someone tell me how to disassemble this rifle so that I can tighten the screws please, I really need some instructions. 

RALEIGH WOOD: I cant cover my pattern with a silver dollar  a 23ft.   very discouraging

jky242: Just picked one these rifles up today and grabbed a tin of crosman lead pointed pellets. Surprised how loud a report the first two shots made, not sure why but the rest sounded normal. Anyway I see from your review I have some work to do. Great review, very much appreciated sir.

Bob Mullins: why did you reconmend this to me if it was that much of a pain to settle down. i dont mind paying up to 200 for one. is this the best one that walmart has? i also have a gander mountian aboult two miles from me. i just want to make sure i get a good one that i dont have to take back to the store. 

Aaron Stuter: I hope you can help me out, I cannot get this rifle to shoot a group under 2 inches. I'm using 7.9 gr crosman hollowpoints, I've cleaned the barrel religiously, checked all bolts, put Teflon tape under the breach seal, and I'm using a tasco 9 x 32 scope. 

Harley Rowland: I have a problem with the stalk it was broken as soon as I got it out off the box I only had it 1 day and I have to buy a new one

ogbobbye: Just got this Ruger Blackhawk and I'm happy he's right on the scope coming loose after getting the it near zeroed in mine came loose and I had to tighten it back up. The scope isn't all the bad I was shooting dimes at dead center in only about 25 shots. I have not had the problem with bolts coming loose (except the scope) that he talked about but I plan to use lock tight anyway as he suggested. Over all for 99 dollars it's a great air rifle. My 1st shot at a squirrel was dead on between the eyes at just under 20 yards and an instance kill..... by the way Great review

Enrique Pabalate: My problem with the Umerex Surge and the Ruger Talon which is basically similar is that the stock screw at the trigger area comes loose.  I've applied some blue Loctite on it and it still loosens up after about 25 to 50 shots.  Other than that it shoots pretty well for the price.

carlos Hernandez: Is this also a gun you would use for rabbit hunting 

mk phelps: do you consider this gun to be a good gun for squirrel hunting? What do you know about the Gamo rocket air rifle?
Review, Ruger Blackhawk Elite / Umarex Surge .177 Cal Air Rifles 5 out of 5

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Review, Ruger Blackhawk Elite / Umarex Surge .177 Cal Air Rifles