Gunsmithing: Winchester Model 100 Disassembly .308 (Gunworks)

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jzeblang: Thank you sir for your video and your service to our country. Getting ready to break down my model 100 .243 and give it a good cleanin.

407ForRent: If you cut one of these down to a 16-18 barrel would you need to enlarge the gas port?

407ForRent: I think they had a recall on this rifle due to the firing pin

Joe Stackhouse: Great Video,very precise and to the point. You save a lot of headaches.
Keep the video's coming as I'm saving them all.

No2TheNWO: I really need help finding a Operating Slide Guide Assembly for my pappys Winchester model 100. Can anyone help me PLEASE?

Kyle Norman: Excellent video. Simplifies a somewhat complicated procedure. Good job! 

SINESTERSERPENTSIXXX: does anyone make a 20rd magzine for this rifle?

drralph100: I just bought one of these and was going to take it apart to clean it and now I am scared.... it looks incredibly complicated.

Wesley Manis: I have a Model 100, the Bolt shut and will not pull back. Any suggestions?

Mark Rosendahl: Jim, I use to hunt in North Wilkesboro when I was a kid. I have a 308 that has not been fired in a while. In loading the gun it seems that the firing pin is not setting. What should I do?

B.L.N.: Jim, God bless technology. Your vidio really helped me out getting my .308 ready for Elk Hunting Season here in Colorado. (i'm actually lending it to a friend, i'm using my 7mm.) I broke off the tip of my cleaning rod in the barrel and have never taken the gun apart. Ironically, I will be deer hunting in Northern Maine this year for the white tail season with a friend from Berlington VT. Thanks for the great video! BLN, Fort Collins CO

BullittMcQueen1: I understand the Winchester model 100 is supposed to have a lighter recoil because of the gas operation. Is that correct? About how much is recoil reduced compared to say a bolt-action rifle? Like 25% reduction or more?

BullittMcQueen1: When you started to speak and said you were in Maine, I was thinking, this guy is not native to Maine. :) Thanks for the video.

J Mann: If I haven't said it already, thank you for posting this. I acquired one about a year ago and this video was crucial to my disassembly without doing damage.

Braulio Rubio: hi, thanks for this video, it was very helpful, you rock !

cashotpb: subed! Quality information here, keep it up!

Glenny Glenn: Cool Jim. I have one of these rifles and it's my go to gun every hunting season. Thanks for the tutorial as I've been wanting to give it a good cleaning. Should it go back togrther dry??

Nathan Norris: he need to show me have to clean my winchester 52 57 69

Tom Ellis: i have a problem being that the bolt on my rifle is locked forward and will not move. how will i go about unjamming and dissassembling it???

Ralph Larson: Great Video. I just inherited my Grandfathers .308, and had never been taught to break it down. Thanks a lot!
Gunsmithing: Winchester Model 100 Disassembly .308 (Gunworks) 5 out of 5

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Gunsmithing: Winchester Model 100 Disassembly .308 (Gunworks)