Gunsmithing: Winchester Model 100 Disassembly .308 (Gunworks)

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oldMan Slickville: As usual, great educational video. When you removed the bolt, is it now possible to clean the bore from the chamber end?


HeavyArmorDivision: Love your videos, Jim. VERY Helpful!!

Air Strike Technologies: Thank you brother. You made my 100 restoration a breeze. Semper FI!

39Thorns: "...and for re-assembly, please visit our shop in Maine"I own one of these (and I'm a Desert Storm Jarhead vet too). Thanks for the vid, and Semper Fi.

John Cashell: Have any of you found a video on the trigger? I found it written many times that the early 100's had a trigger lock the needs to be removed. The even said gunsmiths were told to take out these parts if a rifle came in for work. Don't remember if it was 2 or three years of production before Winchester decided they cause more problems and didn't put them in the post 63 or 64 triggers.Problem is on the diagrams I see a trigger lock and hammer lock, I assume its the trigger lock but you know where assuming gets you. Then there's the question of how many pieces of the trigger lock need to be removed. Just the little cam (A16-trigger lock) that actually blocks the trigger or the entire group (A20-trigger lock lever and group) that move the cam. I say cam but it's like a washer with cutouts to fit the end of the trigger bar on on side and the trigger lock lever on the other.Any help would be appreciated, while not the most complex trigger group I still don't like to take them apart without a video to follow. For some reason written instructions seem to give me more questions than answers, however, in this case I'd be happy to find that. As I've been searching on and of for about a week and would really like to get this project finished. Just can't see doing so much work (I don't think mine was disassembled for cleaning since 1961, after 4 days of soaking and cleaning my gas "tube" is finally back to metal. I've never seen carbon buildup so thick and set in.Thanks

Gregory Williams: How did you end up in Maine, Mr. Jim? Come back to North Carolina! I found your video quite informative as I recently replaced the recalled firing pin in my Model 100. Unfortunately, now I have the classic slam-fire issue that has just cropped up. Do you have any suggestions? I've considered buying an entire trigger assembly from Nu Line Guns out of MO and just replacing. The trigger on mine is the worst I've ever pulled...but guess what? When it is functioning- it is highly accurate even with a poor scope. Good luck up there and thanks for your video!

John Cashell: Thanks for the help, 5 1/2 years after you posted and it's still helping. Makes me wish I wasn't on the other end of the east coast and I could bring my work to you.I just got a first year 100 and it the inside looks like Winchester was the last to clean it. Didn't know how bad it was, but glad I checked before testing it for function. I'll search your vids for ways to make it as accurate as possible. Surprised the barrel bolts to the front sling point, guess that could cause some issues. Still, I love the classics

Cpfirewood: Great video! But what if my bolt is stuck forward? I can not budge it!?

jzeblang: Thank you sir for your video and your service to our country. Getting ready to break down my model 100 .243 and give it a good cleanin.

407ForRent: If you cut one of these down to a 16-18 barrel would you need to enlarge the gas port?

407ForRent: I think they had a recall on this rifle due to the firing pin

Joe Stackhouse: Great Video,very precise and to the point. You save a lot of headaches.
Keep the video's coming as I'm saving them all.

No2TheNWO: I really need help finding a Operating Slide Guide Assembly for my pappys Winchester model 100. Can anyone help me PLEASE?

Kyle Norman: Excellent video. Simplifies a somewhat complicated procedure. Good job! 

SINESTERSERPENTSIXXX: does anyone make a 20rd magzine for this rifle?

drralph100: I just bought one of these and was going to take it apart to clean it and now I am scared.... it looks incredibly complicated.

Wesley Manis: I have a Model 100, the Bolt shut and will not pull back. Any suggestions?

Mark Rosendahl: Jim, I use to hunt in North Wilkesboro when I was a kid. I have a 308 that has not been fired in a while. In loading the gun it seems that the firing pin is not setting. What should I do?

B.L.N.: Jim, God bless technology. Your vidio really helped me out getting my .308 ready for Elk Hunting Season here in Colorado. (i'm actually lending it to a friend, i'm using my 7mm.) I broke off the tip of my cleaning rod in the barrel and have never taken the gun apart. Ironically, I will be deer hunting in Northern Maine this year for the white tail season with a friend from Berlington VT. Thanks for the great video! BLN, Fort Collins CO

BullittMcQueen1: I understand the Winchester model 100 is supposed to have a lighter recoil because of the gas operation. Is that correct? About how much is recoil reduced compared to say a bolt-action rifle? Like 25% reduction or more?
Gunsmithing: Winchester Model 100 Disassembly .308 (Gunworks) 5 out of 5

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Gunsmithing: Winchester Model 100 Disassembly .308 (Gunworks)