Gunsmithing: Winchester Model 100 Disassembly .308 (Gunworks)

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Joe Stackhouse: Great Video,very precise and to the point. You save a lot of headaches. Keep the video's coming as I'm saving them all.

Kyle Norman: Excellent video. Simplifies a somewhat complicated procedure. Good job! 

No2TheNWO: I really need help finding a Operating Slide Guide Assembly for my pappys Winchester model 100. Can anyone help me PLEASE?

SINESTERSERPENTSIXXX: does anyone make a 20rd magzine for this rifle?

Wesley Manis: I have a Model 100, the Bolt shut and will not pull back. Any suggestions?

drralph100: I just bought one of these and was going to take it apart to clean it and now I am scared.... it looks incredibly complicated.

safeinsuburbia: @safeinsuburbia Ejection problem only with the aluminum snap caps. Live rounds eject well manually. Now if I could only figure out how to keep it from jamming so much when firing. Hopefully, a good cleaning will do it, but I don't have my hopes up. Great video. Thanks.

Mike Liberty: I just got a SEMI 308 and there is no way i will even venture to attempt to take it apart , this is way to complicated . This guy is a dam genius.

Ltlodd: Thanks for the video, very helpful!

muleequestrian: @safeinsuburbia This seems normal on some semi auto rifles. The transition from the magazine to the chamber can be rough !

Drew Peacock: Thanks bud, this video really helped me out!!!

Revolutionsmyname318: My problem is with the trigger group, i drifted out the pin holding the hammer, not sure if I was suppose to do that, the trigger seems to be locked back and wont budge.

muleequestrian: @safeinsuburbia What type of jam are you having ? Failure to feed from the magazine, failure to extract when the gun is fired ?

muleequestrian: @safeinsuburbia Dented soft lead tips are normal for most semi auto rifles. Since we're talking about minute of deer accuracy not minute of angle, it shouldn't be a problem. The feed problem sounds like a faulty magazine. These things are stamped from sheet metal after all. I've seen a lot of the difficulties you mention be resloved by replacing the mag with a new one.

arridedry: I have a model 100 in 308, its a 61 model, low low serial number, thinking about deer hunting with it next year, but i have to get another firing pin for it, its not broken but theres a recall on the firing pins, they might break and extrude out and might cause the gun to slam fire. it also doesnt extract the brass, probably the extractor spring is just tired as heck being so old. Does anyone know where i can find parts for this gun, thanks alot. great video!!!

lmberish: Great video!! A+++ all the way. Did that rifle have the updated firing pin? Couldn't tell in the pics. I just bought one that was made in 1961 and it is all original with the original firing pin which I will replace very soon. Thanks for sharing your video on dissassembly of this rifle.

Mark Rosendahl: Jim, I use to hunt in North Wilkesboro when I was a kid. I have a 308 that has not been fired in a while. In loading the gun it seems that the firing pin is not setting. What should I do?

MrDemon9392: Really? Cause i have one chambered for .308 and have never had this happen.

joe549549: It will also stay open if you put a mag loaded with 5 rounds in and pull back on the bolt, won't do it with 4 rounds though.

MrDemon9392: good video, now i can disassemble and properly clean mine. Needs it bad.

importsstillsuck: @thereisn0sp0on my little fun gun is a walther P22, it jams if you use subsonic ammo and jams less often when you use the cheap rounds, but works fine as long as you use CCI mini mags or stingers. But anyways I guess I'll leave my M100 alone and save for a scope for my 7mm mag, and save for an M1A...gonna be hard though I hear gas prices are going to $4-$5 a gallon in 6 months.

safeinsuburbia: @muleequestrian The problem is when I fire the rifle. It will feed and eject the first round just fine, but jam when the bolt attempts to push the next round into the chamber from the magazine. As far as I know, it has never been cleaned properly. I think I'll give it a thorough cleaning and try again. But, it seems like wishful thinking. Thanks

muleequestrian: @arizonaafield Not to try to drum up more business, but I suggest you ship the gun to the shop. I get a few in that have that same problem. I don't teach gunsmithing online because of liability issues.

corndog417: great video sir, wish i would have watched it before i attempted to take this rifle down.

safeinsuburbia: @muleequestrian When I load the 4 round magazine, and slide the bolt back, there is no problem with feeding or ejection of all 4 rounds. But, when doing this, the soft point bullets get dents in the sides of the soft points. I wonder if this is normal. Seems strange that a rifle should do that to bullets. I figure it will degrade performance/accuracy of the bullet. Continued.....

downeastgunworks: I've seen a few of these guns have the letter stamped on the trigger guard as well.

GunslingerRob: Excellent video!! I admit I was a bit intimidated about taking my 100 apart,but this video shows the "how to" of it wonderfully!!I'll check out your website,Mr. Green!!

BullittMcQueen1: I understand the Winchester model 100 is supposed to have a lighter recoil because of the gas operation. Is that correct? About how much is recoil reduced compared to say a bolt-action rifle? Like 25% reduction or more?

paransan: NOTE: the uncorrected rifle has no letter at all. If there is a letter, it has been corrected.

Tom Ellis: i have a problem being that the bolt on my rifle is locked forward and will not move. how will i go about unjamming and dissassembling it???

safeinsuburbia: I took mine apart and did the firing pin recall. When I removed the barrel from the stock, the trigger assembly fell off from under the rifle. It wasn't connected like in your video. When I finally got it back together, it won't eject and misfeeds. Any easy fixes? Or, should I send it to you to fix (if you do that). It's never been fired by pop, since he bought it second hand about 20 years ago. Now it's my project. Thanks.

CurryInd: Im hunting in my stand at this very moment with the 22" .284, great caliber, ammi hard to find.

kbsdn45: Great video, Jim. Thank-you for it and your service.. :-)

dj0wq: Thanks Jim, I just used your Video to replace my firing pin with the replacement provided by winchester (see Winchester recall). I would suggest you do the same !!! Liked your video! Thanks James

importsstillsuck: how much would it cost to put a .308 barrel on a .284 model 100? is it as simple as a barrel swap or what?

cashotpb: subed! Quality information here, keep it up!

thereisn0sp0on: @importsstillsuck Your .284 sounds like a sweet rifle. I wouldn't sell it either. I also wouldn't mess with it, you will destroy it's value by rebarreling it and it would probably be cheaper to just buy another gun. Figure at the very least you will need a new barrel and a new magazine. The .308 magazines run $50 and a .308 barrel is $350 from Nu-Line, let alone the cost to have it installed and headspaced. For $400 you could buy a .308 outright.

4stRS: mines a .308 and it does lock. It might make a difference that mine is post 64' that would be my guess seeing how i have never fired a pre. To tell if yours is pre/post look at the carvings on the stock, If it looks woven like a blanket it is post, If it is carved like checkerboard it is pre. They say the pre 64' was built dangerous (Not my saying, I read it online.) So they corrected it. If this helped anyone out thumbs it so more can see and maybe learn a bit, BTW respect - from Portland 207.

joe549549: In the ones I've handled, take a mag with 5 rounds in it, load it into the gun, pull the bolt back and it stays open until the mag has been released. Three different guns and different mags, they all did it. Put 4 rounds, or less, into the mag and they won't do this. I just recently bought one and I will be willing to bet that when I get it it will do this also. They have all been .308 also.

Tom Winkler: Great video thx. Just bought a model 100 in .284. The bolt hangs up once it's pulled back, not sure if it's the magazine or what. Any tips?

Cb Tint: I wish I could figure out how to get my gun un-jammed... I need to send the 100 in for the firing pin recall. :-(

muleequestrian: @safeinsuburbia This seems normal on some semi auto rifles. The transition from the magazine to the chamber can be rough ! The feed problem sounds like a faulty magazine. After a good cleaning, try a different magazine. These things are stamped from sheet metal and can cause a lot of trouble sometimes. I have seen quite a few problems of this nature solved by a new mag.

importsstillsuck: @thereisn0sp0on yea i thought of that too, just get a .308...but since i already have this, i figured it would be even cheaper just to do a barrel swap, if that's all that's required to turn it into a .308. My .284 isn't for sale, it was handed down to me, the gun show by me offered me $700 for it, I couldn't do it, my dad said go for it, but that's not something I could have done lol. The gun probably has maybe 100 rounds through it, 40 of which were from me last summer shootin beer cans.

mildbull2000: Thanks jim ,awsome vid.I heard years ago they had a recall on model 100 ?

pumpkinheaver: Great video!!! It greatly helped me redirect my grandfathers model 100 and get it back into shooting condition. Thanks

thereisn0sp0on: @importsstillsuck The magazine is different too, maybe some other things. Just trade it for one in .308. The .284 models are rare and worth a significant premium over the .308 and .243 calibers. Anyone who knows their guns will gladly swap you a .308 for a .284. Heck, I'd go out and buy a .308 to swap you for your .284 if i could find one for sale at a decent price. These guns were discontinued in 1973 and aren't that common on gun shop shelves.

leebrewer3: Very helpful Jim! Really appreciate this video...

importsstillsuck: @thereisn0sp0on yea mine had the update kit put in it a couple years ago (40 or so rounds ago, can you tell how often I shoot?) my uncle has a model 100 in .308 he says it works flawlessly, I wonder if the jamming problems were mostly associated with the .284 models. I wonder if anybody could make a custom 20 round magazine for a .308 Model 100. Build a sort of poor man's M1A, that would be neat.

muleequestrian: @safeinsuburbia Yes, you can ship the gun here to GunWorks for repairs. Please call the shop for instructions. I will tell you that parts are VERY hard to find, but I do have a couple of sources.

Jim Turner: Great Video!! Jim How do you remove the stock from a Winchester model 50? THANKS
Gunsmithing: Winchester Model 100 Disassembly .308 (Gunworks) 4.9 out of 5

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Gunsmithing: Winchester Model 100 Disassembly .308 (Gunworks)