Minecraft: How To Farm Carrots And Potatoes

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Angela Williams: Thank you So much for getting right to the point. Instead of adding unnecessary annoying fluff talk.

Emma N: Thanks for the video!

Katsia Paul: Thanks so much now I have a happier farm

Minecraft Ninja: Thanks, i only knew the method with water, until know!:) My pigs are greatfull !

Tomas Nomas: Now i know.thanks,my pigs are probably starving

Σταύρος Δρ. (Like a Boss): tyy

Porky pinex: thanks that helped me out a LOT...i only have one carrot left

Richard AdrianHenderson: This is very helpfull now iwill be farming my 5th crops what is potatos

Microscopic Bubbles: What diffaculty do you have to be on when killing zombies

sticksamurai: Poh Tattoooooh

Perfumicity: Thank you for making a easy to understand, simple, and non-cream filled, informational video!

IgnotoFin: Zombies drop carrots and potatoes sometimes. Every fifth or something, i dont know. Then u can get those from villages.

Kalina is awesome: To actually farm the carrots to you need a carrot to start with? Or is there some kind of seed you can use?

Auditore da Firenze: I still don't understand how to actually plant it out. I assume you have to somehow farm the land to be able to plant it.

lawlestest: nevermind for some reason i couldnt plant them on farmland, but after trying again on a different patch it worked =///

lawlestest: but how do i get carrotseeds?

thrisha gomez: ganda

Brock Obambo: Finally a good video

Ultimate600: The correct way of pronouncing it?

TheMrheartless: Hahaha the way u say potato ......I like it
Minecraft: How To Farm Carrots And Potatoes 5 out of 5

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Han K: and I am in love with you..
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Minecraft: How To Farm Carrots And Potatoes