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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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SileNT nt2743: Why did u upload?
Richard Lugali: sobrevalorada? si............. mala pelicula? para nada
slicklad: This isn't working I'm having a different problem. Micro stutters when redrawing/rendering causes framerate drops in games and scrolling/moving things around its noticeable. Probably the intel-integrated graphics drivers are just bad on linux. Now I have to dual boot windows to play games on there :/
Emiliano Velazquez: mi record es de 3 m
Shawn Klemmer: I'm with Robert;) That would be interesting on salad. Nice one Bill as always !!!!
Spirit Reaper: can someone explain what is means Carrier: Unlocked i'm thinking buying this blackberry phone on ebay and i dont know what is mean carrier unlocked is it good or bad?
sitak murtidja: @lilgodzillr : Thanks brother

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