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Andrew2011ish: два мальчика убежали от жёлтого в город,только табличка осталась XXXDDDDDDD
Трансформеры Прайм Transformers Prime 1 сезон 3.3 out of 5

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Allen Chou: 用化妝棉沾水蠟擦拭,第一次沾多一點水蠟擦沒關係,接下來,上很薄很薄的水蠟,然後開始打蠟,簡單來說,就像當兵把皮鞋擦亮那樣就對!車子的部分,用棉花棒沾水蠟,由側邊輪軸處讓水蠟滲進去,然後用手瘋狂一直轉動輪子。上工吧~~
krumas741: Thx so much for 3k views
sheldonboyz: How tall are you?
atb102798: Here it. The worst car in the history of the world all things considered. 
gilasny: Love your videos ... very informative. Can we use something else instead of wax. I am having trouble find some in my area. Thanks.
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cowzwithgunzii2009: Don't bother with the haters they just hatin because they can't enjoy life as much as you guys did, the video was pretty cool and was interesting with the moves the older kid did. I find this video would be very helpful if you want to have fun in a fake Nerf war gun scene. However I have a few Nerf guns my self and I've modded them to work with batteries because I love air soft a lot. I also play paintball.

Трансформеры Прайм  Transformers Prime 1 сезон