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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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tostoday: I like lightweight but this is ridiculous.
ross hud: Thanks! I took mine apart after the gun and I took a little swim in salt water and your vid made it a lot quicker to put back together. 
大谷邦子: YouTubeでお金もらってますか?
stepan1995parkour: Здраствуйте ! У меня внешний на 120 гб , что сделать чтобы видел планшет его !?? Если не трудно то подробно напишите ! Или же киньте ссылку сайта где написана данная инфа !
Jeremy Kellen: Get to the freaking point you jibber jabbering freaktard
SeniorDiesAlot: your unidentified semen just happened to be finger print... wanna borrow my glasses - lol.... Me thinks you got sex on brain... never mind you're having fun even in all your confused state... carry on - I'm watching.... (he he he he)
Jason Earley: J for gods sake get the heating on, I walk around in my pants.....in the front room, not because its hot i just like walking around in my pants, it does scare the neighbours though!!!!! great vid....i use ties a lot but not as the main connection...o i did one...it was fine.... enjoying....je

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