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2x Dax Cobra 427 - Brutal V8 Sounds!
2x Dax Cobra 427 - Brutal V8 Sounds!
Eddie Hagan takes a look at the Dax Tajeiro - a replica of the AC Cobra
Eddie Hagan takes a look at the Dax Tajeiro - a replica of the AC Cobra
AC Cobra 427 Dax Tojeiro 420bhp
AC Cobra 427 Dax Tojeiro 420bhp
DAX Cobra 427 - Brutal V8 Sounds!
DAX Cobra 427 - Brutal V8 Sounds!

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R. Maj.: OMG.
Most beauty car as i have seen.
Holly crap,so gorgeous.
Thanks for the video!

oaklandpaving: Sweet as a nut,after dax in blue myself,is it for sale?

Frederico Campos: I'm also building a shelby cobra in Brazil, and would like to know what the painting process you used for your shelby. This color eh incredible. Happen to know which ink "color" used?
Frederico Campos

Snkeeyz1: Thats got to be one of the sexiest Cobra's Ive seen!!!

mrdampy1: That Takes me Back! Nice Cobra, By Dax, One of the Best in the Business!

rickchalcraft: thanks that is sexy as hell, do you have a build thread or on any forums, im looking to build a AK rep pretty soon

gkcobra1979: I had the car painted at PF Autos in the U.K - Color is "Rover Tahiti Blue" Thanks

gkcobra1979: Wheels are 18" by image wheels

rickchalcraft: what size are the wheels?

russell marnoch: Hi I am in the process of building a Dax Cobra and would like to know where you had your car painted it looks great. regards

Matt Tuck: Would you consider selling?? please respond asap as I'm in the market to buy one. thank you.

Josh Oliver: 2 roll bars is laaaaaame sauce.

Mario Lima de Freitas: pretty much a nice car to be taken in the garage ...

Blind Freddy: Let's see, without looking, you are from the US right? Did you realise that about 1/3 of the world's population have RHD cars? Probably not. You guys redefined the idea that Earth was the centre of the universe, down to USA WAS the universe and your gridirion tram was the centre of it.

CrazyIrishCarl: right hand drive, WTF

LB427SC: Nice build... :-)

weekendtotaal: realy nice! what is the color code?

saoud ALJABERI: nice car i like it love the color how much a car like that would cost me? i have a 67 mustang fastback i am thinking of selling it any buying an ac cobra
DAX COBRA 427 5 out of 5

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TheMotorman: WTF is this...I mean skewing facts for a movie has a limit..
Zakattack577: Thank you so much for making this
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Gnar Longboarding: Include some skating next time to
John Bravo: This is a good quad I also have this and the dm007 explorer and the udi is much better Flys nice I get about 100 m and good control
Luke o'malley: i have the black and orange one :]
phillip miller: do partial 2 edges then diagonally ... otherwise, looks good.