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BiffBallbag: I love the deadpan humor you slide into all your videos. And I agree, often times in life tighter is better
Tim Schorer: Thanks for this video! This was a lot of fun replacing the cross and motors. I was able to get the connectors off the board by moving them out to the stops, then inserting a fine point tweezer in the gap and this forces the arms out a little. I reinstalled all the motors, the unit went "green" immediately and I hit "take off" , the unit immediately crashed and broke a gear on the was cracked before I'm sure. I'd recommend ordering a gear and propeller kit with the cross just to save time. also, as mentioned above, a fine point tweezer is very helpful positioning these tiny screws. I also did disassembly over a small box, definitely caught some screws headed for the floor. You take excellent care explaining all the steps, but once you start this whole process of replacing the cross just takes 15minutes. The motors take a few minutes each, label everything.
Brian Falco: she's adorable
storcatorfructe: prezinta experienta mea legata de schimbarea regimului alimentar si cat de folositoare sunt storcatoarele de fructe si legume (mai ales necentrifugale) in acest proces.
Gabrielle Howell: Thank you so much for telling the truth.
Otaking Mikohani: You should do an animated atrocity of Sword Art Online episode 1. Since it's a first episode, you don't have to worry about storyline or spoilers, but believe me, it's BAAAAAAAAD. 
TheAGaggie: is because its a NEIGHBORHOOD pet place

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