- [Tutorial] Flash A Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 To Cricket Wireless (DFS CDMA Tool)

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MennyR mennyrast: hello i need some help here i just orderdan sprint version of the galaxy s3 but my country doesnt have that network would a i be able to use wifi on the phone or will the phone not even get on ?

Shaun Potter: Chris, I keep getting SPC_ERROR BAD SPC MODE when trying to write on this Galaxy s3 sprint version. when I try to make a call after completing it will not make phone calls. please help

Jacob Sieler: everytime i try to write its has errors for bad spc mode

William Camp: is there a way to use someone else's data if you do this for them..? Like i have all their stuff and they aren't paying me...

Juan Carlos Peña: Hola, muy video, alguien podria subir los drivers algun server por favor. in 4shared is very easy.

MrWake2278: Can a sprint lg g2 be flashed to cricket. 

MrHandfromEbay: Bring back the rotary dial telephone!! The kind you clobber a person on the side of the face with and feel good about.

Castor Williams: i cant find my meid number on my galaxy s3 and It us out of service

daniel martinez: does the phone have to activated with cricket first

Tevin Lopez: can this be on a macbook ?

PC Tricks: hello i bought s3 stgiht talk from walmart , i'm from egypt and the s3 network don't work in egypt because it's CDMA And networks in egypt works with GSM, So can you help me?

Axel Lopez: Is there a bad side to flashing a phone to cricket ? Like it wont work properly? Its a sprint s4 

Stacy Washington: What is the password to the CDMA? Or do I have to purchase the Flasher in order to flash my Sprint Galaxy 2 to Cricket. PLEASE HELP!!!

Shane Phillips: Hey Jody, you could also just say “thank you” and behave as though you were less entitled. ~Just a thought.

Glycerin: Love the forum. Would it be better to buy a Sprint phone or a Verizon phone? I've been seeing mostly info on flashing with Sprint phones, so I'm just curious.

Chris Rodriguez: It's all about the cost and catering to the largest number of individuals.

Ashley Cisneros: i am new at this i never done it before

Christopher Piedra: Will this also work on a US Cellular S3?

Jaime Ruelas: how do i get 4g to work???( i live in houston)

XxUnReALKiNGzxX: yes it if you flash it to cricket

Jorge rios: Can you use a cricket s3 on tmobile network if I were to unlock the phone?

Mo Sa'id: how do take away no sim card on top ?

Mark Hakim: Will a Verizon s3 work?

Lionel Caple: Please can you do a video of the us cellular s3 flash to cricket if this video works with us cellular please let me know i went to the forum but nothings there about sprints flash being similar to us cellular just dont want to brick my phone thanks in advance

Ed Reed: Can you still flash other Roms if you flash to Cricket, or are you stuck on stock?


RetroRegg: would you be able to access the 4g?

AndroidJtag: I already flashed the s3 to boostmobile ;)

sido431: If I were to buy a s3 sprint would I be able to flash it and use the phone on the $25 month plan?

Dan Konig: Where abouts? Can't find it.

AIOusers: As long as it is not a bad ESN on Cricket, you should be okay.

xmr11rmx: I am getting this too..seems to be an SPC issue and no matter which method I use the number will not show saying it doesnt exist..shows 000000's in DFS and will not read

pacman2426: do you sell the phones you flash? will you if asked?

Kay Vaughns: I want to know how to get the mms an voicemail notifier working on the flashed sprint s3 phone to cricket, plz help , thx..

Kamani Belt: Great tutorial. Been hunting around the web for two days now until I stumbled upon this. Just got the data working on my Note 2 (the same method applies, for those out there who may not know). Thanks.

tnredbone1: hello, i just flashed my samsung s2 from sprint to cricket, but my mms is not working, ive tried the ##3282# and all the prompts but it still doesent work, please help, i really rather not drive back to the store to fix. Thanks :)

parkour chiild: i have the us cellular version of this phone and i want to flash it to cricket and i need help !

Erica Mc: I cant find the DSF CDMA Tool, does anyone know where i can find it to download and what version i need?

Eric Sprual: Would I be able to flash my sprint s3 to cricket without a cricket account ?

babeartist7: Hey do u think eventually the native mms on this will work?

rodrigo carrillo: oye echame la mano para flashear el mio a verizon prepaid me cobran car

Cricket Users Forum: Note 2. The procedure is similar, but I need to get a Note 2 to make a video.

Cricket Users Forum: Search? It's all divided by device. Let me just block you so you can find something better.

KARWAN JABBAR: Can I unlock this phone with Cricket for international use? Please answer

Roger LeDoux: What is M Rods method for MMS?

MsNeek1294: Can I just go to the cricket store and get my sprint samsung galaxy s3 flashed?

dolphin773: can you show me how to flash s3 from cricket to simple mobile?

Cricket Users Forum: You could search the forum for a program called voicemail notifier.

3nerd141592: Free version of cdma tool doesn't support the S3. Is there a free way to flash cricket onto my sprint S3?
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