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Nobody Great: Wish we had horses and name tags
wesfelty: To "Ima SuperPerson". That name sounds rather arrogant! Nothing was said about half of the runway being gone. There are times that you just have to get on the ground NOW! And, this was one of them. I didn't know yet but rotors are terrible at that part of the runway. I never aborted my decision to land. I was very lucky to get away with that one with just a blown tire, But, I did discover a design flaw in the airplane, one that the builder fixed after I sent him this video.
MushroomValleyGal: This is bullcrap. Your face was flawless BEFORE you put the makeup on. In fact, it looked better without the makeup. You went from perfect to oompa loompa.
grezien25: hahahahahahhahahahahaha lol
TheChubbbyBunny: Stay home sweetheart, be happy, LA isn't for everyone please make the right choice for you and not the choice people pressure you to make. Sending so much love and support to you.
WillstDuNichtWissen: @lavajunkie yeah its here and it is awesome ! :D
xStagGx: Rok shield is awesome, but beware of white-white colour. After two months of usage, the white rubber part started to be yellowish, which doesn't give a nice look... At all. For the home button cover - it is easily to cut out using a heated thin knife. I used the one from medical shop, which is used by prosthetist. I dropped my phone several times from pocket height without rubber addon, and still no damage at all on both phone and case. (One drop was on the stone road :< ). 

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