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Albatross497: I just picked up the standard 9 yesterday..Its a great shooter and its growing on me..I really like it! Subbed!
Billy98Sports: Dude why didn't you stand up and shoot them at the end? 
Audinos: The camera was too close to see all the action.
sely Lim: Fo kui ta geule 
esjaeee: Hi eonni~ i know this is totally unrelated to your review but did you dye your hair? What hair dye and colour did you use? It's pretty ♡
Christian Allaire: Totally Stoked to be attending SEALFits Unbeatable Mind Retreat in December in San Diego. Check it out! Unbeatable Mind Retreat
DVD and Blu Ray Fan 2001: I know that there is a 2014 remake of this movie.

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