250cc Chinese Sportbike Df250rtc

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250cc Chinese sportbike df250rtc
250cc Chinese sportbike df250rtc
Sunny Sports Chinese 250cc rtc sportbike unpacking.wmv
Sunny Sports Chinese 250cc rtc sportbike unpacking.wmv
My Chinese 250cc rtc Sport Bike
My Chinese 250cc rtc Sport Bike
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sxr 250 rtc sport bike
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Sunny Sports Chinese 250cc rtc sportbike Delivery.wmv
MC_D250 RTC. Sunny 250cc Street Legal Full Size Sport motorcycle at ScooterDepot.us for $ 1.929
MC_D250 RTC. Sunny 250cc Street Legal Full Size Sport motorcycle at ScooterDepot.us for $ 1.929
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2011 Roketa JL250P ( Info)
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Dong Fang 250 RTC
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Race Bike. Sunny 250cc MC_D250RTC. Street Legal Full Size Sport Bikes Performance on Autodrome
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Riding my chinese 250cc
250cc RTC Sport Bike
250cc RTC Sport Bike
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250 cc racing 0 to 160 kmh (100 mph) Gilera G1. YG3R

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KevyMoto motorcyclista: I like the video, but please don't have the person shooting the video drive the bike. LOL! this thing makes me dizzy and I would have never published it like this. did you kid your kid to shoot the film. It looks like a 2 year old was doing the camera work.

Real Men Love Jesus: That thing is a pile

ampedddd: Hey I am very interested in buying one of these, can you tell me how fast 0-60 mph it is? And do you have any problems with it so far?

how2create1now: China-moto has a rear sprocket for the rtc. Claims installation of this up grade will make you go faster. What you think about that? Probably would have to reconfigure other parts of the bike in order to make her run properly, huh?

JAYJAYinNY: sounds like a moped .

johnathan pislowski: My Friend got one and i was thinking of getting one to play around on and you should check he has been upgrading his with ninja parts bike looks sick and runs great

RumbleTouchDroid: crapty ass camera work.

leo alva: when u first bught this bicke did u have any problems getting it to start and if u did what was the solution

kevkentis: 6feet

Supersportz Matrixpowersports: Supersportz has this on sale for $1799.99 call they have Black and White 1800-578-8608 toll free No Money Down

David Krane: So, how does the china-moto sprocket work? If it does at all? Does it give an extra 5-10mph to the top speed?

kevkentis: Dude its a horrible bike. I also had a 600 which i have made videos of too which is awesome and i paid little over the price i paid for this for it but it lasted and i sold it back for a great price. dont buy this

Fuknunbelievable: I have this same bike. You should check it out. How is yours holding up? I haven't had any problems, and I have over 200 miles.

kevkentis: @moblakeman No kidding i think im the only person in Palm Beach with one lol

kevkentis: it started up but i had to set the choke and it had other problems as the days go by so many more than my 2006 kawasaki and gsxr combined

moblakeman: I live in West pam beach Fl. Im thinking about buying one of these..How long did it take for shipment? Does it handle while around turns and maneuver well in FL traffic? Thanks


kevkentis: 600

logdawg1265: hey man im thinking about getting one of these....how do you like it so far? has it given you any noticeable problems? and do you feel like you already outgrew at all it power wise?

johnathan pislowski: dam that sux i was gonna buy one of these but i just bought a 2001 GSX-R 600 for 2K of craigslist really nice bike it has 2004 GSX-R 750 body kit. and i was gonna buy this bike yesterday until i seen the GSX-R on craigslist i may still buy one for a toy how is the bike running

BeatBox5050: whats the name of this song? i really like it, thanks

Quisé Lott: I'll probably end up getting a Cbr600rr when i get out of college

ItsBrighton: Yay

logdawg1265: @kevkentis for sure thanks man! would you recommend it though as a good beginner bike? im a college student just looking to get to work and school...i have like 2 grand and just dont wanna buy a car with a bunch of problems...this just seems like a good deal for a brand new bike to learn on with good mpg...again thanks for the response

kevkentis: I got the cdi but when i connected mine it burnt up the cdi :-)

kevkentis: didnt use it i dont know about it

kevkentis: @xxbossman111 Your bike is good what you talking about, you have speed and its easy to upgrade have fun and ride safe :-)

ampedddd: @kevkentis Yea I talked to my uncle and he was like hell no we're not buying some crapting chinese bike LOL. So I'm either going with a 2011 cbr/ninja 250 or a used 600.

Homer Simpson: hey man sorry to bother you but honestly is this worthy'?

how2create1now: China moto dot com, the have a sproket that claims to increase spead...can that even happen?

kevkentis: alot of the new questions have all been answered in previous comments

kevkentis: @logdawg1265 I do need more power. Its fine when riding around on local roads 45mph speed limit because you get away from everyone. But the highway forget about it, i dont even ride on the highway i tried it once to see and a second time late in the night when there arent many cars on the highway. the 60mph max speed is just too little. Problems? inspect the bike vigorously because its Chinese and parts are of low quality and they wear faster than our traditional Japanese bikes.

David Krane: Actually the new sproket is really suppose to help the total overall performance of the bike... I know for a fact that it will either add more pick-up on the low end, or will give a higher top speed. The only other part worth changing with the new china-moto sprocket would definitely be the chain, it would be a better up-grade to go with the new sprocket.

Quisé Lott: Thanks for answering bro, its harder to find a bike that's not a 600 for taller people...but your my height and it looks comfortable enough.

kevkentis: @LittleBrightLED it is a chinese bike even though it says 250 it doesnt have the power of a Japanese 250, top speed is approximately 60-65 at most!. cant wheelie and parts are not very durable, if you have ever bought a Chinese electronic you will understand.

TheOsk1e: how much did it run you who did you order it from how long did it take to arrive

Quisé Lott: How tall are you dude?

kevkentis: @xxbossman111 thanks but isnt the gy6 horizontal? mine is vertical and it doesnt look like a gy6

kevkentis: @moblakeman it has good handling,it takes about two weeks to ship

kevkentis: @ampedddd I made other videos and we talked about the parts, they are low quality, if you buy Chinese its gonna be low quality. i have fun with it yes but i think if i bought a used Japanese bike i could have gotten more fun and value.

kevkentis: @logdawg1265 Use your 2grand to either buy a ninja or a older 600cc Japanese, you will be happy with that u can find a good used one on craigslist. this chinese bike is inferior to Japanese even to used Japanese


Supersportz Matrixpowersports: @ampedddd Brand New at supersportz call 1800-578-8608 toll free $1799.99 No Money Down

johnathan pislowski: These bikes a has a gy6 engine you can upgrade this bike with any 2011 ninja 250R parts. If you want it to go faster just change the jets in the carb

smokedog123456789: Buy this bike or the 600

kevkentis: @xxbossman111 I would love to see that

BeatBox5050: Hey dude are you overall happy with this bike? I am going to buy this bike but still hesitant because i just don't know too much about it. U think it is worth it? Looks nice btw

panzormi: bro i have this same bike give it time take a screw driver turn up the idle a bit it rides better im breaking mine in now its got about 1500 miles on it i have no problem going 85 mph and u gotta learn how to ride bikes this bike pops a wheelie fine start in second give it some good throttle on let go of the clutch pops right up for me

asssface2000: fast bike, you'll be the first one to the gay pride parade every time!
250cc Chinese sportbike df250rtc 4.2 out of 5

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250cc Chinese sportbike df250rtc