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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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●٠●•٠•●َﱢﱟXxTobbexX•●َ●••●َﱢﱟﱞﱡﱢﱟﱞﱡ: 6:44
Jane Davenport: Hi Erin, Either the White sharpie or the white China marker- (both awesome and both in the store).
Adam Cohen: You're fantastic! any upcoming show-dates?
Anjie T: awesome wow cant wait for my wahi to come on stage to set fire!
Astosh Pereira: My play store opens but doesn't download apps 
Alice Vula: Tammy, you're my kind of girl dear, you're such a real person and thank you for sharing all the beauty tips , like you I'm also a junkie when it comes to beauty products, my whole bathroom is filled with every cosmetic product syou could imagine. You are a beautiful woman btw, and most of all beautiful glowing skin. But I would like to ask you about your glasses, what brand it is and the style number if there's any 'coz I'm on the process of buying a new pair of eyeglasses. I just like the way they look on you and I guess It would look good on me too... hugs and kisses dear tammy... thank you...stay beautiful....
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