Wood Stove Through Wall Chimney Pipe Installation Howto

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Wood Stove through wall Chimney Pipe Installation Howto
Wood Stove through wall Chimney Pipe Installation Howto
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Wood Stove Chimney Installation Basics Video review #1
Thru wall Insulated chimney flue kit install supervent PART1 by selkirk
Thru wall Insulated chimney flue kit install supervent PART1 by selkirk
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Ednakuehl1: That wall is going to leak rain like a sieve.

X Verzez: Hey @mrEnergy511 do you have a video for how to seal a gas furnace side exhaust that goes through masonry foundation in the basement?

don won: Most of you guys who post negative comments are funny (in a stupid way of course).It is his house and he did it the way he came up with. I would like to see some of your unprofessional homeowners work. If he could have afford a professional he would have got one but you know it alls get me.

Jim Auger: I installed the same stove in my house and I have creosote dripping every where. any ideas?

Felix Bloxham: why wouldn't you go straight up instead of the two ninety bends ?

Ben Dover: I am no carpenter, but even i know this is a poor job. what bothers me the most is you put the chimney in pretty well touching that wire. i hope that is your house and not someone who paid for this poor craftsmanship.

John s: your work looks like dog crap...i know because i work for a living and im good at what i do.. if you installed this for a customer they dont have a clue what their lookin at.. have a nice day

Bob: Is an electrical line ok in the thimble cavity?

David Price: How large are the tiles you used for the hearth?

koko3052: installation vids that are not to code should be REMOVED!
Clearances wrong...flue from stove upside down...blah, blah, blah!

Mike Man: nice triple wall with a dent right in front.

Stone Rinaldi: nice.

volvosan: How the heck did you end up installing the wall support gussets upside down? They should be below the cleanout, so your lag screws are not penetrating the firestop. That being said, your video was instructional and entertaining at the same time - got a ton of views. Thanks.

Quentin Karamitsos: thanks for uploading this

AC engineer: Should work

Turner Distributors: why go through the eve? could you not come out far enough away from the house to avoid that?

Matt Zimmerman: Do you have an image of the thimble being placed? You cut that out of the video. I am wondering if you just dropped it in through the siding/wrap/wall with no flashing whatsoever. That is a huge water leak waiting to happen.

Chris Schinning: It looks like the interior flue pipe is upside down (female flange on top)

Mathieu Khoury: HI, I have the exact same installation and i get cold air coming in and some water drops. I suspect ice and/or condensation is forming between the dual walls of the outside chimney. Is it possible? Will scealling the joints of the chimney with caulking do the job? Thanks for relying. Cheers!

Brian Perendy: just the wall studs for the weight. wow.
Wood Stove through wall Chimney Pipe Installation Howto 5 out of 5

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Wood Stove through wall Chimney Pipe Installation Howto