125cc Hummer ATV!!!

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ATV - QUAD Coolster 125cc Utility Style ATV Demo and Review by HIGH STYLE MOTORING
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125cc hummer ATV!!!
125cc hummer ATV!!!

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ULTRA GAMER: I have same in red

myyota85: yes u can SAM

sam mcmullan: Can your push start this with a dead battery

Robert Schlear: Where is it from

Robert Schlear: That is a really neat atv 

Freds Best Country Music: most 125cc hold 143lbs but mine holds a loading of 243lbs 

Freds Best Country Music: yes 

Adrian Budziszewski: gówno hinol szajs matko nigdy bym tego gówna oslimaczonego nie kupił

myyota85: 8k or 800$, think ill stick with the 800. my son still has yet to kill this thing!!! thanks for the comment!

cale marchuk: get a 400 ex good power and reliable to

Bryan Stetson: Give me it

Joe Grove: Hes Yoda

myyota85: no i would get something bigger for ya!!!!

myyota85: can 2 people sit? yes 2 small people!!

Midletonka: Can sit there 2 people ? 

myyota85: @operationvexconrepo Superiorpowersoprts

operationvexconrepo: where did you buy it 

Brody MinerCrafter: damn i want one so bad i have a 125cc amd im 9 :d

myyota85: @chad345678 850 $+ the strobe's, thanks!!

myyota85: @zackmeagher cause the yamaha starts at 4 grand? 
125cc hummer ATV!!! 5 out of 5

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125cc hummer ATV!!!