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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Loveinthemist11: that was soo COOL! the dancing reminded me of the movie "Elf"! hahaha.
segaprophet: I'll stick with my Caanoo, thanks..
Alastair Scoular: i tav the dryden area, where is this trail?
TheBlueHowler: 2 coins... Reference to two bits from The Outsiders?
greatplanesman: @tecatedrag So the flywheel is unbalanced, which is what causes the vibrations??
Kpoploverthatlovestosing 123: What video are they talking about when sabrina says she wants to be that kitty crawling around them? pls someone tell me?
Aragorn Elessar: i agree it doesnt matter if its accurate its still a cool figure

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