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aildoux: One needs to dig to below the deepest winter frost line. Here in southern Quebec, that's about 4 feet! I don't know if your tube is long enough.
Noodhoog: Thanks for all the great uploads PF!
Eduardo Hidalgo: esta wenisimo , justo se me abia echado a perder mi mic. y lo voy a hacer ; )
Tommy Murph: To respond to some of the comments: 1. I don't worry about hitting the bone and seldom ever hit it 2. I only use 27G short needles and have never had any problems getting any patients numb regardless of their size 3. If you didn't do a double block at the same session how could you do a full mouth clearance for an immediate denture? Just a silly comment in my opinion, but I have heard it from many new dentists 4. I have removed over 80,000 teeth and I rarely spend over 45 seconds removing any erupted tooth. If you would like to learn to remove teeth faster, with more confidence sign up for one of my Hands On Extraction classes. The classes are several times a year on real patients and you get 40 hours of CE credit. You can remove a lot of teeth including impacted wisdom teeth under the supervision of me and the other instructors. Email me for more details about an upcoming class. drtommymurph@yahoo.com Dr. Tommy Murph General Dentist who knows how to remove teeth and is willing to teach you to do the same. Just open your mind and learn how to do it differently
STICKYFINGAZN15: don't get your hopes up i have this game there's only 3 clothes shops with basically the same clothes, u cant wear long chains anymore,the guns look like toys, there's hardly any activities and the story modes boring
Samantha Feola: Thank you for this. You're all my heroes.
manhenk: Styropor! Nicht Styropur... Oder EPS! :-) expandiertes poly styrol, Styropor ist nur der generische Name! so wie Tesa für Klebeband

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