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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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marcosdocanto: Ilario mais esquezito
Shirley De Oliveira: Boa tarde! Este produto alisa 100% mesmo? Ou depois que lavar e seca naturalmente ele voltará ao normal?
Rev3Games: Here's our review of +Saints Row IV, which tries to out-crazy one of the craziest games of 2011. Does it succeed? http://rev3gam.es/17pub5D
fantagemickeymouse: Santa Claus seriously??? :P
SilverMedusa: For some reason the whole video wouldnt play? Can you say where in Holland you will be because I looked for Superstar Inc. of Holland but couldnt find a homepage for them...I might fly over there to do the workshop! Thanks
Lipziger: Also ich bin auf jeden Fall für mehr Tropico :)! Ich selbst weiß allerdings noch nicht so wirklich, ob ich mir nun den neuen Teil holen sollte (Habe 3 + 4). Lohnt sich der neue Kauf direkt?
BJM Graphics: Nice! MS PAint is very unforgiving and you drew the car without saving. Do you use a reference? I would have to had a presketch in front of me like a piece of paper. The video is sped up but I can tell you drew that car in a fairly quick pace. The curve tools are crude and if you acidently lay the curve on the wrong spot then you have to ctrl-z because you can't move it like other programs. Shading is nonexistant and laying out one incremental color at a time really takes some judgement. No algrorithim auto shading here. I use Sketch Book Pro with a mouse but it seem like I am cheating compared to what you are using.

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