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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Wyrmshadow: Brain the size of a planet, and no one thought to ask Marvin what the Ultimate Answer/Question was. I read all the books and no one ever thought of doing that.
LysandervT: I like your video :) I've got the same bike, same colour and same age :) Greetings from Germany :)
Cool Loom: The clowns name is ghost clown :)
Richard Kirby: will they still have the upgrade later on cuz i dont got it
TESTICLOR: ESRB is crap. You really think 12 year olds should be learning how to "drop it, like it's hot"? Just an opinion, but really people? If your kids need exercise, or you want to have fun with them, then a workout designed around & made for adults, is not the answer.
Acitra Jr.: Haha you look confused.. It's a game concept, the one you called viral dance is actually a hide and seek game~ look the bottom left of your screen you'll find 'where is nana, lizzy & raina?' And the scene with 01, 02, 03 etc is find the difference game~ left and right scene has some different props and such. Its a fun concept tho Lol
PrettyTiaF: YESSSS! I heard WEN was such a friggin rip off!

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