Calico M100 .22lr

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Calico M100 .22lr
Calico M100 .22lr
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Shooting. Loading & loading Some more of Calico M100 22LR Carbine
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Calico M-110
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Calico Full Auto Test 2 Works!!!
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weaponloverXD: finally something made in america

perreterecon: this was used as a "laser rifle" in Seaquest!!

Derail07: One of the only things I liked about the 80'S the Calico!

Ladderadder Mcglitternips: for kids!

Hemimike426: Chamber this for rifle rounds and you got yourself an exellent gun.

Lonewolf6565: lol calicos look freaking ridiculous.

TruthTeller878: I want to buy a CALICO .22LR rifle like you have! Can it fire a 100 round drum magazine without malfunctioning ? Is this gun as reliable as a RUGER 10/22 rifle ? GUN SLINGER VIDEOS Ken

C172Pilotdude: They also made full auto 9mm versions. That thing in full auto would be interesting.

Richard Baker: Yeah Illegal in Ohio as well, since under law a gun cant hold more then 31 rounds or its considered a automatic weapons in there ass backwards thinking.

Kenneth Ashbrook: @InsertGun Its actually 10 rounds, New Jersey is 15. And Calico is now headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon.

GunWebsites: @USMCFISCELLA never owned one, had a friend with one for a while so I've pulled the trigger on them a few times

gordon2089: Isn't that the rifle from spaceballs?

gruelin1: it's like an enormous 10/22 mag!

USMCFISCELLA: @GunWebsites I just recently started firing my 9mm variant. i have had a lot problems with it cycling. Calico said that because their bolts have very stiff recoil springs they require a good brake-in period with about 500rds for both 9mm and 22lr versions. Just thought i would put that out there. So if your buddy is still having problems let him know that.

SuperRip7: An astronauts guns.

Anthony Maus: its the space ball rife!! awsome!!!

ZAY HERTZ: Good Lord, these are hard to find, despite being made currently, and in my corner of America. But recently two of these suckers popped up for sale at a REASONABLE price (not $1,000+, MSRP is only 6). I JUST missed my chance at the 100 round 9mm Liberty with an extra 50 round helical mag and shell catcher. Bummer! BUT... I have secured a purchase of the pistol version of the 22lr sucker with a 100 round mag for this weekend. I am so excited. If this had fallen through I was going to...

kalif151byccrew: Spaceballs!!!!!!!!!!!!

usframe: thanks!

biguy525: Illegal in NY, Mag would have to have a block so it only holds 10 rounds and the folding stock would have to be welded in full extension. Nice video.

ZAY HERTZ: the CZ 61 Skorpion .32acp w/ the 30 round mags.

roddymcclain: While the M100 is a pleasure to shoot, the Ruger 10/22 is be more reliable. A lot of the reliability issues with the M100 is the ammo used. It's made for hyper ammo. It works wonderfully with stinger and like quality. I have found that it will work very well using Wal Mart Federal bulk ammo in the 550 packs. You might have 2 or 3 malfunctions every 100, the cost saving make it easy to put up with.

USMCFISCELLA: @GunWebsites Hi do you have any experience firing this weapon or any of the other calico variants?

roddymcclain: The first thing you do before loading any ammunition is to press the tension spring release in the center of the winding knob. Then turn the winding knob until the mag follower is in place. Load 50 rounds and press the tension spring release again. Finish loading the rest of the ammunition and press the tension spring release once more. At this point, wind the tension knob 15 full revolutions as stated in the manual. This should be enough allow the last round to be fired. Good luck.

Nvsworks: I own this calico model, as fast as I can pull the trigger, it shoots without a problem, it a very fun gun to have, but what I will say is, when loading the magazine, use new, clean ammo, if you use old dirty ammo, then it will jam. Other than that really fun gun.

duemamay: @richiestang78 i wish it was like that in CA again we have wayyy too much laws here

Reindeer911: Do you need the full magazine or just the spring? Calico is actually back in business now and you can get replacement mags... be warned however as they are VERY expensive! Current price is $141. However if you just need the spring, they are only running about $15

Guyya93: it reminds me of a p90.... just on the feeding and charging.... how much they go for?

Derpy Herpy: iWanna!

ToastyCrew: the thing looks like a nerf gun :P

HiCapacity: These are finally legal in Maryland. However, HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO GET THE MAGAZINE HERE!!!!?!?!??

bioforce5: @Guyya93 i just bought one used for $319, usually they are 500-600 though

bioforce5: @GunWebsites i read that if u turn the dial on the back too many times, it can break the magazine. since i just purchased one of these, i was wondering, how many times should u turn it?

Doom: 100 round magazine? from Kalifornia???

Lonewolf6565: @MrAnthonymoss lol the space ball rifles were just super sokers painted black

Jon Hutto: @biguy525 Thanks, added NY to my list of places never to live.

eljaguarpaiz: hello I need the hopper for this gun you can give me information on where I can find this part

360steven: cool gun and video thanks for the video id like to see more tactical 22lrs

TheAlexagius: legal in england :),when a gun is legal in the uk and not in a us state you know something is wrong

kildas: These gun looks like from sience-fiction movi :D, good luck loading these mag 100r, Can You shoot these thing on camera?

C172Pilotdude: @soulvampyr Yea only way to do it legally is to be a Class 2 or 3 FFL. Or have a pre 86.

aerodynamicband: @richiestang78 wow thats stupid

MultiSr16: hey.., its an oldschool p90

Jerru Lopez: Spaceballs that is the only thing this gun reminds me of

nick kuszak: its cool and all but...anyone getting a "spaceballs" vibe with this rifle?...

Richard Baker: @duemamay Clalifornia is just a state ran by protest groups, lobbyists and just generally retarded politicians.

Jordon Vogel: My uncle had one with the wood stock, sweet rifle!!

Reindeer911: Oh yeah, they are definitely fun when they are working right, and they definitely attract a lot of attention. I got mine back in '86 when they were new on the market. I've found with my M100 that lead fouling in the action was the biggest issue because as each round fed into the chamber, a slight amount was getting shaved off the top of the bullet. Ive found that to keep the reliability up about every second magazine the rifle should be completely stripped down and the action cleaned and lubed.

Reindeer911: It WAS originally made in California. When the "assault" weapons ban was passed along with the high cap magazines, American Industries was forced out of business. A few years ago someone bought the licensing and whatnot, and reopened in Oregon under Calico Light Weapons Systems. As a result these guns have become potential collectables and I've certainly watched the value of mine better than triple over the years. So to liberals out there who think it's all a big myth, all I can say is thanks!

Nirvash: Looks like a star wars gun
Calico M100 .22lr 4.9 out of 5

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Calico M100 .22lr