Kobo Arc VS Kindle Fire HD 7

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Kobo Arc VS Kindle Fire HD 7
Kobo Arc VS Kindle Fire HD 7
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In prova: tablet Kobo Arc

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yogibear2k10: Really? The kindle fire sounded really tinny. Almost too to tinny to listen to. I had to turn down my tablet to hear it. Which' by the way is a Kobo Arc but heavily skinned. Also 4 speakers do not make surround sound. They make quad sound which is different. But it still sounds horrible! 

OG SADAC: Hi Peter and Michael. Thanks for the detailed comparison and because of this, my first-ever EReader is on it's way here to Manila, Philippines!

Jenny M: Hello guys, question: Can a kobo Arc handle college books of any kind on any format?

OG SADAC: Always great uploads from you. Keep it up! God bless.

CaikIQ: You can tell by the battery metres which one of these was used more xD

ShizzleBDizzle: I'm writing this comment on a Kobo arc xD

halofan hp: Good video 

lemony grant: Its 64gb why do you need to expand........ The kobo has great sound and very fast got a 64gb for £80 new Love it

Dwayne Lawrence: *Goodereader: *Kobo Arc vs. Amazon Kindle Fire HD** In this video comparison we look at the new Kobo Arc and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD! We look at what makes these two new tablets different from each other. eBooks, comics, magazines, newspapers and much more!

HaramiNumber1: No microSD storage expansion on Kindle Fire, deal breaker.

Goodereader: great Danae!

Denae H: Kobo Arc wins.

Peter Cho: Root*

Nathan Grewal: No microSd storage on kobo. Ha ha.

Angel Gonzalez: i prefer the kindle fire hd it is much better than the crappy kobo

Goodereader: neither the kobo or the kindles memory is expandable

Aen199: Most of the comments here seem to be about the companies, not the almost identical specs. I have owned both a kindle and a kobo and can honestly say kobo has better ways to get content and not be limited. I am currently typing this on a kf, but I am condidering switching back to kobo.

zdrux: Great review, thanks for not telling anyone why you think it's junk.

Angel Gonzalez: duhhhh kobo suckssssssssssss

ogrejd: @16:00 Kindle wins on audio, Arc wins on video.

CGgamer100: KOBO

Rog Gibson: PS. Root the kindle fire HD and put Google play store and kobo app on it. So much better than the arc.

Rog Gibson: The speakers on the HP touch pad are pretty great.

rise millt: Kobo looks cheap

kidwithcactus: kobo arc is the best by far. kindle cant even play youtube and it cost 10 pounds to get ads off. google play store is amazing. with kindles you have to buy off amazon..... kobos can play everywhere but amazon. tablets arent that much different but with the company's are!

lisa summors: im watching this on a kobo arc :D

Martha Lemondick: freakshow

Angel Gonzalez: bull just pure liesssssssssssssssssssssss

Nathan Grewal: How?

ogrejd: Final: @22:00 Dunno about the Nook app (since it's geo-restricted and you can't see it from Canada on the Play Store, so I'd assume it's the same for the Amazon store - if it's there for US customers), but the Amazon App Store definitely has the Kobo app available, at least when searching on the site (don't have a Kindle, so dunno if it's blocked in the interface there).

Angel Gonzalez: Lets go amazon kindle fire hd!!!!!!

Kenttheclark: Kindle Fire is and always will be a glorified media consumption device.

Karen Garcia: Kobo in Spanish is funny

Matthew Brown: honestly if u just want a e-reader and live in the US, i would say get the KINDLE PAPERWHITE dont have one myself but looks great

TheOnlyNewton: I am going for Kobo. So you need to use a headphones for good sound quility, big woop. The colour contrast, the video and how open KOBO is wins a mile away.

Pnad Pray Love: your reviews are really useful to me,thanks a lot guys

ogrejd: @7:00 Ugh. Those margins on the Kobo. Seriously. :/

Angel Gonzalez: stfu thats a lie freak u

Rob Power: They can be changed in the font options

Joe Gates: Both the hardware and software on the Fire looks superior

Nneka Eleh: @goodereader why are the margins on the kobo arc so small? Can't they be changed?

dvvarf0242: I would take the kindle over the kobo .I did not see Text to speech on the kobo

Nathan Grewal: My kobo's memory isn't expandable. Is the kindle's?

Electro: My name is Michael..I am Peter

hartshadwill: So far Kobo has social programs and Skype works on them. I am using it right now. I don't have information about kindle fire, but I have kobo arc. It has an Android OS and Google installed. After I opened mine, it updated the latest files and using my Google account, I only have to sync it into my kobo to get the files I stored in my account. Netflix works, as far as I know. Does anyone have a kindle fire? I need to know the pros and cons. By the way, the zoom bracket has a glitch.

Rob Power: the arc has google play preinstalled dude

Nathan Grewal: This review is old-ish. The kobo library has improved a lot and there as been a big update the the operating system. I don't like it because I can't check the time while reading like you can in this video.

Angel Gonzalez: bull u only have to pay 15 dollers and the crap sucks the kindle fire hd is way better

Adriana Buica: what about the camera on them? how good does it work? how well does skype work on either of them?

cellur111: These are not ereaders, these are TABLETS. If you want an ereader but a nook simpletouch or a kindle paperwhite.
Kobo Arc VS Kindle Fire HD 7 4.6 out of 5

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Kobo Arc VS Kindle Fire HD 7