808 #16 V2 120 Degree Wide Angle Keychain Camera How To Read Edit & Write The Configuration File

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808 #16 V2 120 degree wide angle keychain camera How to read edit & write the configuration file
808 #16 V2 120 degree wide angle keychain camera How to read edit & write the configuration file
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808 #16 V2 D Lens Keychain Camera Full Review & FPV
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How to configure a keychain camera (808 #16 V2) to get video out for FPV
How to configure a keychain camera (808 #16 V2) to get video out for FPV
808 #16 Key Chain Camera Review
808 #16 Key Chain Camera Review

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Roger Turner: Thanks Spide. If only all YouTube tutorials were as clearly demonstrated as this one, the Net would be a much better place.

M DeRight: Nice video and thank for sharing how to modify the configuration file of the 808 camera #16 manually, but there is an easier way. Use Google and enter the search parameters, "download nr16setup.zip". Download the file to your computer and extract the contents. It contains the stand-alone program (no installation) named, "nr16setup.exe". Turn on your 808 and connect it to your computer then click on the  "nr16setup.exe" file to configure your 808 #16 camera.

Le Vulcan: Did the procedure but my cam's yellow light didn't give the three blinks for some reason. It still surrendered the config file and I was able to re-load the updated config. Much appreciated. 

spidiq8: It could well be, I may try that next time I have a play with the camera, thanks

Roman Tashev: Could the "auto record" be a option for start recording when you plug the usb power? (when you use it as a dashcam?)

spidiq8: Glad to help. As for the why, I don't don't have a clue, maybe some potential conflict with use as a webcam if it's activated with it all running and charging from one common connection? Assuming you're into RC with this comment, apparently there are lots of people on the RCgroups forum using these. Could be the perfect place to find info and setup tips for FPV. Wish I could help further but haven't used mine for remote feed at all

Ian Holt: Thanks for posting this video, I have just go this camera and want to use it for FPV but the video out would not work. I know how to turn my lap top on but that is about as far as my computer skills go but your tutorial video made it very simple for me to change the camera settings. I wonder why there is the option to turn the video out function on/off? Thanks again, Ian. 

spidiq8: If you mean, is it an additional lens over the original lens, then, no, it's a lens in it's own right and protrudes from the body to be able to provide the 120 degree FOV, It is removable in the sense that you can dissassemble the camera and take it out but isn't in the sense of it being an add on lens. So you'd need to replace the whole unit with a different lens unit and re-affix it to the board. hope this helps.

ledenko: Quick question - is the D lens removable or is it fixed on the body?

spidiq8: Yes you do. It needs a card to record and store video as it has no internal storage memory, just minimal flash memory for the config details, to edit the config file you need to copy it to the TF card, edit then re-flash to the internal.

E Lugo: Does this thing need a card inside it to work? When I plug it in to my computer, it does not pop up as any sort of drive in my computer at all.

DirtyDovi: Wow.. What a pain.. After 10 minutes, I got the link to post! haha Enjoy! =)

DirtyDovi: goo.gl\pTOjq

DirtyDovi: You're welcome! And thank YOU for the great tutorial! Apparently on mine, the settings where a bit 'simplified'.. I looked into doing a firmware update, and not only did I find it, there is also a 'user-interface' that can also be downloaded to the pc that will let you open it - sync to the cam - search for updates, AND let you control the entire internal config via 'check boxes' rather than having to do what we've done in the past! This new update [and user interface application] are amazing!

spidiq8: Thanks for the update, handy to know in case I get another updated model, this one is performing very well, though not getting used a lot at present, I may even get around to doing a review of it properly sometime too, this pending reviews been on the back burner for a while now

DirtyDovi: Great run-through! I just received my latest 808 #16 V2, and noticed that programming is a bit different than before. The device LEDs don't flash when pushing the two buttons, and for some reason, press-length doesn't seem to matter.. All still configured, and re-wrote correctly. Info on mine: {MicroDVR mov 2012/10/09 v0.49} {LDMICDVR,v1.1S,09/28/2012} 

Grundisphutoc: Thank you for the effort to inform. 

spidiq8: Considering the size and nominal weight, you could safely attach it with some double sided velcro tape to anywhere within reach and just remove and pocket it when leaving the bike parked? These things are so small and light they're used by radio controlled plane flyers, (electric foam flyers too) and attached only with velcro. I've seen other people do things like modify a Tic-Tac box, (or other small plastic container) that the camera fits snugly into and leave the container on the vehicle.

Hung Nguyen Van: Yes. It is very small & difficult to separate. Keep it as an unit seem to be better. I will try to buy it then thinking how to mounting it on my motorbike so that it can be easy to control but in secret place to prevent from the burglar. Anyway thank you so much for your guide.

spidiq8: I can't give you a guide for doing that as I will only ever use this as a single unit. Look for 'sneaky snake spy cam' by youtube user 'kipkay' and you can see the procedure required, however! it is apparently not easy to do and might well ruin your camera! For motorbike mounting though, these devices are so small you can mount as they are pretty much anywhere! The camera came from ebay seller 'eletoponline' who is apparently THE recognised retailer of the genuine #808 cams. hope this helps.
808 #16 V2 120 degree wide angle keychain camera How to read edit & write the configuration file 5 out of 5

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808 #16 V2 120 degree wide angle keychain camera How to read edit & write the configuration file