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IrishChris1979: To the people that said this sound system sounds like crap... The bass was probably set in the center along with all the other dials. I have headphones with adjustable bass and even with them on full bass, there was absolutely no bass coming through. All he had to do was increase the bass and it would have sounded a lot better. The other thing... This was one of those drive events. Most of the people driving these cars are just there to check out the newest cars. It doesn't mean they are there to buy that particular car just because they are test driving it. Even if they did buy that car, the guy in passenger seat wouldn't make a dime lol. They would have to buy it at the dealership. So he could care less if the woman doesn't have enough money to buy one. He gets paid for doing his job no matter what. You guys crack me up. 
Sara María Balderas Garza: ¿Dónde lo puedo comprar?
St. Mark: 0:50 if a terrorist found, go visit your local diveshop immediately !!
btokdias2010: ارجوك اخي هل يمكن شراء الهاتف Nexus 4 عن طريق هذه الطريقة
ALE VLOGS: just wow!!! mind blow & same here Keep drifting!!!!
Kashif Vikaas: As in Intel Core
megawarmonger: they are making one specifically for the 98 and is coming out pretty soon

RX8 Starting Issues... fixed