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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Valerie C: Lo, I love your videos, but I really do not think this was Kylie Jenner at all. It is more like a no makeup makeup look, really nice and natural, but just doesn't seems to be inspired by Kylie!
Applejacks2902: U suck monster balls, don't make any videos until your at least decent at lightshows. And your far from decent!!!!!!!!!!!
Kyle Harrison: that looks good
Rafa Minguez: es gracioso pero un poco aburrido 
groeneg: Not sure, it was a long time ago,some 5 years since I made this. But it could have been.
MrTheochris: a .223 is more than enough.a 22 lr would do the trick just fine :)
Chi Zhang: 2 size too big

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