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Lordaeron: Aww, I want one :<
Hunter Soyak: A possessed wonder woman......Batman better have a condom accessory on his belt.
Snowflakelord: I died on that Daily (I think) in a really stupid way. It was my first time REALLY fighting Olmec (not just taking the Temple shortcut to freak around), and I had Udjat Eye, Hedjet and Book of the Dead. I had tons of gold, many bombs, cape and ropes and so on, ready to conquer Hell on the Daily. I got lucky and found a Mattock and I was digging a nice hole down to the Hell door. I was in a pretty good position, but I mined under a pushable block and killed myself. I only needed one more layer of blocks, and to use a rope. I wasn't even mad, I just sat for a few seconds, thinking of what I had just done. It was a good run though, my best so far.
hondamoto29: the first 1 isnt a k104 im 12 and i no its a k100e
jpmrock14: Hola...necesito saber si para desbloquear los capitulos en xbox 360 necesito xbox live Gold o Solo xBox live Gratuirespondan por favor
Gandhi SGandhi: my favourite vehicle..
CrossoverManiac: @TheSpankymonkey You must be one of Deon Warwick's psychic friends because you think you know crap about a person and you're so utterly clueless. I said absolutely nothing that would indicate my political or religious affiliation but you ASS(out of)U(and)ME something about me that may or not be true because of your need to make cheap caricatures of anyone that doesn't kowtow to your beliefs.

RX8 Starting Issues... fixed