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Venga: Wiem że film stary ale czy dało by rade zrobic film z poprawną konfiguracją tej zabawki w grze,posiadam Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X ale ni cholery nie moge tego dobrze skonfigurowac żeby grac w trybie symulacyjnym.No chyba że już masz taki poradnik,a ja go nie moge znaleśc.
Chowbizful: La dernière clio est le break non dévoilé de la nouvelle clio si persone ne l'a remarqué
rhcmlc: A true muscle car beauty. Great combination of power and looks!
king key: น่ารักมากคร๊ และง่ายด้วยคร๊ :)
Ruben Rodriguez: somebody can tell me the name of the song that sounds while captain DuBois appears , please? :)
Luis Rivera: i just came...
Suicide Squirrel: Pfff I used a Norfleet on him TVHM And Normal Mode The Norfleet i have does like 275813x3 Damage So it was easy and i have almost every legendary i used my Lvl 52 Psycho to kill Terramorphous no downs Lol I also have like a bank vault thingy in the crimson raiders HQ Filled with legendarys and pearls that someone gave me :) Lol

Renault Clio IV crash-test in Lardy tech center