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Tio Pocho Jr.!: like si lo estas viendo en 2015
DerpySilver: Good, because I'm planning on doing different types of games coming up. =]
LegoHumiD34: Wooot m8 Wot
jose miguel araiza fragoso: Ola negro
Energy Wellness Products: If you wish to order replacement electro pads, you can order them via our online store!  They are listed right below the ERE Machine.
Christopher Rodriguez: I have the 2012 stick shift model(LX). It's been ok so far. Just a weird nose the isn't loud at all. Did Kia finally resolve the situation?
Aes Sedai: I agree and understand your whole standpoint. However I need to point out one thing you got wrong. In the video, you assumed that Marvel made these X-Men movies, when in fact, it wasn't them. All of these were done (and butchered) by 20th Century Fox. It is very well-known that Marvel and Fox don't get along over the Marvel properties of which Fox has the film rights (X-Men and Fantastic Four) and this feud affected the comic book version of X-Men and FF horribly. Just need to clarify that.

Renault Clio IV crash-test in Lardy tech center