FSX Mission: Oil Rig Transport

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marcio oliveira: Very nice...good job!

Kandi Klover (Fursuiter Furry): I remember something like this from an fsx commericial on youtube lol

2121lucario: Cool now i know how to get the last guy off the catwalk :3

chris murphy: Ooo, sounds like a nasty piece of work!

Mirwais Wardak: Landing chopper with mouse is too hard for me :( ..i think i need to practice alot..

tubeisace: 3.20. Who the hell is he waving at? There's realism out the window! Lol. They could at least have had him facing the right way!

paulyoungck: I only managed to rescue one or two before the rig blew up. Amazing how you got all three.

chadsani: i though these mofos were in the sea... i was like..why didnt i get the reward when i landed back at the refinery..smh thanks bro

Killerkarpfen1990: You can't explain this in a comment xD

TheVortex22: cool i always lose control of my helicopters

devashishvayeda: Nice! Do you fly with the default helicopter or do you use any add-on??

Tyler PT: 5:20 - cool guys dont look at explosions!

girstun12: Super

0000SYL: you have to controle the helicopter verry gentally if you wanna land on an oil platform and when you are decending toward it you have to keep an eye on the air speed. one thing is important to land a heli that is the thrust (if you want to maintain or reduce the thrust do it verry smooth while landing

applesweeter: What is the tips to land on the helicoper platform? I try several times but unsuccessful. I cannot see the helicoper landing platform, and I can hardly maintain contrast poisition of the helicoper.

Donald Traill: I like flying this mission in the Dodosim Bell 206!

Lokk54: Can you make a tutorial for: How to fly an helicopter, i want some tips to do it right n_n

Von Ozar: damn your a pro

dudeproductions100: it would be better if the rig had a bp logo in it

Thomas Henry Spiteri: @themos9 i cant :/ i run out of fuel... then a tanker appears. i landed there and the mission didn't finish :/ :/
FSX mission: Oil Rig Transport 5 out of 5

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FSX mission: Oil Rig Transport