Fiesta ST 1/4 Quarter Mile Drag Race Time

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World's Greatest Drag Race 4!
ATP Turbo Fiesta ST Stage 3 GTX Turbo Upgrade: 12.4 sec 1/4 mile pass
ATP Turbo Fiesta ST Stage 3 GTX Turbo Upgrade: 12.4 sec 1/4 mile pass
ATP Turbo Fiesta ST 12.9 sec 1/4 mile pass GTX Turbo Test
ATP Turbo Fiesta ST 12.9 sec 1/4 mile pass GTX Turbo Test
Fiesta ST vs V6 Capri 1/4 mile drag race
Fiesta ST vs V6 Capri 1/4 mile drag race
Ford Fiesta V Suzuki Swift Drag Race - 1/4 mile
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jared Christensen: Kind of disappointed. I thought it would get into the 15s for sure.

Saito samuraiX: What was that noise damn !

ast5515: 1,2,5,3,4,5... Oh god learn to shift already...

Nate Schmidt: that dude talking about the firing order is an idiot

AzNightmare: Don't worry about it. This was a good indepth video on what's it like at a drag strip. If you have the right car, it might be better, but the Fiesta ST isn't really a 0-60 car. Even a good driver would get mediocre time with this car.... This car was made for the track, not the drag strip.

Benjamin Kham: this video only needed to be 17 seconds long.

ProJanitor: Does Berenis rhyme with pencil?

J “svtfast” Taylor: My old SVT Focus ran 15.18 @ 91.4 mph on the same track in Orlando with a Toms tune and no turbo like this ST Fiesta. both cars make close to the same power yet the ST would get spanked including top speed and quarter mile by a SVT FOCUS.Not a bad looking car though

fsflip3111: LOL 5:49 its funny but actually kinda sad...

E Sondi: Needs a driver mod

Knollex: Man that thing is slower than my Honda.

mikesanto70: Driver mod = .8 sec.

TinHatRanch: 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8. That's the 5.0 firing order. This guy has no clue.

Ralph Ellis: The guy is incorrect about the firing order, lol. The firing order on an HO/351W motor is 1-7-3-2-6-5-4-8. 

The guy in the Fiesta looked like he was having fun though, and that's all that really matters. The Fiesta ST looks like a wicked little go-kart. 

Might have to check one out. :)

Steven Bae: I'd go up to mountain or track it. That's where is car will really come alive! But nice video~

Chris Leake: Saw the title of 1/4 drag race time, saw video length of 13minutes, and all i could think was surely it didn't take that bloody long

Alfred Bundy: There's an idiot that thinks they know everything about everything everywhere you go. i woulda rolled the window up on his dumb@$$

Tiralful: Have you ever been at a drag strip before? Jesus you're bad bro.

DriftBandit 96: 1,2,3,4,5,6 firing order man you're full of crap

malokoketu: his reaction time is horrible... he should have dome more passes.
Fiesta ST 1/4 quarter mile drag race time 5 out of 5

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Charles J Gartner: One thing that's confusing me about this camera: Let's say I go full manual, and set the aperture to 1.7... at this point do I want to adjust the shutter speed so the needle reads f/1.7? That's what I'm thinking so far. I noticed that the needle doesn't move when I adjust the aperture, so it seems like regardless of aperture, it's just telling you what the aperture SHOULD be set at if you're fully manual, or WILL BE set at if you go to auto. Is this thinking correct? Let me know. Thanks
Heroshyn: lol xD im the last man on earth, lets put barbwire around my house xD
Chemical917: where can i download the sound?
Leona197: I wear medium, why? lol
Tong Chang: nice film
youmils03: @DeathValleyRoad oh thanks hahaha
Carlos Rupert: To do that serve you need to toss the ball above your head 7 to 1 and do it to the left side of the ball not the back of it , you need to combine two different  movements in one  action=slice and topspin, to do it right observe  the way yo hit a normal backhand with slice ok how your raquet inclination you need then , is the same movement in reverse but doing the toss upward,, keep your body sideway while tossing the ball and you arm is going to end up to your side maybe right or left if you are left handed . Remember always hit the ball brushing it upward (the form of the raquet is as a slice inverted under 7 0 clock  to 1 o clock and remember ,"7 0 clock is the left side of the ball" ) .

Fiesta ST 1/4 quarter mile drag race time