How To Replace A Kerosene Heater Wick Tutorial

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How To Replace a Kerosene Heater Wick Tutorial
How To Replace a Kerosene Heater Wick Tutorial
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Did this video help you?

SweptEdge: Greate video! I just got one that is the same type. This will come in handy. Thanks

Joseph Alfieri: Great video!! Huge help. You saved me $144 for a new heater versus the $9.88 for the new wick.

h bohrer: It's daytime and he's burnin' gasoline to light up his workbench. My Kinda Guy!

turboedDC5: Have the same one and it's a pos. Go through 2 wicks a season. It's a spoiled bitch and smokes whenever I use cheap pump kerosene.

Rick Winkel: Mine is not shutting off easily with auto shutoff. How can I fix it?

Regina Brooks: Thanks for the info. I did as you said and presto, I'm done...that was too easy..let me find another one to fix...Gina the handywomen. Took about 5 or so minutes...GOT HEAT ???

SK Kevin Young: Yes you can, I raised mine about a quarter of an inch. It works just like it did when it was new.

Roger Neff: If not covered, an easy way to loosen thumb screws is with a use of a strait-slot screwdriver. Place the tip between the threaded screw and the "wings" of the nut. Use the fulcrum (sry spl?) of the tool to your advantage. 

Gary Stopp: I have changed the wick and my heater is smoking? What could cause smoking

ATCRyderX©: I'm amazed how quick you did that around the 7 Second Mark. Is the wick not pre soaked? I'm about to ready to smash mine into a motherfreaking pieces.

Susan Rogers: I found a heater similar to this one yesterday, a bit larger for $20 at the thrift store. Had no idea how to change the wick, thanks for posting this video, I have successfully changed the old wick out with no problems. I'm going to use veggie oil in mine, it's free and it works!

SK Kevin Young: Very informative is there any way you could set the wick in higher rather than replacing the old one? I am going to find out. I am headed to the garage to fix mine.

Fugitive Irons: Gloves are nice, but it wont kill you if you dont wear them. Lol

CheAna Frazier: THanks for the video! I really needed this tutorial. You're a life saver :) Thanks!

Teresa Barnhart: Ok thank u

amosunknown: So, my set button doesn't shut off the heater. I don't know that it really ever did. Any ideas how to get the little lever inside to catch again? As it is I just jostle it some to wobble the weight and it'll shut off properly... The last person to change the wick had it set pretty high I think, (we bought it at auction), will it just be forever smoky or will it even out? At least I think it was installed high... it's pretty smoky/fumy.

Bob Chamberlain: one important and helpful hint, that was missed, there are three small philips screws just outside of the wick, should be removed (and the cover it holds) in order to get easy access to the wing nuts. on this model. otherwise it is very difficult.

John Sullivan: Very helpful thanks for the video

nzinga zindua: How safe is Vegetable Oil in Kerosene Heater? And are there other oils (less expensive) that can be used in Kerosene Heater? Thanks for vid.

theIAMofME: Great video! We are expecting an ice storm this weekend and just bought one. I know it will be awhile before I have to change the wick but, wanted to make sure I knew just in case and found your video. Besides manufacturer recommendations in the manual, how often do "you" think the wicks need changing? Hours of use, etc.

Teresa Barnhart: What size wic or serial # does this unit take to replace?

Vickie Carpenter: VERY informative and a good view of what you were doing! I DID think you said you were going to give us info on where to buy wicks at a good price but I didn't see/hear it...

David Storie: Thank you. Your video was very helpful. It was the only one that I could find with a heater exactly like mine. Thanks again.

Peter Hutchings: What brand and model Kerosene heater is this ? Thanks

New and Lost Crafts: Thanks for taking the time to comment! I have never had one flare up. the rules are: 1) Use good quality Kerosene 2) Start and shut-off outside (eliminates the majority of any stink.) 3) Keep a window cracked and its not a bad Idea to have a CO2/CO detector. In the end, I have never had a bad experience using them except for a little stinky (see #1 and #2) :) Hope this helps! Willie

New and Lost Crafts: Thank you!

cliffontheroad: Helpful, though a little shooting from the hip. There is a video from 2 years ago with the obscure title of "GHPG 95c6 / 95c6B Wick Replacement Video" by and for RedStone / Duro... models which may aid in this task. Not all heaters are made in China yet many have slight variations of design

Dave schesser: Thanks for the informative video, getting ready to change mine now

kb1jnq: thanks very do you know when it's time to replace the wick?

PhysicsVsFraud: Instead of replacing the wick, did you clean it? Sure does not look like it. You dont have to do anything to clean the wick except let it burn out by itself several times to remove any carbon deposits on the wick.

SharpLady53: I bought some kerosene alternative fuel at Home Depot that is touted as cleaner and odorless. Okay to use? I bought a KeroHeat CV-2230 on Craigslist last week. Gently used. I'm 60 and a single lady so your demo on wick changing is a big help. Thanks, W.

THECRAZIES0666 .: Thanks. That is really helpful. Love your lighting :-)

David Storie: How important is it to have an empty tank when you change the wick? Mine is half full, is it ok to go ahead and change it?

New and Lost Crafts: Thanks for your comment! Yep let it soak up the fuel for a good half hour at least.

happypants63: Thank you for this video. I'm planning on picking up my first heater in the next few days and was wondering how to change the wick. This video is very helpful.

New and Lost Crafts: You are very welcome!

New and Lost Crafts: I'm glad it helped! Thanks for taking the time to comment! Cheers, Willie

nortellb1: do you soak the wick first for 60 minutes before its first light? Thanks for the good vid.

John Kormos: Thank you for this!! Great tutorial video--I feel completely confident about changing the wick on my Redstone Convection heater.

New and Lost Crafts: Thanks for your comment and the pointer to additional advice. I thought I was pretty smooth! Just kidding :)

djbadandy1: i am a gaming nut, and i work 2nd shift, so to not wake my wife...i game in the garage. i live in wisconsin, and it gets relatively cold here so i need heat. i was using one of these style convection units with a wick.....word to the wise? change the wick often! mine wasnt heating properly, and i had been having a few beers, and gave myself WICKED carbon monoxide poisoning, due to the wick being too worn out! :O good information! thanx for the vid.

New and Lost Crafts: I'm glad it was useful! Congrats on the 'new-to-you' heater! The kero alternatives work great, just realize they tend to be very pricey. Thanks for the kind comment! Willie

poop mcgee: great vid you make it look so easy im actualy looking foward to replacing mine now lol how safe are kerosene heaters ever have a flare up ?

New and Lost Crafts: This one was well beyond that, crunchy and flaky! Thanks for your comment! Willie

New and Lost Crafts: Hi there, that one is a 'Kero-Heat' model KH250. I have three of these heaters and all of them are different models,,, but all are very similar, as is the wick changing procedure. Does the wick need to match the Manufacturer/Model? Yes, check at Miles Stairs site (see my blog link on the video). He has them all. Hope this helps! Cheers! Willie

New and Lost Crafts: Yep, you will be totally fine changing it with the tank partially full. Just wear some gloves (unlike me), and be careful to not tip the unit. Hope this helps! Willie

New and Lost Crafts: Hi! Sorry it took me a while to respond!, somehow your comment eluded me! It will be pretty obvious when it is time as the heater will be difficult to start and will not put out nearly the heat. Also, when you examine the wick it will look and feel like charcoal. A 'good' wick should be a little supple and have darkening only at the top edge. I hope this helps! If you have more questions please let me know! Thanks for taking the time to write me! Willie

New and Lost Crafts: Thanks for the comment! Very wise words! It reminds me a CO monitor is not a bad idea either! Cheers! Willie
How To Replace a Kerosene Heater Wick Tutorial 4.5 out of 5

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How To Replace a Kerosene Heater Wick Tutorial