Rossi Rifle Combo 243 22LR 20 Gauge

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Rossi Rifle Combo 243 22LR 20 Gauge
Rossi Rifle Combo 243 22LR 20 Gauge
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Rossi Matched Set - Two sets of rifles
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mrat ratlin: good little guns! my 7 year old killed a 8 point at over 400 yards with the 243 cal loaded with 100 grain Winchester power points. I set all my deer rifles 3in high at 100 yards so they will be dead on at 400 -1000 yards using a Simmons Deerfield scope . my 7 year old can group his shots at 200 yards that you can cover all of them with a quarter . as far as the guys comment below @ fireworxs2012 he ether cant shoot or don't know how to set a scope!

garageguy879: Good video,those are some nice sights,,Ron Paul,hell yea,,I just subbed

Fell Man: Are there such things as combination guns that come with ammo magazines? Ones that are divided into sections for the different ammo? Are such guns even possible? 

Fireworxs2012: Cheap Plastic Crap.....I"ve fired several of these combos and I have yet to find one that can shoot a group under 10 inches @ 100 yards...The .22 isn't any better...Plus the ejector spring hangs up leaving the spent case in the chamber for you to pry out. Rossi, Taurus, Same cheap garbage they've been selling for years. 

Kevin Vaughn: I just got tyhe matched pair in full size and love them. Mine is .243 and 20ga. Perfect little bug out gun, fun hunter, and fun to shoot skeet and such. Great review.

WORRO01: I like those due to the fact of versatility. Thumbs up brother~~John

Adam Northam: Does changing out the barrels and adjusting the forearm screw mess up the sighting/accuracy of the scope? Does the forearm screw actually adjust the snugness of the barrel, or just hold the forearm in place?

AV8907: What is the name of the scope you have? I have been looking everywhere for one!

Paul Castillo: Thanks for the tips, I am going to buy one from an old friend for $220. Good job on your videos and thanks again. Paul

biosandfilter: Love the shirt man Ron Paul for life!

FromTheIsland: Can you shoot 22 short in the 22 barrel

footballfreak237: @CJSBMXMX4518FL oh ok thanks

pingpingpong13: After shooting the 243 has it jammed on you? The first time I shot mine it jammed up, I had to hit it off a freaking peice of wood and finally got it unjammed, the second shot I did the break came undone fine.

footballfreak237: my rossi didnt come with the 243

Cthulhublanca: You can see you really got me fixated on the Rossi guns with this video. Comment 6 days ago was supposed to ask if maybe youth and adult models "don't" interchange, and website at aatigunstocks confirms this. They have a nice collapsible aftermaket stock for $60, but forend specifically does not fit youth models. Obviously does not fit W / Wizard models either.

econewpower: Thank you

jojogirl8616: hey there, do they send the rifles to your house or do you have to get them sent to a gun dealer??

AV8907: Thank you so much and thanks for the quick reply! Sorry for not being specific on what it was I was looking for. I have been looking for a low power scope for my Rossi .22 for a while now.

GoatHollow: We recently bought the Rossi matched pair 410/22. I love it! will be posting a review within a week or so!

popcorncrow: Those changable barrel guns are great. Single no handicap...and saves ammo waste. I have a Thompson Center. You need more than one shot....most of the time not. ;-) Good Video

Truman: nice shirt! Ron Paul!

dan6896: do you know if you can use .22 magnum in the .22 barrel?

econewpower: Thanks! In 2016 I hope to be standing for Rand Paul and Andrew Napolitano as a ticket.....that would be the dream team!

Newtire: I was impressed by the amount of gun you get for the price so bought one. Shotgun and .22 barrel work great but you have to alter the 92a Weaver base to make it fit. Also, the .243 barrel has so long of a throat that you have to seat the bullets out to where you have only about 6mm of bullet still in the case. Normal length ammo won't hit a 2 foot target at 100 yds. Varmint or Cast bullets are not doable. I am experimenting with bullets and Sierra Pro Hunter 100 gr.seem to fit. 3" groups.

econewpower: @pingpingpong13 No, I've not had that happened. Make sure before you fire a new rifle you clean the chamber and bore really good as it has residue sometimes burrs and shavings from the factory milling operations. Sounds like you had something in the chamber or face that caused the lock up the first time.

econewpower: The front screw mount is firmly welded to the barrel and appears to be very well made. Thanks for the comment.

econewpower: I don't know why they don't standardize more, I think the Wizard frame is nice, it's the shoulder stock that I can't get past - the stock is ugly as sin.

mausercal65: I like your shirt & your gun .

econewpower: The .22 barrel which is the first one in the video has a Simmons 8-Point 3-9x40 scope, the scope on the .243 barrel is a great Simmons 44 Mag 4-12x44 scope with a Trueplex reticle and rangefinder. Both are very good scopes - I have learned that the price and quality of Simmons, Bushnell & Tasco are exceptional. All my scopes are a mix of those three except for a single Nikon scope I have.

lucidrythm5150: I have been eyeing either the Rossi 12-gauge shotgun/.223 rifle pair or a Savage Model42 .22LR/410 shotgun. Now, I am leaning towards the Rossi pairs and sets based on your video review. Thank you and nice shirt sir!

econewpower: Boy, that Savage 22LR/410 shotgun combo over&under rifle sure is sweet! I'm not sure I could make that decision easily.

econewpower: Fifty dollars for what, FFL transfer?

5thHorsemanofNAE: You sir are awesome

iam1inamil: i also wonder if the front screw mount [on the barrel itself] ,is of dependable quality? ...maybe ask a gunsmith to look at it so you can have no surprises in the future?

naturebc: That's not a combo gun. Just replaceable barrels.

econewpower: You have to have the rifle sent to an FFL dealer near you. Go to to gunbroker or galleryofguns and you can find many local FFL dealers near you. Usually the transfer fee they charge is only around $20 or $25 dollars. Thanks

Cthulhublanca: FANTASTIC video. Looking forward to checking out some of your others. BTW, have you found the barrels are interchangeable between Rossi rifles, or do they need to be fitted to each receiver? Some of the rifles on Rossi's page look like they have bull barrels.

yaks6312: hello if you take the back but stock off there is a weighted rod just chilling in there. lol take it out.

econewpower: @gunhunter2257 Rossi sells barrels in many calibers that will fit this rifle, they come in 30.06, 270, 7mm, 22-2250, 223, 45-70, 308, 3.62x39, etc, etc. Go to Midwayusa and in their search bar type "wizard barrel" you will get two pages of Rossi wizard barrels in rifle calibers, pistol calibers and shotgun gauges as well. The barrels cost about $165 each. So in theory you can have a single gun with many, many barrels for very little money.

econewpower: Thank you brother. I'm praying for your legislature to pass the proposed new law to protect your 2nd Amendment rights from being eroded by the Federal government. I hope that my state of Texas follows suit soon. We're marching on Austin on the Jan 19th, let's pray over state government hear us and stand for us. God bless you.

Roger Thomas: no

James Nichols: Nice T-Shirt sir! I stand with Rand and Ron also!!

Cthulhublanca: Absolutely. Handgrip area looks like a limp p- ... well it looks limp anyway. I think they were trying to imitate the Thompson Rifles and it went all bad.

NCIcaucus: Nice shirt buddy!

cogurs99: wipe the residue off your ejecter an put vaseline on it

DoubleEdgedSword3: sweet set up. excellent value. especially in our times. nice shirt. God bless. :)

Cthulhublanca: Seems foolish unless they are trying to push Wizard sales to the exclusion of everything else. I usually let form follow function, and if it works then I'm OK with how it looks, but the Wizard frame is too darned ugly.

Spencer Owens: would the .243 kick as much as the 20g? because it said that the 243 kicked worse

JoAnn Bruford: Hello, my daughter has the 22/410 combo so am I understaning that I just need a 223 rossi youth barrel and it will fit right on? I dont need to buy another rifle? If so sweet that a money saver

Melody Burlison: thats nice
Rossi Rifle Combo 243 22LR 20 Gauge 4.7 out of 5

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Rossi Rifle Combo 243 22LR 20 Gauge