Rossi Rifle Combo 243 22LR 20 Gauge

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Medmann48: My Rossi Wizard .223 doesn't have a hammer problem but it simply will not extract steel case ammo namely Tulammo but it will extract brass case ammo. Anybody else have a problem with this & if so what is the fix? Just shoot brass shells. The Tulammo .223 shell casings just jam in the chamber & I have to knock out the empty shell with a steel rod.

Medmann48: I just bought another one of these Rossi Wizard .223 Rifles from Kentucky Gun Company for $87.99 with free shipping. They say this is a Blem gun but I will be damned if I can find any blemishes on this rifle, it looks new. I am looking forward to taking it out to the range.This one has a wood stock & fiber optic sights. For $87.99 for a high powered .223 rifle, how do you beat that?

Medmann48: I just pulled the trigger & ordered the Rossi R223HBS full size rifle for $159.00 with Free Shipping, no tax & no credit card fees, how do you beat that? I was going to buy the Rossi .243 rifle but that ammo is damn expensive like $15 to $35 for 20 rounds. I can get Tulammo .223 from Walmart for $5.39 a box all day long.

radray19: Rossi's website sells other barrels for this Rifle/shotgun for around $161, so you can always get different barrels, you are'nt stuck with what you got.

Blue Collar Boys: Weaver Model 92a?

Blue Collar Boys: What scope mount are you using?

mrat ratlin: good little guns! my 7 year old killed a 8 point at over 400 yards with the 243 cal loaded with 100 grain Winchester power points. I set all my deer rifles 3in high at 100 yards so they will be dead on at 400 -1000 yards using a Simmons Deerfield scope . my 7 year old can group his shots at 200 yards that you can cover all of them with a quarter . as far as the guys comment below @ fireworxs2012 he ether cant shoot or don't know how to set a scope!

garageguy879: Good video,those are some nice sights,,Ron Paul,hell yea,,I just subbed

Fell Man: Are there such things as combination guns that come with ammo magazines? Ones that are divided into sections for the different ammo? Are such guns even possible? 

Fireworxs2012: Cheap Plastic Crap.....I"ve fired several of these combos and I have yet to find one that can shoot a group under 10 inches @ 100 yards...The .22 isn't any better...Plus the ejector spring hangs up leaving the spent case in the chamber for you to pry out.  Rossi, Taurus, Same cheap garbage they've been selling for years.  

Newtire: Tried to get Rossi to help with the defective .243 barrel but they gave me a song and dance about not honoring a warranty as their warranty is only good for one year, I bought it used so warranty is off, I shot handloads in it so voided the warranty. Many people out there have had bad luck with the .243 barrel so my guess is that they made more than just a few bad ones but their customer service department is very poor. I guess they don't care once you are stuck with one of their lemons.

Newtire: I took it out again with the pro-hunters and found a load that pretty much almost touches the lands of the rifling but gives 2750 fps with a 100 gr. Sierra Pro Hunter and I managed to get a 2" group for 5-shots at 100 yards. Not so hot for a target rifle but OK for an emergency high power rifle in a pinch and actually, decent hunting accuracy out to around 200 yards I suppose. Mine is strictly a handloading proposition though. Great trigger and .22 accuracy is fantastic. So that's my report.

donnie inman: Im from spartanburg sc usa i have the 22 cal. But i need 20gauge andthe237 barral does anyone know where i can get it

Newtire: I was impressed by the amount of gun you get for the price so bought one. Shotgun and .22 barrel work great but you have to alter the 92a Weaver base to make it fit. Also, the .243 barrel has so long of a throat that you have to seat the bullets out to where you have only about 6mm of bullet still in the case. Normal length ammo won't hit a 2 foot target at 100 yds. Varmint or Cast bullets are not doable. I am experimenting with bullets and Sierra Pro Hunter 100 gr.seem to fit. 3" groups.

naturebc: That's not a combo gun. Just replaceable barrels.

ENTERPRISE1942: yes they do, I have the Pick-4 in. 22LR / 410. shotgun / 20 gauge shotgun / and 243. Winchester for about $350, but I am looking to sell or trade it, im in ohio, PM if interested.

5thHorsemanofNAE: yeah.

Dr.EdwardRichtofen: Im buying a 20 gauge. 243 combofot

Melody Burlison: thats nice

econewpower: The front screw mount is firmly welded to the barrel and appears to be very well made. Thanks for the comment.
Rossi Rifle Combo 243 22LR 20 Gauge 5 out of 5

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Rossi Rifle Combo 243 22LR 20 Gauge