Chong Li In Bloodsport!!

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Chong Li in bloodsport!!
Chong Li in bloodsport!!
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nina ricci: Chong Li is so sexy...I would let him to rape tender and with passion

Ganjatom420: -points-YOUR NEXT!!!!!!!!

tj526: Wish we could have seen Bolo Yeung( Chong Li) fight Arnold back in the 80s. Would have been a clash of the titans type fight. He may be quite a bit shorter( 5'6"), but he's almost as muscular. Too bad he wasn't one of the "stalkers" from "The Running Man".

Paolo Malosso: In my opinion, this guy is extremely underrated TV actor. I would liked to have seen him against Jet Li or Jackie Chan back in the day. I think he would have given them a run for there money.

DrJangoR9: why no Bolo in Expendables.. 

oBrendy: great job Deano )

7Ahilles: 3:18 Chong Li vs Tong Po ))

beny904: bolo should be in expendables 3

burningknuckle26: Badass asian

bber45: "You are next!"

zox9xoz: I like Chong li's facial expression at 4:36, its like " No no its not over yet"!!

Dantex60: @makaveli84 It IS the same guy ! if you dont belive look at wikipedia

SHOCCTROOP: Chin from double dragon 2 (nes) B mode.

Wurzelknecht: @andyseabrook I agree. I think they ruined his character in the last fight. crappy writing. A fair back and forth fight between him and Van Damme would've been so much more exciting. If they really wanted to have the stupid "I can fight without seeing" thing then they could've let Chong Li injure Dux's eye with a punch or something like that.

Replicator: Chong Li is one of the baddest villains to grace the screen!!!

Zurround100: chong li would have gotten owned his first fight if his opponent had been BRUCE LEE instead of a wannabe bruce lee ahahahha

treetrunk05: lol, glad to see I wasn't the only one who saw that.


jameshudson84: I love Chong Li!!! Everyone who has cut me off in traffic should feel the wrath of chong li

alfonsobretti: Chong Li´s speciality is dislocating necks

pillsburydoughboy47: Bruce Lee, had a sense of humor; by hiring Bolo Yeung, I see the man's genius now. Bolo Yeung just seriously challenges everything you THINK you know about fighting. Look at how he's built, and on top of that his hand speed. That's just insane.

anythingnew: @BiracialGoddess White people's testosterone level increase in their 20s to late 40s. Blacks are strong from 14 to late 20s. That means White people will bypass them in later years. I don't know much about Asians but I think they stay consistent throughout life.

AznSwordGod: Bolo? He'd take down Kimbo with his eyes closed! Bolo was #1 weightlifter of mainland China at one point, and actually trained in martial arts outside of his film career. Kimbo Slice is good, but he's not in UFC for a reason. I'm extremely persuaded that Bolo is out of Kimbo's league. Buuut now Bolo's 70, so watching an actual match is out of the question. In his prime? Bolo all the way. No contest.

lmvp: big actuation

Tang Le: so we were both wrong at some point

pillsburydoughboy47: nothing like a Chinese guy who is 5'5 squared and 7% bodyfat, to throw all MMA rules out the window... seriously? I don't think a double leg take down would work on Chong Li...


jameshudson84: Ok here's one for you: Chong Li vs. Attilla (Bloodsport)

GhettoNerd88: dude's 70, He was 50 when he was in this movie.

slothtopsy: a true classic!

Alidaryok157: Mom deserves the world and no one else does anything mom does and I have no idea why my aunty said I am cycling and mafia she makes stuff up all the time and she pisses off my mom all the time because she had and is still with her best friend who is the only that cares if I breath fresh air so aunty is praying to lucifer again.

bizzythug1: hey i could do that i just put a magnifeir glass in front of me and let the sun hit it and the paper would burst into flames

Bruno Manguinho: Chong Li for Mortal Kombat new Character!

Arnold Oliva: They should make a fight game about Bloodsport. With all the fighters and Fatalities and Brutalities. Also with the original arena

lmvp: 3:13 the famous tits

Douggie36: It is definitely Bolo Yeung.

RICHUNCLEPENNYBAGS77: Very good. But brick not hit back!

Deano749: lol bolo rules

YVS83: "NO! Bottom one."

reiAYANAMI1992: chong li is very very sexy! you wouldn't find a 50 year old man that looks like if he was in his 30s. i wanna have a man like chong li. his legs are sexy! god chong li is my man. he is so handsome and so strong!.


smh051: 1:32-1:34 LMFAO!!! Chong Li striking the "is this motherfreaker seriously talking to me?" look at Ray Jackson. Classic

egg64: Actually still body building a bit I've heard, even at his age. He's 70.

lmvp: 1:32 Awesome interpretation

Douggie36: Yeah. If this were real Bolo would annihilate him.

dxmakina: CHONG LI!! CHONG LI!!! CHONG LI!!!

donnchadh mcgrath: is the guy chong li fights at 3:30 the same guy who plays tong po in kickboxer?

stardingo747: Maybe he should have attended Darrin Levine's Krav Maga seminar. lol.

karl eichholtz: Chong Li is Ivan Drago and Zeus only deadlier!
Chong Li in bloodsport!! 4.7 out of 5

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Chong Li in bloodsport!!