Authentic Gumbo Recipe With Paul Prudhomme

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Authentic Gumbo Recipe with Paul Prudhomme
Authentic Gumbo Recipe with Paul Prudhomme
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buzz kirschner: Chef Paul is a national treasure

ChobThomas: Aih guar-on-tie! Will you stop saying that?

Maria Camila Ramirez Arias: So cute!

merceplanella: Almost perfect! 

Workaholic KLeonard: nice

theo dubose: Usually it is served with white rice or potato salad

El Matador: My maw maw and my mama make a mean gumbo too. Lol, I once brought my maw maw to "Mother's" on Poydras St. in downtown New Orleans and she ordered the gumbo and tried it and laughed at the gumbo. It was horrible compared to my maw maw's gumbo. My grandmother's gumbo is serious. Make you want to get 3rd's, the hell with 2nd's!

Fook You: Youre cute !!

pprimeau2812: Fantastic story. Loving this channel!

GamerKitchen: Dang, that roux is so dark! All of their saute pans were slightly bent so they can pan flip easier I take it. I wonder if they intentionally bend them over really high heat or can you buy them that way?

El Matador: Ok, hope your gumbo came out good. Where are you from? Here in New Orleans, I don't really see chicken with okra in a gumbo, but hey, what ever you think is good. Here okra is usually with seafood, chicken is usually with sausage. I like file' (fee-lay) in my chicken and sausage gumbo, makes a good flavor and good consistency. I just made a gumbo this friday. It was a shrimp and okra gumbo. Nice big gulf shrimp. I ate it with a scoop of potato salad and a piece of buttered French bread. YUM!

El Matador: Yes, in Cajun country, the rouxs are usually darker, many like very dark brown rouxs and black rouxs. But I live in the New Orleans area, where the rouxs are a little lighter. I make a roux the color of an old penny when I make gumbo. But some people make ones the color of chocolate, but I think the flavor is less bitter and more flavorful with a reddish-brown roux (the original roux, roux comes from rouge, French for red). Depending on the dish, I'll make a medium roux, light roux or dark roux.

blakmagik4: funny. I was thinking when i saw this that my mama's roux is the color of a Hershey bar! Seafood gumbo always (crab). And we always used file cause i hated okra as a kid. Still hate it. lol.

Andrew Bennett: no okra?

El Matador: Ok, like I said, whatever tastes you like is what you cook. It's nothing written in stone, but down here, I just think there are the common types, Seafood gumbo (shrimp, crab, okra, oysters are optional - I tend to leave them out), Chicken and sausage gumbo (usually with file'), and duck and Andouille gumbo (the less famous of these three). But the old way is if you use okra, you don't use file', but I say what ever you like. And yes, always file' at the end after cooking, you never cook file'.

hotpockets222: lol u r black

Fook You: I agree, I dont like the dark roux flavor.

ButtahFish: 3:05 The guy in the back... thats me!

Ghenghy: K-Paul's is great but that roux is flat out scary. BTW, sometimes I use fried okra, but mainly use collard greens for a garnish now.

medalert25: As a New Orleanian I have to ask...what is "Bourbon Street's French Square"? I've never heard of it.

El Matador: I'm born and raised in the New Orleans area and I don't use a roux that dark. I use a roux the color of a penny, like a copper color. Just past the peanut butter color stage. I make a mean gumbo. There are many types of gumbos. My favorite one to make is seafood okra gumbo. But I like the chicken and sausage one too.

poo: Sure you do, buddy, sure you do.

sexyangelsakura: This video was simply amazing i hope you post more video's like this ^^

Jeremiah Byrne: Jambalaya ingredients: pantry, freezer, refrigerator, spices.

Fook You: same here ! Im makin my first winter pot now :) I make a chicken okra, veggie gumbo thatll knock your sock off. Sometimes I add spicy beef sausage instead of adouilli, but thats cuz they dont always have it out here.

lolololitsrichie: i agree. loved it.

MrCeora: Ironic, because the african word for Okra, is "Gumbo".

El Matador: Actually Justin Wilson was a great cook. He had several cookbooks out and I purchased one and made several of the recipes and they were outstanding. He just likes a dark roux sometimes, in which I prefer a lighter roux more like the color of an old penny. He was a true old Cajun cook.

El Matador: Hello to everyone. I'm from New Orleans and I just want to know what people think about oysters in a seafood gumbo. YES or NO? I can eat it with them or without them. But just looking for opinions.

Fook You: hmm I would say no, but Im not fond of oysters. My mom says nooo

Fook You: I dont think I could ever order it in a reseraunt, no matter where they are. What gets me is the canned gumbo and canned chicken and dumplings, scccarey

El Matador: Well since we grew up here, we usually eat gumbo at home, because that's part of our home cooking. But sometimes if we are out in a restaurant eating and may want to try their gumbo to taste it, we'll order it. But it's not like we go out to eat gumbo, we don't. Only if it's available while we are ordering other things. I think a good little local restaurant to eat is Copelands.

Ghenghy: Could you imagine Justin Wilson auditioning for Next Food Network Star? LMAO "What the hell is this guy doing in here, he cant cook for crap."

Sanaam1991: ayai! That looks like home! xD

Trevor St. McGoodbody: Do you put it over dirty rice? I figure you do since it is cajun!

Fook You: Thanks, it was delish. Im originally from Shreveport. My daddy was the police cheif there back in the 90s. I live in Colorado now, left the south for snow :D...The okra thing really started because my mom LOVES okra, so I told her I would add it fi she wanted. It actually is really good ! lol I always finish with file, but not to cook it, changes the taste too much for me. I would love some gulf shrimp. sounds good !! Take care !

reallybigd: Excellent entertainment ; D

Fook You: Why did the chicken cross the road? To get away from the cajun !

1titanking: I've got to go there

JammyJulia09: My Maw Maw and my mama need to get down there ASAP! These boys need some lessons!

aqwayne: holy balls that looks good...

Fook You: Justin wilson has some black ass roux also, way too dark for me

Greencoast215: Okra is used as a thickening agent, since he uses a roux (also a thickening agent) in his gumbo okra is not included. It should also be noted that descendants of French immigrants tend to use a roux (since it is in itself a french creation) and descendants of African-American slaves tend to use okra (since it is a plant native to Africa).

Bob Steve: terrible i make better gumbo
Authentic Gumbo Recipe with Paul Prudhomme 4.9 out of 5

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Debbie Wilson: You mean you can dry-fire it with the safety *ON*???? Or did you mean to say "off?" (Also, sure wish the video had an annotation... correcting the "don't dry-fire" error. Otherwise, it was a very flawless video. Sure wish all videos were that accurate.)
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Authentic Gumbo Recipe with Paul Prudhomme