How To Gut A Deer. The Rectifier - Never Without -Fall 2011

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Paula Szczepanski: gahhh

Sor Butt: I love it when I see people go into a comment section about hunting and field dressing, then complain about how inhumane it is. As if the beef, chicken, pork, etc, that you eat has it better. At least this guy knows where his dinner is coming from and doesn't have to worry about what was added to the animal just so it can be slaughtered and sold. I'd rather live off the land than live off a hormone added cow(chicken,pork,etc). 😀

Elizabeth Mathew: How can a human act without humanity .😭😖😫

: that is just disgusting

mark friedem: You just tore the intestine in half which is full of last nights dinner...what is wrong with this picture? Just ream the outside of the asshole and push back inside without tearing anything apart

Rena C Fletcher: What is wrong with you!!!!!!!!!..

Lorraine Doheny Draws: How to gut a deer: Stab is butt hole with a knife

Sequoyah Desharnais: THE DEERS ANUS💩😱😖

miss blackiphon: Guess what, jimmy?!? We goin huntin.

Hayden Hensley: this is desing you are gross blee

In the Dark Lulu: Gentle yeah it's already dead why would you say gentle if it's already dead that's just disgusting humans that don't know what they're doing to animals why the f*** do you do that

Yagya Rai: George Clooney doing the deer. So time off from film-making eh............just a joke folks........

Zylar Adama: Disgusting humans.

onebigpine: I don't hunt anymore (good memories though) & I took to using a form of the method for immediate removal of the critter"s "waste system" (contents of abdominal cavity) asap to prevent ... Y'know, STUFF from being close to the usable parts prior to processing. This "Rectifier" tool combination looks like it would have taken a LOT of time away from being bent over & bloody and worried about nicking a finger out in the woods. Neat idea.

neverwithout1: Please note that the deer was gutted before the Rectifier was used.

Karma Lodro: Holy Canoli... unique approach.... note to self. 

HookaMega: But he did not Gut the deer as the vid title states. At the end he made it sound like he was done and ready to drag the deer to the truck. Personally i would leave the guts and drag the deer minus a few pounds.

Tony Van Tiem: that wasn't so bad.  I am going hunting for the first time this friday.  if I get a deer Ill use this trick.  I am making the rectifier myself is that a good or bad idea?

awalt26439: I do agree with you that to clean the rectal passage c/w gut and bladder passage is a way more difficult job than getting the bulk of the guts out without spilling the latter. The gadget you you advocate for the job sounds too good to be true, but I am looking forward to trying it. Thanks

Nik Budig: Just can't imagine deer hunting in a T-shirt... would die of frost bites within minutes up here. 7 more days till we can get in touch with nature!
How to gut a deer. The Rectifier - Never Without -Fall 2011 5 out of 5

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Paula Szczepanski: gahhh
Alepap: this video is 4:20 minutes long....
sylweriusz sobierajski: $$$$$$$$
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How to gut a deer. The Rectifier - Never Without -Fall 2011